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Sudan and South Sudan’s Merging Conflicts

I admit that I do not post as much as I should on the events breaking in Africa….but I do post on the situations when I see one that I think my readers should be aware of….these days Africa takes a backseat to so many different regions which is a shame.

In a movie I saw several years ago I heard probably the best quote about the events in Africa…..a corrupt leader when told that the world would not appreciate his treatment of the people…..his quote was….”It’s Africa….no one cares about Africa”…..I thought it was the perfect example of the world’s ignorance on the situations in the continent.

The conflicts in South Sudan a newly independent country has the world starting to pay attention….at least for now….

South Sudan gained independence from Sudan on 9 July 2011 as the outcome of a 2005 agreement that ended Africa’s longest-running civil war.

Made up of the 10 southern-most states of Sudan, South Sudan is one of the most diverse countries in Africa. It is home to over 60 different major ethnic groups, and the majority of its people follow traditional religions.

Independence did not bring conflict in South Sudan to an end. The 2013-2015 civil war displaced 2.2 million people and threatened the success of one of the world’s newest countries.

I read a white paper from the International Crisis Group on the situation developing in the country……

Neither the peace agreement that ended Sudan’s second civil war (1983-2005) nor South Sudan’s 2011 independence brought stability. A difficult divorce that included a border conflict, an oil shutdown, then brief cooperation, has been followed since December 2013 by a new phase of civil war in South Sudan in which the now two countries’ wars are increasingly merged. The regional organisations that seek to mediate have been unsuccessful, in part because members have competing interests, while outside powers do not invest sufficiently in conflict resolution. With the rainy season’s end, conflict containment is likely to be increasingly difficult. New strategies are needed in several directions: to de-escalate fighting by finding ways to limit foreign involvement and reduce armed groups’ cross-border activity; to curtail arms supply to the parties; to identify how the conflict is financed and propose measures to stop use of oil revenues to fund the war; and to coordinate mediation efforts for the interconnected wars. More active engagement by the UN Security Council, and especially China and the U.S., given their regional influence, is critical.

Source: Sudan and South Sudan’s Merging Conflicts – International Crisis Group

Since its independence there has been a conflict brewing in the country…..even more deadly than the conflict between Sudan and the Darfur region of the South…..

The formation of a transitional government following Riek Machar’s return to Juba in April marked the most significant milestone of the August 2015 Agreement on the Resolution of the Conflict in the Republic of South Sudan (ARCSS) that ended the twenty-month civil war. Yet the ARCSS, designed to address a war primarily fought between the government and the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement/Army-In Opposition (SPLM/A-IO) in the Greater Upper Nile region, is an imperfect solution to other conflict fault lines, notably in the Equatoria region. Conflicts there are driven by a combination of national governance issues – federalism, security sector reform and a new constitution – that the ARCSS addresses – and localised grievances. Though the Equatorian conflicts appear to be on the wane, the agreement’s ability to address national political and security governance issues as well as regional-specific questions about the status of Equatorian opposition forces will determine if they revive.

Source: South Sudan’s South: Conflict in the Equatorias – International Crisis Group

This is a conflict that will not end nicely……just what will be the US response?

Hopefully it will not include the use of troops….we already have enough on our plate without adding more.

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