Incoherencing incoherence

Something seems to be cooking in the political kitchen that concerns Palestinians, in another recipe that is designed to feed Palestinians with no intention to feed them, and many cooks preparing a recipe of ingredients that they will take home. The result will be lentil soup.

It must be with the commemoration of the nakba. The politicians realized that the status quo situation is even worse. We are in a fogyish intifada mode. Every day Palestinians are being killed under the same accusation of attempted stabbing or attacking. We actually no longer catch up with the series of events.

Is it that people are no longer interested or the media is not responding upon some political decisions? Why the same things are still going on but no responds are taking place.

Nevertheless, of course this is also not the case.

The situation is as follows,

We are under occupation since 1948.

We have a Palestinian authority functioning under occupation since 1994.

We have two Palestinian governments ruling us illegitimately since 2006.

We are inside a third intifada under occupation and under illegitimate governing bodies.

Our leadership (illegitimate by default) is thinking of finalizing the situation through some “peace” tilted agreement to reach a final status (nothing is left to negotiate on; prisoners are tripled in numbers, land had been tripled in confiscation, wall has seized more movement and swallowed more land. In addition, the refugees… who cares… Jerusalem, what do you mean? )

Egypt’s Sissi , amid all the mess he is putting himself in after two years of ruling Egypt and crowning himself as the eternal pharos he decided to talk Palestinian issue now .

Our president goes again to Israelis public and insure them that his aspiration is Israeli men and women and children safety.

Our politicians march in “an impressive” to them march commemorating nakba, in a scene that felt like a celebrative family event … with launching Assaf with the BIGGEST AWDA key in Guinness records ( we the Palestinians are taking over Guinness with our hugest everything …except a land of course) . Moreover, cynically promotion items such as caps of Awda, Nakba made in Israel.

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