Is “America First” Just Isolationism?

During his rise to glory I thought that one of is, Trump’s, slogans, “America First” sounded a lot like isolationism from you near past…..

But first let me explain isolationism……

Political or economical policy that isolates a country from participating in international relationships. It has been suggested that the United States participates in isolationism because of its lack of involvement in particular wars or alliances. During World War I, the United States refused to join the League of Nations, thus isolating itself from other countries. Individuals that believe and support isolationism are considered isolationists.

That is about as simply put as I can be…..”Leave me alone,” seemed to be America’s attitude toward the rest of the world in the 1930s.At the dawn of the ’30s, foreign policy was not a burning issue for the average American. The stock market had just crashed and each passing month brought greater and greater hardships. American involvement with Europe had brought war in 1917 and unpaid debt throughout the 1920s. Having grown weary with the course of world events, citizens were convinced the most important issues to be tackled were domestic. Foreign policy leaders of the 1930s once again led the country down its well-traveled path of isolationism.

But if one is interested then a quick history of American isolationism…..

Source: A brief history of American isolationism

What made me think about this was something that I read written by William Astore……

A new isolationism is metastasizing in the American body politic. At its heart lies not an urge to avoid war, but an urge to avoid contemplating the costs and realities of war. It sees war as having analgesic qualities — as lessening a collective feeling of impotence, a collective sense of fear and terror. Making war in the name of reducing terror serves this state of mind and helps to preserve it. Marked by a calculated estrangement from war’s horrific realities and mercenary purposes, the new isolationism magically turns an historic term on its head, for it keeps us in wars, rather than out of them.

Old-style American isolationism had everything to do with avoiding “entangling alliances” and conflicts abroad. It was tied to America’s historic tradition of rejecting a large standing army — a tradition in which many Americans took pride. Yes, we signed on to World War I in 1917, but only after we had been “too proud to fight.” Even when we joined, we did so as a non-aligned power with the goal of ending major wars altogether. Before Pearl Harbor in December 1941, Americans again resisted the call to arms, looking upon Hitler’s rise and other unnerving events in Europe and Asia with alarm, but with little eagerness to send American boys into yet another global bloodbath.

Source: Tomgram: William Astore, The Face of War (Don’t Look!) | TomDispatch

Only days before the magic of the swearing on process, my question is will Trump truly keep “America First” or was it nothing but a campaign slogan and this whole foreign entanglements will just continued unabated?

And that is a good question….and there is a good answer……and it comes from The American Conservative……

Barry Posen doesn’t see any evidence of foreign policy restraint in the incoming administration:

It does not look to me as if this is a ‘eureka’ moment for the “Restraint” strategy. Instead, this looks a bit like hegemony without liberalism. President-elect Trump has promised to increase U.S. military spending. This is not consistent with Restraint. His appointees seem to be people who wish to militarily confront those states and groups who challenge the U.S. in any way. China and Iran seem to be at the head of the list. Some of his appointees seem hostile to Russia as well. The President-elect seems to wish to do something more aggressive vis-a-vis Al Qaeda and ISIL than the outgoing administration. It is hard to see how this many military confrontations would be consistent with Restraint. With this many under-thought confrontations underway, it is likely that one or more will go awry.

Source: Trump vs. Foreign Policy Restraint | The American Conservative

Me? I say that isolationism is out of the question……as much as it makes sense, at least to me, it will not happen.

What say you guys?

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