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ISIS: Will The Song Remain The Same?

The election was all consuming for some and it kept the subject of ISIS off the front pages except when one candidate mentioned it in passing….but now that the election is in the history books maybe it is time to once again think about the terrorist group…..

The push to Mosul has begun and the battle for the caliphate capital Raqaa is about to commence….but there are several questions that everyone has been ignoring for about a year……

The battle against ISIS may not need a fresh influx of American troops…..

As Islamic State loses ground in Iraq and Syria, earlier demands from Official Washington’s neocons for a major reintroduction of U.S. troops appear to be just the latest misjudgment of these war hawks,

The so-called Islamic State or ISIS is on the decline, and its “caliphate” on the ground in Iraq and Syria is shrinking to extinction. In Syria, the group has lost about a quarter of the territory it used to control, including its access to the Turkish border, and recapture of its de facto capital in Raqqa is coming into sight. In Iraq, ISIS has lost half the territory it once had, and a coalition of forces is knocking on the door of the group’s biggest prize, the city of Mosul.

We should reflect on the arguments we were hearing not very long ago that more force than the Obama administration was using would be needed to defeat the ISIS menace. ISIS was the main focus of the “do more in Syria” cries before the cries shifted more to the Syrian regime and its warfighting methods

Source: How Neocons Got ISIS Wrong, Too – Consortiumnews

They may have missed the boat on their analysis but is the battles for Mosul and Raqqa the last stand for ISIS? (Below article is from a Libertarian-esque site so their analysis may be a bit skewed)……

As a former soldier and war correspondent who has covered 14 conflicts, I look at all the media hoopla over tightening siege of Mosul, Iraq and shake my head. This western-organized “liberation” of Mosul is one of the bigger pieces of political-military theater that I’ve seen.

Islamic State(IS), the defender of Mosul, is a paper tiger, blown out of all proportion by western media. IS is, as this writer has been saying for years, an armed mob made up of 20-something malcontents, religious fanatics, and modern-day anarchists. At its top is a cadre of former Iraqi Army officers with military experience.

Source: Last Stand for ISIS? – The Unz Review

I have written in the past about the possibility of an ISIS defeat and what it would mean to the whole terrorism thing…..

Source: Generation Jihad | Ace News Room

Source: The “Lone Wolf” Scenario – In Saner Thought

If the battle is successful against ISIS then there is the possibilities of more “lone wolf” attacks….the coordination may be lacking but the terrorist are not…..we need to be extra vigilant. Because……..

During his speech at the third Middle East Forum held in Erbil Oct. 26, Iraqi parliament Speaker Salim al-Jubouri warned of future threats from the Islamic State (IS), saying that the terrorist organization “will not follow the same tactic once defeated in Mosul and will seek to reinvent itself to produce a new generation of terrorists with the ability to cope with the post-defeat phase and meet the resulting challenges.”

The results of an investigation, published Oct. 19, showed that over the past two years of controlling Ninevah province and other Sunni areas in Iraq, IS has managed to indoctrinate and militarily train 4,000 children to carry out suicide attacks and other terrorist tasks in the future. Europol warned July 30 that these child recruits will be the new generation of jihadis.

Source: New generation of jihadis poised to replace IS in Iraq

Keep in mind that the defeat of ISIS does not mean the defeat of terrorism…..

The US has a new president.….and what could that mean in the fight against ISIS?

President-elect Donald Trump has said he will give his generals 30 days after he takes office to come up with a plan to soundly defeat the Islamic State.

What will it look like?

There’s not a lot to go on, since he has been short on specifics. Trump has said he would ramp up the war against the radical militant group, but avoid getting the United States into a Middle East quagmire. He has not advocated using large numbers of U.S. ground troops to do the fighting.

Source: What Trump’s war against ISIL might look like

There are so many unanswered questions and the world will be looking to the US for leadership….will they find it?

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