The Power Behind Barack Hussein Obama !/ Valerie Jarette

Valerie was working for the city hall in Chicago , she hired Michelle and Barack to work for her.

When the fanatic democrats and liberals elected Barack in 2008 of course Barack wanted to return the favor he gave Valrie the highest position in his so called administration because Valerie is the administration ‘Senior national adviser.”

Barack won’t do anything without her advise.The withdraw from Iraq, the red line, you did not build your business, you can keep your doctor.Obama care, climate change myth are creation of Valerie Jarette.

She is an Iranian Muslim and knew the Muslim Brotherhood too well.When ISIS start expanding ,Barack Hussein Obama began to refuse to call it ISLAMIC TERRORISM ,Valerie’s advice.

When ISIS beheaded James Foley ,Barack went back to play golf ,Valerie’s advice.VALERIE HAS UNLIMITED POWER IN THE WHITE HOUSE.

Valerie Jarette ,knew Michelle and Obama from Chicago where she hired them to work for her .she became their best confidant and best fried..WHEN Barrack Hussein Obama was elected by the fanatic democrats and liberal,of course Obama returned the favor ,giving Valerie the TOP JOB IN THE WHITE HOUSE “senior national adviser .” Barack won’t do anything without her advise.The result failed policies,weakness,she is an Iranian Muslim and had ties with Muslim Brotherhood.

She made many decisions even without asking Obama himself.Climate Change is one myth was created by her.TODAY Barack went to Paris to talk about climate change ,his travel cost is 4.2 million tax payers money and hurting the climate with the CO2. She is one mean and hateful person.Racism, division and lighting the white house WITH THE colors of the Gay lesbian flag colors .

Jalal Michael Sabbagh

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