The “One China” Policy

Since Trump made his now famous Taiwan call or was it the other way around? Any way there has been lots of back and forth by his supporters on whether it is good or excellent that he bucked Mainland China in favor of Taiwan….

The first problem is that too many have NO idea what the “One China” policy is all about… I took it upon myself to educate those that would like to know and the others will yes nod approval anything this person does……

The People’s Republic of China reiterated Sunday that it won’t discuss diplomatic or trade issues with Taiwan until new Taiwanese President Chen Shui-bian recognizes the one-China policy.

What is the one-China policy?

The one-China policy holds that there is but one China and that Taiwan is part of China. The leaders of both countries have long subscribed to the one-China policy–each insisting on their own government’s legitimacy–but the Taiwanese position has eroded over the past few decades as the People’s Republic has gained international prominence. Taiwan’s softened position is spelled out in its 1991 Guidelines for National Unification, which insists only that a unified China must be “democratic” and “free,” not necessarily led by Taiwan. The People’s Republic position remains fundamentally unchanged.

Source: What Is the One-China Policy?

Now that you know about the policy that Nixon agree to when he made is now famous trip to Beijing……and it officially became a “One China” policy with Carter in 1978…… then the question is….is it a good idea to provoke China on this issue?

I posted on this a few days ago…..

Source: The Dangerous Folly of Provoking China – In Saner Thought

Maybe forcing a conflict with our biggest trading partner would not be the best way to begin a presidency.

Plus their build-up in the South China Sea…..

China appears to have installed anti-aircraft and anti-missile weapons on its man-made islands in the strategically vital South China Sea, a US security think tank says, upping the stakes in what many see as a potential Asian powder keg. The Center for Strategic and International Studies said in a report late Wednesday that the anti-aircraft guns and close-in weapons systems designed to guard against missile attacks have been placed on all seven of China’s newly created islands. The outposts were built in recent years over objections by the US and rival claimants by piling sand on top of coral reefs, followed by the construction of military-grade 10,000-foot airstrips, barracks, lighthouses, radar stations, and other infrastructure, the AP reports. CSIS based its conclusions on satellite images taken in mid- to late November and published on its Asia Maritime Transparency Initiative website.

In a statement, China’s Defense Ministry repeated that development on the islands was mainly for civilian purposes, but it added that defensive measures were “appropriate and legal.” “For example, were someone to be threatening you with armed force outside your front door, would you not get ready even a slingshot?” the statement said. A Foreign Ministry spokesman told reporters he had no information about the reported weaponry, but said such deployments were China’s sovereign right. China’s new island armaments “show that Beijing is serious about defense of its artificial islands in case of an armed contingency in the South China Sea,” CSIS experts wrote in the report. “Among other things, they would be the last line of defense against cruise missiles launched by the United States or others against these soon-to-be-operational air bases.”

Trump has said that he is a smart guy and does not need the daily briefings.…..a claim that has been echoed by his crew…..but I am starting to doubt his assertion….there is more to running this country and keeping it safe than being just a “smart guy“.

The United States is ready to confront China should it continue its overreaching maritime claims in the South China Sea, the head of the U.S. Pacific fleet said on Wednesday, comments that threaten to escalate tensions between the two global rivals. – Reuters

A linch pin theory is all about one small occurrence that could escalate into a major confrontation…..(keep that in mind for future reference)

Maybe it would be a good idea if the smart guy would take a few minutes in his otherwise busy day and get his info and maybe then it will sink in that one simple phone call may not be so goddamn simple.

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