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ISIS: The Dos And The Don’ts

The debate about ISIS has seemed to cool off for now….there has not been a major attack in awhile so the media is off to the races on the election that approaches in the US….

People like myself are still watching and writing about this barbarous group….there will come a time again when everyone will have an opinion….most of which is not based on anything but hearsay and regurgitation….of faux facts and faux information…..

The big question is….what to do about ISIS?

Of course the politicians are thumping their chests like sex crazed primates about the destruction of the group….the problem there is that a lot of the people that are aware of the situation on the ground does not agree with the forecast…..

Ex-commanders of our military is taking a dim view on our plans for ISIS…..

It’s a most peculiar war: rarely has the U.S. been killing so many while risking so few. The U.S. is beating ISIS handily, judging by Vietnam’s body-count metric. The total number of ISIS battlefield deaths claimed by U.S. officials has jumped, from 6,000 in January 2015 to 45,000 last month—a bloodbath for an enemy force estimated to number about 30,000. Three U.S. troops have died. That’s an eye-watering U.S.-to-ISIS “kill ratio” of 15,000-to-1. “We’ve got good momentum going,” General Joseph Votel, chief of U.S. Central Command, who is overseeing the war, said Tuesday. “We are really into the heart of the caliphate.

But some of his predecessors disagree. James Mattis, a retired Marine general who commanded Central Command from 2010 to 2013, says the war on ISIS is “unguided by a sustained policy or sound strategy [and is] replete with half-measures.” Anthony Zinni, a retired Marine four-star who held the same post from 1997 to 2000, says he doesn’t think he could do so today. “I don’t want to be part of a strategy that in my heart of hearts I know is going to fail,” he says. “It’s a bad strategy, it’s the wrong strategy, and maybe I would tell the President that he would be better served to find somebody who believes in it, whoever that idiot may be.

Source: Former U.S. Commanders Take Increasingly Dim View of War on ISIS | TIME

I found another article, War on The Rocks, about the group and why a comp[lete destruction may not be the best plan…..

The Islamic State in Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) has endured significant territorial losses since its peak a year ago. Additional coalition deployments, an improving information campaign, a resurgent Iraqi army, targeted financial sanctions, and tireless diplomacy have set the stage for the eventual reduction of the self-proclaimed caliphate. Concurrent with these efforts is a large manhunt to bring Abu Bakr al Baghdadi, its leader, to justice. While this is an important consideration, defeating this movement is a much more pressing and daunting task. The best way to defeat ISIL in the long term is to leave Abu Bakr in place – as the caliph who lost his kingdom.

Don’t take our word for ISIL’s struggles; its spokesman Mohammad al Adnani admitted as much last week when he warned that the loss of movement leaders, past or future, would not deter the “soldiers of the state” from continuing the fight as insurgents, much like they did prior to 2013. Adnani, as dramatic as ever in this latest speech, does offer a point that we should consider. The specific targeting of this group’s leadership (via a decapitation campaign) has had mixed results in the past. In fact, it was the killing of Abu Musab al Zarqawi that probably saved what eventually became the Islamic State of Iraq in late 2006.

Source: Don’t Kill the Caliph! The Islamic State and the Pitfalls of Leadership Decapitation

To totally destroy the leadership could possibly bring about a diaspora of fighters returning to their homes to carry out “lone wolf” attacks…..hundreds possibly thousands of terrorists looking for a place to destroy……read the two positions….

The killing of Abu Muhammad al-Adnani raises the question of whether so-called Islamic State can survive the loss of the core leaders who made the group what it is today, says Hassan Hassan.

Source: Can IS survive killings of its core leadership? – BBC News

Source: A Terrorist Diaspora | Ace News Room

In closing a white paper about the destruction of ISIS…..

Source: Defeating ISIS – In Saner Thought

Before one calls for the destruction of ISIS maybe some thought should go into what would be the consequences…it is possible that they could be more problematic than the original.

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