Donald Trump Vibrations In Croatia

Donald Trump Vibrations In Croatia // Croatia, the War, and the Future


The people who put Donald Trump into the Office of the President of the United States want security and solidarity, not creative destruction as the one liberalism is widely credited with; they want four solid walls of abode and a roof over their heads. If anything, in these American presidential elections, a convincing majority of voters have demonstrated that they want deeper solidarity with their own country and a greater order in their country than what liberals, Democrats, have been serving them so far.

At this juncture of this article I reflect on Joseph II, ruler of the Holy Roman Empire 1765 to 1790 and ruler of the Habsburg lands from 1780 to 1790 (relevant to Croatian historical “belonging”). He is often called a historical liberal hero; he strove to make the traditional society he ruled more liberal through a from-top-to-down revolution. “Everything for the people, nothing by the people” was his motto. Leaders of today’s liberal worlds seem to have similar motto through actions promoting their beliefs that common people should gain their life’s conventions through the trickle-down effect. In America, Trump’s call to people engagement to join in into “making America great again” shows that the “Josephinism” plan has now been rejected, and America’s liberal leaders are reeling with ugly non-acceptance of the American people’s majority vote, almost dismissing anyone who dared defy them as not knowing “diddly- squat” about anything in life.

Way back on 9 November 2016, in her concession speech, Hillary Clinton said one of her goals had been “breaking down all the barriers that hold any American back from achieving their dreams”. This, of course, is a dream of liberalism, which seeks freedom from any social or economic constraint and producers political elites and leaders who appear confident that they can navigate a deregulated society on all major issues. The results so far for the liberal track records across the world has in many ways contributed to widespread unrest of the ordinary citizen and his/her profound struggle to survive, to meet daily expenses and requirements of a decent living.

As the world witnessed in November 2016, an overwhelming part of America was simply not confident in the dreams and facets of life Hillary Clinton/Democrats pursued religiously. They voted convincingly for what Donald Trump/Republicans are offering and much of America as well as of the world appear in a state of suspended acceptance of the vote the American people had given.

It is no different in Croatia, the political and people camps are divided on Trump issues and, perhaps, for a small Country like Croatia, whose liberal governments or large proportion of liberalised members of non-liberal governments during the past decade and half, especially, had kept on that destructive political tradition from former communist Yugoslavia, which nurtured and pursued dependence on external forces and alliances rather reliance on own strengths and forces as primary benchmark in developing the newfound democracy as an independent country taking care of its own interests and people first. For Croatia, therefore, it stands to understanding that times were easier in many ways when the Democrats ruled from Washington; it’s the beast of communism/socialism that favours liberalism as opposed to patriotism and conservatism. The US Democrats want a stronger European Union and have invested a great deal of political steering, professional effort and financial support into such a Europe. Trump’s Republicans are unlikely to follow Democrats’ footsteps over Europe and he has announced as much. Trump talks of America first.

Croatia’s governments have and are investing a great deal of political and life-defining actions into relying on the European Union, as opposed to its own people. We cannot forget that a dismal 28% of Croatia’s voters voted Yes to Croatia’s EU membership in January 2012. Croatia has followed the path of US Democrat political waters as well as being a member of NATO. While there is no official statements regarding unconditional support for Trump, or lack of it, from Croatia’s government or the president that I could find, President Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic had said last week that Croatia has and will follow (subscribe to ?) US politics. How this outlook and orientation may change should Trump change the rules and paths of US engagement in Europe is anyone’s guess, however, Croatia’s president did visit the US during the week prior to the 20 January inauguration, reportedly seeking to establish some new ties with Trump’s incoming administration.

