John Kerry talked for about an hour and said absolutely NOTHING!

He was trying to explain the US abstention vote at the UN……

He did what every president has done since Carter….wait to the last minute make a speech and pray that it helps the presidential legacy…..

I do not see the purpose of this speech….it was a confusing speech on all fronts…..some thoughts about it….

With the country in the middle of an essentially unprecedented political crisis, there’s a kind of eerie normalcy to the speech on Israel and Palestine that John Kerry delivered Wednesday afternoon. The remarks themselves were unusually harsh, as was the United Nations resolution on Israeli settlements last week that the administration allowed through. But US presidents and secretaries of state have been talking about the issue for literally decades without much changing.

Source: Kerry’s bombshell Israel speech is one of the most puzzling things I have seen in politics – Vox

Time for a reset for the Palestinians…..they will get NO justice from the US…the claws of the Israel Lobby runs deep into the pockets of our elected officials. Time for the Palestinians to forget the US and take their case to the world and stop depending on a country like the US to champion justice.

There is no doubt that the UN Security Council condemnation of Israel on Friday was an important and noteworthy event.

True, the United Nations’ main chambers (the Security Council and the General Assembly) and its various institutions, ranging from the International Court of Justice to the UN cultural agency, UNESCO, have repeatedly condemned the Israeli occupation, illegal Jewish settlements and mistreatment of Palestinians.

In fact, unlike the 23 December resolution 2334, the past UN condemnations were far stronger – for some resolutions did not just demand an immediate halt of illegal Jewish settlement construction, but the removal of existing settlements as well.

Source: Palestine 2017: Time To Bid Farewell to Washington and Embrace the Globe – Original by —

Most of the world already recognizes Palestine……

The map below shos the countries in purple that are recognizing Palestine…..

But if your geography sucks…which I am guess it does…….. then here is the list of the countries…..

The countries that recognize Palestine as a state they represent 80% of the world’s population but 75% of cash belongs to the ones who do not

1 Afghanistan 62 Libya
2 Albania 63 Madagascar
3 Algeria 64 Malawi
4 Angola 65 Malaysia
5 Argentina 66 Maldives
6 Azerbaijan 67 Mali
7 Bahrain 68 Malta
8 Bangladesh 69 Mauritania
9 Belarus 70 Mauritius
10 Benin 71 Mongolia
11 Bhutan 72 Montenegro
12 Bolivia 73 Morocco
13 Bosnia and Herzegovina 74 Mozambique
14 Botswana 75 Namibia
15 Brazil 76 Nepal
16 Brunei Darussalam 77 Nicaragua
17 Bulgaria 78 Niger
18 Burkina Faso 79 Nigeria
19 Burundi 80 Norway
20 Cambodia 81 Oman
21 Cape Verde 82 Pakistan
22 Central African Republic 83 Papua New Guinea
23 Chad 84 Paraguay
24 Chile 85 Peru
25 China 86 Philippines
26 Comoros 87 Poland
27 Congo (Republic of) 88 Qatar
28 Costa Rica 89 Romania
29 Cote d’ Ivoire 90 Russian Federation
30 Cuba 91 Rwanda
31 Cyprus 92 Sao Tome and Principe
32 Czech Republic 93 Saudi Arabia
33 DPR Korea 94 Senegal
34 DR Congo 95 Serbia
35 Djibouti 96 Seychelles
36 Dominican Republic 97 Sierra Leone
37 Ecuador 98 Slovakia
38 Egypt 99 Somalia
39 Ethiopia 100 South Africa
40 Equatorial Guinea 101 Sri Lanka
41 Gabon 102 Sudan
42 Gambia 103 Suriname
43 Georgia 104 Swaziland
44 Ghana 105 Syria
45 Guinea 106 Tajikistan
46 Guinea-Bissau 107 Timor-Leste
47 Guyana 108 Togo
48 Hungary 109 Tunisia
49 India 110 Turkey
50 Indonesia 111 Turkmenistan
51 Iran 112 Uganda
52 Iraq 113 Ukraine
53 Jordan 114 United Arab Emirates
54 Kazakhstan 115 Tanzania
55 Kenya 116 Uruguay
56 Kuwait 117 Uzbekistan
57 Kyrgyzstan 118 Vanuatu
58 Lao People’s DR 119 Venezuela
59 Lebanon 120 Viet Nam
60 Lesotho 121 Yemen
61 Liberia 122 Zambia
123 Zimbabwe 124 Honduras
125 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 126 Belize
127 Antigua and Barbuda 128 Iceland
129 Thailand 130 Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
131 Congo, Democratic Republic of 132 Guatemala
133 Grenada 134 Sweden
135 136

Time for Palestine to go global…more so than they have in the past.

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