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Fair Reporting Would Make A Difference

It is no secret that I have zero tolerance for the Western media when it comes to the conflict in and around the Holy Land…..Americans have a blind spot when it comes to Israel…..this is because the media will not report the situation with a neutral eye… is always horrible when an Israeli is attacked and when numerous Palestinians are suffering there is nothing in the media….

Americans are not stupid (well I would like to believe that) but with a true picture of the situation the one sided reporting makes Israel look like a victim to the Palestinian aggressor.  NOTHING is further fro  the truth…..

There is so much that “falls through the cracks” in Western reporting…..

These are facts that are seldom reported……

Olive oil is a key product of the Palestinian national economy, and olives are the main crop in terms of total agricultural production, making up 25% of the total agricultural production in the West Bank.

Palestinians plant around 10,000 new olive trees in the West Bank every year. Most of the new plants are of the oil-producing variety. Olive oil is the second major export item in Palestine.

For the last 40 years, over a million olive trees and hundreds of thousands of fruit trees have been destroyed in Palestinian lands. The Israel Defense Forces have been accused of uprooting olive trees to facilitate the building of settlements, expand roads and build infrastructure.

The uprooting of centuries-old olive trees has caused tremendous losses to farmers and their families. At the same time, restrictions to harvesting have come through curfews, security closures and attacks by settlers.

Then there are the Palestinian homes that are destroyed…….

0 Israeli homes have been demolished by Palestinians,
and over 28,000 Palestinian homes have been demolished
by Israel since 1967.

In addition to the homes demolished by Israel, thousands of Palestinian homes have been destroyed or significantly damaged by Israeli bombing and shelling. The UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs reports that during Israel’s Operation ‘Cast Lead’ assault on Gaza from Decemeber 27, 2008 to January 18, 2009,

“3,540 homes were destroyed in the course of the hostilities, 2,870 homes were severely damaged and 52,900 homes sustained minor damage. Some 2,618 homes destroyed or damaged beyond repair during ‘Cast Lead’ await rebuilding, primarily due to the blockade and restrictions on the entry of construction materials through the Kerem Shalom crossing.”

While Palestinians have not demolished any Israeli homes, there is one known case of a Palestinian destroying an Israeli home in an explosion.

If Americans had access to this information then their outlook on the conflict would be very different…..every American can understand the destruction of their livelihood or the taking and destruction of their home……then they could understand why someone would take to the streets in protests…..

Many Americans cannot understand why the Palestinians cannot rebuild their losses…after all they receive lots of foreign cash to make it happen…..if they knew what was really happening to all these donations they would be up in arms……

Shir Hever, an Israeli economist who has spent years piecing together the murky economics of the occupation, recently published a report that makes shocking reading.

His astonishing conclusion – one that may surprise Israel’s settlers – is that at least 78 per cent of humanitarian aid intended for Palestinians ends up in Israel’s coffers.

The sums involved are huge. The Palestinians under occupation are among the most aid-dependent in the world, receiving more than $2bn from the international community a year. According to Hever, donors could be directly subsidizing up to a third of the occupation’s costs.

Other forms of Israeli profiteering have been identified in previous studies.

In 2013 the World Bank very conservatively estimated that the Palestinians lose at least $3.4bn a year in resources plundered by Israel.

Further, Israel’s refusal to make peace with the Palestinians, and as a consequence the rest of the region, is used to justify Washington’s annual $3bn in military aid.

Israel also uses the occupied territories as laboratories for testing weapons and surveillance systems on Palestinians – and then exports its expertise. Israel’s military and cyber industries are hugely profitable, generating many billions of dollars of income each year.

Significant segments of Israeli society, aside from those in the security industries, are lining their pockets from the occupation. Paradoxically, the label “the most aid-dependent people in the world” – usually affixed to the Palestinians – might be better used to describe Israelis.

These are just a couple incidents where the American people knew the situation would have no problem condemning Israel for their actions…

Israel depends on the Western media to do their bidding and to keep their outrageous actions to a minimum in the reporting… doing so the media is a co-conspirator to the theft that Israel carries out daily.

The MSM will NOT report to the fact that Israel will NOT give Arab-Israelis equal rights, will NOT report on the land theft that occurs daily….just to mention 2 points.

Another example is just recently an attack occurred in the West Bank……and this is what the western media had to report…..