The uncertainties of Trump’s future moves, the liberal-led fear mongering, when it comes to Europe, do appear at this stage to expose current Croatian political/economic vulnerabilities. It is of no surprise that Croatia is divided on whether Trump is a good or a bad thing the same way every other country depending on previous US international engagement at various levels is. However, on balance, the political sentiments and allegiances as can be detected from the media and more numerous in the “against Trump” camp. That of course is a reflection of the liberalism and communism still pervading throughout Croatian institutions and public administration/customs avenues.
On many fronts Trump has announced a whole new world of possibilities that are in contrast to and on a collision course with liberalism. Without a doubt, while many try to paint him ridiculous and incompetent listening carefully to his inaugural speech one cannot avoid the conclusion that the man knows what he is talking about and is well aware of the rocky road, possibilities and impossibilities of his missions. One must admire his call to the American people to help make “America great again”, after all wanting to join into making a country work is what street rallies and demonstrations on our streets have always been about. And this is where the more conservative and patriotic political camp in Croatia, openly supporting Trump, and just as openly often ridiculed for it in mainstream media, appears to draw a good part of its breath towards the future. While that political force per se may be relatively smaller, the force of the people is much larger than the bigger political players controlling the nations all-inclusive socioeconomic landscape are; knowing how to engage the people seems a way forward not only for America. That part of Croatia which seeks to restore Croatian patriotism and unity that was once in ample supply when independent Croatia was being created, but brutally attacked for it, may have an added bonus to its lease of life because of Trump. For much of the “conservative/patriotic” Croatia Donald Trump’s victory is as legitimate for furthering their cause as Barrack Obama’s was for hindering it.

“…At the bedrock of our politics will be a total allegiance to the United States of America, and through our loyalty to our country, we will rediscover our loyalty to each other. When you open your heart to patriotism, there is no room for prejudice…In America, we understand that a nation is only living as long it is striving. We will no longer accept politicians who are all talk and no action, constantly complaining, but never doing anything about it. The time for empty talk is over. Now arrives the hour of action. Do not allow anyone to tell you that it cannot be done. No challenge can match the heart and fight and spirit of America. We will not fail…” Trump said (Washington Post/annotated Trump’s inaugural speech). Very potent words for those who listen carefully and have the interests of their own nation at heart first, which (arguably?) is a prerequisite to being able to then look after others.

As shocked as much of the world appears regarding Trump’s directions for America, these however are not news if we carefully consider what’s been going on around the world “lately”, especially Europe where Croatia is. We’ve seen countries turning away from liberal beliefs in open borders, open markets and the resistance to national debates over fundamental national questions. We have seen a number of EU countries either building or considering building border fences to ward off unwanted immigrants or refugees, we have seen the British people vote for Brexit; France’s leading presidential candidate is ultra-conservative (patriotic) Marine Le Pen; 2016 presidential elections in Austria saw the anti-immigrant Freedom Party’s Norbert Hofer enter run-off stage of elections, losing by a margin that could easily swing in that direction at next elections; In Hungary, Viktor Orban’s clearly displayed affinity for illiberalism has moved the country toward Christian nationalism and an alliance of some concerning sorts with Russia; and so on.

Speaking in grim terms about the current state of affairs in America (to which many nations including Croatia can clearly relate), Trump pledged to improve the nation by putting America and its people first. “From this day forward,” he said, “it’s going to be only America first.” Nothing wrong with that in my book. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)

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Coming the “Journalistic” Spring

This past election has had much more scrutiny and criticism of the media…we even have a new president that thinks anyone identified as “journalist” is working against him….I will admit that there are some that may be doing so but the majority is just doing a job they were hired to do…..

Could reporters covering White House goings-on soon be relegated to standing in front of the fence, much like the New York Times describes reporters in the 1890s? A report published Saturday night by Esquiresuggested a move of some sort, with three senior transition team officials telling the magazine discussions have been had to move the press corps out of the 49-seat West Wing press room and to one of two other nearby locations: the White House Conference Center, which was used as a temporary press center during a previous press-room revamp, or the Executive Office Building just west of the White House. The announcement surprised those in the journalism arena, fresh off a contentious press conference the president-elect held earlier in the week. Trump’s incoming press secretary Sean Spicer told Esquirethe topic had been broached but not decided on.

“There’s been so much interest in covering a President Donald Trump,” he said, attributing a possible move to, among other things, not enough seats to accommodate a growing number of reporters. Another senior official offered a different take, calling the press “the opposition party” and noting, “I want ’em out of the building. We are taking back the press room.” Reince Priebus, Trump’s incoming chief of staff, tried to assuage jittery feelings Sunday on This Week With George Stephanopoulos, noting a move to the EOB—”which, by the way, is the White House”—had been discussed, and that such a move would offer more access, per ABC News. White House Correspondents’ Association President Jeff Mason said in a statement that the WHCA “[objects] strenuously to any move that would shield the president and his advisers from the scrutiny of an on-site White House press corps.”

