User And Abuser!/ Liar Of The Century

Hilary Clinton Lady untouchable ,is using the Black American ,the Latino ,The Asian ,the Muslims ,the Arab community and the rest of minority groups to get their Votes . Hilary cares about their Votes only .She cares NOT about their issues ,their problems and their interests.

She will make even deals with multi millionaires to get their millions and cater for their demands.Hilary is not for the poor.

Last 10 years she made 50 million dollars from her speeches to the wall street companies..Do any one trust a lair who betrayed her position as secretary of state to make millions of dollars for her husbands foundation .

She even accepted money from most BRUTAL regimes in the world which oppresses women and enslave them.Saudi Arabia, Qatar,UAE, Kuwait. This Hilary does not care about blacks education , jobs, poverty a or health. She is using them to gain their votes . Hilary’s lies are all over the world,her corruption is tsunami of scandals, her destructive mind will crush any one opposes her.Wake Up…

You can stop thi tsunami of hate , division and racism.God Bless you ,The American voters.


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