A 29-year-old American tourist in Israel was killed in a series of attacks that coincided with vice president Joe Biden’s visit to the country on Tuesday, the Times of Israel reports. The man’s wife was “severely injured.” A Palestinian man armed with a knife stabbed multiple people during a 20-minute attack across three locations in the city of Jaffa. Ten people were wounded, some critically, but the American tourist—identified by the AP as Taylor Force—was the only death. “He attacked a tourist couple,” one witness tells the Guardian. “The woman was stabbed several times, tried to flee, and fell. The terrorist then continued to stab the man.” Force was a graduate student at Vanderbilt University and was on a school trip to Tel Aviv. The injured victims include a pregnant Israeli woman, a Palestinian man, and an Arab Israeli.

And then the US VP had this to say on a visit to Israel……..

“The United States of America condemns these acts and condemns the failure to condemn these acts,” Biden said while meeting Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

“The kind of violence we saw yesterday, the failure to condemn it, the rhetoric that incites that violence, the retribution that it generates, has to stop.”

This is the typical hypocrisy of the US politicians….condemn the Arab act but NOTHING to say about the massive amounts of protesters killed, detained, jailed and mistreated by the IDF….

Slowly but slowly the American society is beginning to see Israel for what it is….an authoritarian state attempting to erase a people’s way of life and culture.

More unreported news……..

For those that may want to get involved then may I suggest to start with the BDS movement……

Time for Americans to remove their heads from the sand….Israel is NOT a good faith partner in democracy.

One closing thought……..

On Fri, Apr 1, 2016 at 7:19 AM, Chuq Streuly < chuqalam > wrote:

Another post for your consideration……hope it is acceptable….

How Religious Are They?

This post should prompt all kinds of responses……most of which will have nothing to do with the link or the premise of the piece but rather rants about the terrorists are coming for your head or your children or they all want you to live under some law or another……which is a pathetic argument because these very people are attempting to force their beliefs on others….the very same thing as they are accusing others of wanting to do…..

Sorry I digress……

Everyone seems to believe that these extremists in ISIS and AQ are somehow a form of radical religious belief….but in reality just how religious are they?

This is a short video that answers that question……

“Islam has a problem.” that’s the often repeated phrase following attacks carried out by those who claim to be doing so in the name of religion.

A look at some of the attackers, however, shows that many may actually not have been motivated by religion at all.

In this week’s Reality Check, Mehdi Hasan challenges the common view that the Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, also known as ISIS) and al-Qaeda attackers are devout Muslims.

Source: How religious are ‘Islamic terrorists’ like ISIL? – Al Jazeera English

I realize that this will not sway any of the hardcore haters……but it does explain it simply and clearly……

And there are those people that complain the if Muslims were truly not like ISIS or Aq that they would do more to show their disgust for the barbarians……they do but NO one will give them a chance or even acknowledge their condemnations……

Following every Islamist terror attack on a Western soft target, like the recent one in Brussels, we hear the same refrain from certain corners: “Why won’t Muslims stand up to Islamic extremism?” The rhetorical question is meant to imply its own answer: that Islam is unavoidably a religion of violence which impels its adherents to at least sanction terrorism, if not partake in it.

But the argument contains a false premise. Plenty of Muslims are standing up to Islamic extremism, both in word and deed. In fact, it is Muslims who are doing all the heavy lifting in this regard, while the chief contribution of the self-righteous Western powers has been to add to their burden.

Source: Muslims Are Standing Up To Extremism – Original by —

Islam is like any other religion…..there are differences in their interpretation… be honest it is similar to Christianity and the variations within the belief…..

The Business Insider ahs done a good job at trying to explain the differences and in doing so attempting to spread understanding…..

No religion is unified. How Catholicism, for example, is practiced in rural Italy differs from the way this is done, say, in New York city. Language, culture, tradition, the political and social contexts, and even food is different in these two places.

Such geographic differences are certainly important in Islam. But also important are the numerous legal schools and their interpretations. Since Islam is a religion predicated on law (sharia), variations in the interpretation of that law have contributed to regional differences.

Source: Why Islam is different country to country – Business Insider

I know this will fall in many deaf ears….but I hope that it will help calm some of the hysteria that is being whipped up in some circles…..

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Absolutely agree Western Media only prints what will sell papers and true reporting comes from people like Chuq on posts like this and their dogged research into stories – but tables will turn as more people realise the truth is not in what the news paper moguls print .. Ian

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