There have been lots of mumbling about the future of the press corp at the White House……

Donald Trump berated CNN and BuzzFeed at his news conference last week, just the latest of his hostile encounters with journalists. Now there’s even talk of moving the White House press corps to less prestigious digs. With advisers such as Newt Gingrich advocating that he “close down the elite press,” some are predicting bleak landscapes for journalism under President Trump. Media writer Jack Shafer, however, predicts just the opposite in Politico Magazine. Reporters should think of Trump’s inauguration as “Liberation Day,” he advises, because the old rules about covering the White House no longer apply. Reporters won’t have the official access they’ve become accustomed to, and that’s OK.

Instead, “they will infest the departments and agencies around town that the president has peeved.” The list is plentiful: The CIA, the State Department, the Pentagon, and the FBI, should provide plenty of willing sources, and don’t forget disgruntled employees of agencies such as the EPA who might be asked to work on policies they hate. Trump also, of course, has endless business connections to investigate in regard to conflicts of interest, and newspapers such as the Washington Post are dedicating staff solely to that purpose. Remember that the president-elect “remains unpopular with at least half of the nation, and they constitute an eager audience for critical reporting,” writes Shafer. “It’s not winter that’s coming with the inauguration of Trump,” he concludes. “It’s journalistic spring.” Click for his full column.)

I admit that some in the MSM are notorious for trying to create stories they can cover ad nauseum…..but to try an eliminate the press corp covering the presidency is just short of eliminating the freedom of the press….and that is a right in the Constitution somewhere (this is sarcasm so save the BS for another day)….

It has already begun… opposing opinion is not tolerated….neither Trump or his lazy spineless minions…..fore now they have the best defense….they can claim “fake news”…..without any proof just say it and it is so……

Is this a move to try and neuter the White House media?

Tyrants don’t allow open questioning, and they hate the free press. They want total control.

That’s why, according to three senior officials on the transition team, the incoming Trump administration is considering evicting the White House press corps from the press room inside the White House and moving them – and news conferences – to a conference center or to the Old Executive Office Building.

Source: Trump’s Plan to Neuter the White House Press Corps, and Neuter Our Democracy | Common Dreams | Breaking News & Views for the Progressive Community

Personally this is silly….nay….pathetic to even consider such a move.

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The Return of “Heavy Metal”

I wish this was a post on the music genre from the 80’s but in this case it is not…..this about the situation in Eastern Europe……

There is a lot of talk these days about the possibility of a new Cold War in the making….without blaming any one politician I would like to show that circumstances are not making this new Cold War any less likely……the “Heavy Metal” in this case is the use of tanks and such…..

First a report issued by the European Council of Foreign Affairs……

Since 2014, Russia has mounted an extensive, aggressive, and multi-platform attempt to use its military and the threat of force as instruments of coercive diplomacy, intended to divide, distract, and deter Europe from challenging Russia’s activities in its immediate neighbourhood.

The main elements are threats of potential military action, wargames which pointedly simulate such operations, the deployment of combat units in ways which also convey a political message, and intrusions close to and into European airspace, waters and even territory.

The actual impact of these policies is varied, sometimes counter-productive, and they depend on coordination with other means of diplomacy and influence. But they have nonetheless contributed to a fragmentation of unity within both NATO and the European Union.

Heavy metal diplomacy’ is likely to continue for the immediate future. This requires a sharper sense on the part of the EU and its member states of what is a truly military move and what is political, a refusal to rise to the bait, and yet a display of convincing unity and cross-platform capacity when a response is required.

Source: Heavy Metal Diplomacy: Russia’s Political Use of its Military in Europe since 2014 | European Council on Foreign Relations

The US recently added more armament to Eastern Europe thus fueling a Russian paranoia……

A shipment of US tanks, howitzers and other military equipment has arrived in Germany as part of a mission to allay concerns about Russian aggression. The cargo will be moved to eastern Europe in the next few weeks.

Ships began unloading the cargo in the northern port of Bremerhaven on Friday, marking the start of the deployment of a third US combat brigade in Europe. From Germany, the hundreds of trucks and tanks will be transported by rail and road to eastern Europe.

Source: Hundreds of US Tanks, Trucks Arrive for NATO Mission in Europe | World Affairs Journal

Some us analyst see the possibility of a new Cold War in the making…..if so is there a way to avoid said conflict?

