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OMG! It Is Multiculturalism!

What can we do?  This country is slowly eroding away by the influx of “undesirables”….(not my idea…this is some of the mindless dribble that is being floated on Right wing sites)…..What can we do?

The country’s demise is just days away!

Right wing people are using the term “multiculturalism” as a way to explain the violence around the world….especially today and their extreme hatred of the possibility of refugees coming to this country and what it would mean to our near perfect society……

But for those that are not paying very much attention….about here they are asking….what the Hell is all this multiculturalism all about?

First, a definition…….”the preservation of different cultures or cultural identities within a unified society, as a state or nation.”

Sounds innocent enough, huh?

It is an easily defined term….under normal circumstances….but these days normal is out the window……

………(Insert a historical context here)………

Cultural diversity has been present in societies for a very long time. In Ancient Greece, there were various small regions with different costumes, traditions, dialects and identities, for example, those from Aetolia, Locris, Doris and Epirus. In the Ottoman Empire, Muslims were the majority, but there were also Christians, Jews, pagan Arabs, and other religious groups. In the 21st century, societies remain culturally diverse, with most countries having a mixture of individuals from different races, linguistic backgrounds, religious affiliations, and so forth. Contemporary political theorists have labeled this phenomenon of the coexistence of different cultures in the same geographical space multiculturalism. That is, one of the meanings of multiculturalism is the coexistence of different cultures.

The term ‘multiculturalism’, however, has not been used only to describe a culturally diverse society, but also to refer to a kind of policy that aims at protecting cultural diversity. Although multiculturalism is a phenomenon with a long history and there have been countries historically that did adopt multicultural policies, like the Ottoman Empire, the systematic study of multiculturalism in philosophy has only flourished in the late twentieth century, when it began to receive special attention, especially from liberal philosophers. The philosophers who initially dedicated more time to the topic were mainly Canadian, but in the 21st century it is a widespread topic in contemporary political philosophy. Before multiculturalism became a topic in political philosophy, most literature in this area focused on topics related to the fair redistribution of resources; conversely, the topic of multiculturalism in the realm of political philosophy highlights the idea that cultural identities are also normatively relevant and that policies ought to take these identities into consideration.

(Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy)

That was what one would learn about the term if studying philosophy….but that was yesteryear……today it is more of a political insult than an actual field of study……..

Multiculturalism is the phenomenon of multiple groups of cultures existing within one society, largely due to the arrival of immigrant communities, or the acceptance and advocation of this phenomenon. Supporters of multiculturalism claim that different traditions and cultures can enrich society; however, the concept also has its critics, to the point where the term “multiculturalism” may well be used more by critics than by supporters. It could, indeed, be classified as a snarl word or a buzzword, depending on the audience.

Multiculturalism occurs naturally when a society is willing to accept the culture of immigrants (with, ideally, immigrants also willing to accept the culture of the land to which they have come). A distinction should be drawn between multiculturalism that occurs simply due to the absence of a single enforced culture, and multiculturalism which is endorsed and actively encouraged by the government; this is often referred to as state multiculturalism.

Like I said before….all that is out the door.

Today the term is an insult by the Radical Right and the nationalistic crazies as a catch all term to emphasize their extreme positions that promote their white interests…..these days it is immigrants and those ever dangerous refugees……their, the Right’s, biggest concern is that they will not assimilate into American society (well that is the cover they use for their dislike of these people)……..Critics claim that multiculturalism promotes a tolerance of moral relativism and results in a loss of national identity. There is also the unfortunate fact that some cultures simply don’t mix, and multiculturalism can sometimes lead to the development of souring subcultures (there it is those damn subcultures)……..

This is a silly argument…..the US is founded on multiculturalism and has been that way ever since……there have been times in our history where this same type of argument was made against new residents….the Irish, Italians, Chinese, Cubans, Haitians, Vietnamese …..and each time the argument has been proven to be false and complete hysteria….but why let facts stand in the way, right?

The Argument Of Assimilation

We have been having a conversation (if it can be called that) on immigration….all the pros and cons have been aired….but in light of the recent refugee crisis in the Middle East it has flared up again…..and as usual things have gotten really nasty at times…..the problem is that usually an isolated occurrence is used to make the case that “immigrants” will not assimilate….usually it is a situation in Europe and it often about people that have lived in the said country for years if not decades….not many, if any,  of the fresh round of refugees……

Source: Pros and Cons of Immigration

But the debate has turned to the refugees that may be coming to America……and because of the situation in Syria and the Middle East the biggest concerns is that these immigrants will group together and not assimilate…..

Yeah we would not want a Little Tokyo or a Little Havana or a Chinatown or Irish Hill or a Little Saigon… point is that immigrants will seek out people of their own culture……they have common interests food, language, music, etc……this will make them at ease and they will eventually assimilate….makes the process easier.

Every immigrant that has come to this country has group together for a feeling of safety among “their own kind”…..this is nothing new….it happens wherever you find American ex-pats also and for all the same reasons……

To me this argument against immigrants is just a cover for any bigotry that critics may have toward the immigrants and their ways….nothing they say is any thing new….it has all been said with every influx of new immigrants to this country……

Of course there is the anti-multiculturalism movement….these people are scared to death that the US will be changed in some way….again nothing new.

The US is a multi-cultural society that is what it started out as and has not changed in its 200+ years……it is what has made this a great country and they envy of the world……

The critics will employ whatever is handy to make the case against these immigrants….these days it is terrorism….in the past it was the fear of sabotage or the spread of Communism or…….well you get the idea…..for all the dire warnings…..nothing occurred to validate their fears…….and I believe they will once again be proven wrong…..

This will not calm any fears and will not force any Americans to think before they speak…..and that is the sad part of this tale…..children of immigrants hating immigrants……the great American Way!

I know somewhere someone will be saying….”he will not be so smug when they are running down Main Street chopping off heads”…..

Think it is confusing now…..just wait….it ain’t over yet!

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