Generation Jihad

BAM! Just when the word terrorism was taking a backseat to the antics of these clowns that are pretending to campaign and some idiot has set a couple of bombs in New York and New Jersey…..

And now the dialog will turn to the belittling of a people and more of the “make the sand glow” saber rattling.

The conversation will be full of applause lines about the defeat of ISIS and other radicalized twats…..and the mindless promises that are nothing but fodder for the campaigns….none of it is facing reality.

I have tried to help my readers understand that terrorism is a tactic and not an entity….while the group ISIS may be bombed out of existence the form of terrorism they employ will remain…..and “making the sand glow” will not change that one simple fact.

But let us pretend that we, the US and its allies, totally destroy the ISIS organization….what will that mean?

A scholar of Islam has warned of civil war across Europe as more young Muslims facing poor job prospects turn to radical groups, it has been reported.

Professor Gilles Kepel, from the Sciences Po in Paris, France, said a growing ‘Jihad Generation’ is likely to continue to carry out terror acts in European cities.

The aim of their terror activity is to both incite hatred towards Muslims and, in doing so, cause further radicalisation among young people, the professor of political science said.

Source: Generation Jihad: Scholar of Islam predicts civil war across Europe as more young Muslims facing poor job prospects turn to radical groups | Daily Mail Online

I know there are some out there that do not think that social issues have anything to do with the terrorist mindset…personally I think they are overlooking one important part of the equation…..

I also wrote an op-ed along these lines for my friends at Ace News Room…..(I have used this as a reference both for it is an important thought that needs to be taken into consideration)……..

Diaspora? There is a fancy smancy word for you and a word that will mean absolutely nothing to people that think with their asses…..there have been many such movements in history…especially recent history.

Of course the one that probably gets the most press is the Jewish diaspora…..their reported time in Egypt and then the time after World War Two…….then the Palestinians in the 1940-1970, Cubans of the 1950-60, Vietnamese in the 1970’s and the people of Syria and Iraq in the 2010’s…..there have been many others but these are the first that jump to mind.

Source: A Terrorist Diaspora | Ace News Room

All aspects of the decision to totally eliminate an enemy needs to be considered…..there could be more problems than solutions with the defeat.

Even Russia is starting to think about what could possibly happen with the total defeat of ISIS and ISIS-like groups…..

On July 15, 2016, Russian Defense Minister Sergey Shoigu delivered a candid warning to regional security services: Be prepared for a major upsurge in terrorism, directed in particular at the Caucasus region of southern Russia, between the Black Sea and Caspian Sea, and in Central Asia.

Shoigu was quoted by RT: “Analysis of developing security situation in the world suggests that short-term risks of armed conflict persist… According to our estimates, in early 2015 around 4,500 nationals of Russia and post-Soviet countries have joined IS and other terrorist organizations. It is easy to forecast where they could go if Syria failed as a state.” Shoigu delivered those warnings during a conference focused on Russia’s military operations in Syria against the Islamic State (ISIL). Shoigu told the gathering that, since the Russian intervention in Syria on September 30, 2015, an estimated 2,000 fighters who came to Syria from Russia had been killed, and 17 leading Chechen commanders who joined ISIL and the Nusra Front had been among those killed.

Source: Russian Authorities Bracing for Terror Upsurge | Middle East Briefing

Once again…..what will happen to all those remaining jihadists that are not killed or captured?

If this is the case, how will it effect international agreements?

There are many questions with few actual answers……the conversation these days is about the defeat of ISIS…..little concern is being shown for the aftermath…that is why I continue to reference my op-ed “Terrorist Diaspora“….that is a problem in the making.

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