The American Conservative offers their idea on this subject……

Is then a Cold War II between Russia and the U.S. avoidable?

That question raises several others.

Who is more responsible for both great powers having reached this level of animosity and acrimony, 25 years after Ronald Reagan walked arm-in-arm with Mikhail Gorbachev through Red Square? And what are the causes of the emerging Cold War II?

Source: How to Avoid a New Cold War | The American Conservative

Paranoia has done more damage than actual words…..time to watch this situation develop and to head off any confrontation from turning nasty.

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Is “America First” Just Isolationism?

During his rise to glory I thought that one of is, Trump’s, slogans, “America First” sounded a lot like isolationism from you near past…..

But first let me explain isolationism……

Political or economical policy that isolates a country from participating in international relationships. It has been suggested that the United States participates in isolationism because of its lack of involvement in particular wars or alliances. During World War I, the United States refused to join the League of Nations, thus isolating itself from other countries. Individuals that believe and support isolationism are considered isolationists.

That is about as simply put as I can be…..”Leave me alone,” seemed to be America’s attitude toward the rest of the world in the 1930s.At the dawn of the ’30s, foreign policy was not a burning issue for the average American. The stock market had just crashed and each passing month brought greater and greater hardships. American involvement with Europe had brought war in 1917 and unpaid debt throughout the 1920s. Having grown weary with the course of world events, citizens were convinced the most important issues to be tackled were domestic. Foreign policy leaders of the 1930s once again led the country down its well-traveled path of isolationism.

But if one is interested then a quick history of American isolationism…..

Source: A brief history of American isolationism

What made me think about this was something that I read written by William Astore……

A new isolationism is metastasizing in the American body politic. At its heart lies not an urge to avoid war, but an urge to avoid contemplating the costs and realities of war. It sees war as having analgesic qualities — as lessening a collective feeling of impotence, a collective sense of fear and terror. Making war in the name of reducing terror serves this state of mind and helps to preserve it. Marked by a calculated estrangement from war’s horrific realities and mercenary purposes, the new isolationism magically turns an historic term on its head, for it keeps us in wars, rather than out of them.

Old-style American isolationism had everything to do with avoiding “entangling alliances” and conflicts abroad. It was tied to America’s historic tradition of rejecting a large standing army — a tradition in which many Americans took pride. Yes, we signed on to World War I in 1917, but only after we had been “too proud to fight.” Even when we joined, we did so as a non-aligned power with the goal of ending major wars altogether. Before Pearl Harbor in December 1941, Americans again resisted the call to arms, looking upon Hitler’s rise and other unnerving events in Europe and Asia with alarm, but with little eagerness to send American boys into yet another global bloodbath.

Source: Tomgram: William Astore, The Face of War (Don’t Look!) | TomDispatch

Only days before the magic of the swearing on process, my question is will Trump truly keep “America First” or was it nothing but a campaign slogan and this whole foreign entanglements will just continued unabated?

And that is a good question….and there is a good answer……and it comes from The American Conservative……

Barry Posen doesn’t see any evidence of foreign policy restraint in the incoming administration:

It does not look to me as if this is a ‘eureka’ moment for the “Restraint” strategy. Instead, this looks a bit like hegemony without liberalism. President-elect Trump has promised to increase U.S. military spending. This is not consistent with Restraint. His appointees seem to be people who wish to militarily confront those states and groups who challenge the U.S. in any way. China and Iran seem to be at the head of the list. Some of his appointees seem hostile to Russia as well. The President-elect seems to wish to do something more aggressive vis-a-vis Al Qaeda and ISIL than the outgoing administration. It is hard to see how this many military confrontations would be consistent with Restraint. With this many under-thought confrontations underway, it is likely that one or more will go awry.

Source: Trump vs. Foreign Policy Restraint | The American Conservative

Me? I say that isolationism is out of the question……as much as it makes sense, at least to me, it will not happen.

What say you guys?

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John Kerry talked for about an hour and said absolutely NOTHING!

He was trying to explain the US abstention vote at the UN……

He did what every president has done since Carter….wait to the last minute make a speech and pray that it helps the presidential legacy…..

I do not see the purpose of this speech….it was a confusing speech on all fronts…..some thoughts about it….

With the country in the middle of an essentially unprecedented political crisis, there’s a kind of eerie normalcy to the speech on Israel and Palestine that John Kerry delivered Wednesday afternoon. The remarks themselves were unusually harsh, as was the United Nations resolution on Israeli settlements last week that the administration allowed through. But US presidents and secretaries of state have been talking about the issue for literally decades without much changing.

Source: Kerry’s bombshell Israel speech is one of the most puzzling things I have seen in politics – Vox

Time for a reset for the Palestinians…..they will get NO justice from the US…the claws of the Israel Lobby runs deep into the pockets of our elected officials. Time for the Palestinians to forget the US and take their case to the world and stop depending on a country like the US to champion justice.

There is no doubt that the UN Security Council condemnation of Israel on Friday was an important and noteworthy event.

True, the United Nations’ main chambers (the Security Council and the General Assembly) and its various institutions, ranging from the International Court of Justice to the UN cultural agency, UNESCO, have repeatedly condemned the Israeli occupation, illegal Jewish settlements and mistreatment of Palestinians.

In fact, unlike the 23 December resolution 2334, the past UN condemnations were far stronger – for some resolutions did not just demand an immediate halt of illegal Jewish settlement construction, but the removal of existing settlements as well.

Source: Palestine 2017: Time To Bid Farewell to Washington and Embrace the Globe – Original by —

Most of the world already recognizes Palestine……

The map below shos the countries in purple that are recognizing Palestine…..

But if your geography sucks…which I am guess it does…….. then here is the list of the countries…..

The countries that recognize Palestine as a state they represent 80% of the world’s population but 75% of cash belongs to the ones who do not

1 Afghanistan 62 Libya
2 Albania 63 Madagascar
3 Algeria 64 Malawi
4 Angola 65 Malaysia
5 Argentina 66 Maldives
6 Azerbaijan 67 Mali
7 Bahrain 68 Malta
8 Bangladesh 69 Mauritania
9 Belarus 70 Mauritius
10 Benin 71 Mongolia
11 Bhutan 72 Montenegro
12 Bolivia 73 Morocco
13 Bosnia and Herzegovina 74 Mozambique
14 Botswana 75 Namibia
15 Brazil 76 Nepal
16 Brunei Darussalam 77 Nicaragua
17 Bulgaria 78 Niger
18 Burkina Faso 79 Nigeria
19 Burundi 80 Norway
20 Cambodia 81 Oman
21 Cape Verde 82 Pakistan
22 Central African Republic 83 Papua New Guinea
23 Chad 84 Paraguay
24 Chile 85 Peru
25 China 86 Philippines
26 Comoros 87 Poland
27 Congo (Republic of) 88 Qatar
28 Costa Rica 89 Romania
29 Cote d’ Ivoire 90 Russian Federation
30 Cuba 91 Rwanda
31 Cyprus 92 Sao Tome and Principe
32 Czech Republic 93 Saudi Arabia
33 DPR Korea 94 Senegal
34 DR Congo 95 Serbia
35 Djibouti 96 Seychelles
36 Dominican Republic 97 Sierra Leone
37 Ecuador 98 Slovakia
38 Egypt 99 Somalia
39 Ethiopia 100 South Africa
40 Equatorial Guinea 101 Sri Lanka
41 Gabon 102 Sudan
42 Gambia 103 Suriname
43 Georgia 104 Swaziland
44 Ghana 105 Syria
45 Guinea 106 Tajikistan
46 Guinea-Bissau 107 Timor-Leste
47 Guyana 108 Togo
48 Hungary 109 Tunisia
49 India 110 Turkey
50 Indonesia 111 Turkmenistan
51 Iran 112 Uganda
52 Iraq 113 Ukraine
53 Jordan 114 United Arab Emirates
54 Kazakhstan 115 Tanzania
55 Kenya 116 Uruguay
56 Kuwait 117 Uzbekistan
57 Kyrgyzstan 118 Vanuatu
58 Lao People’s DR 119 Venezuela
59 Lebanon 120 Viet Nam
60 Lesotho 121 Yemen
61 Liberia 122 Zambia
123 Zimbabwe 124 Honduras
125 Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 126 Belize
127 Antigua and Barbuda 128 Iceland
129 Thailand 130 Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic
131 Congo, Democratic Republic of 132 Guatemala
133 Grenada 134 Sweden
135 136

Time for Palestine to go global…more so than they have in the past.

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