Armed Conflict Could Return To Western Sahara

IST readers know that I have a soft spot in my heart for the people of Western Sahara……my concern comes from many years ago when I was employed as a researcher/analyst and was sent to the region shortly after the Spanish pulled out in 1975….I worked in Western Sahara for 9 months and became tied to the people, the land and the struggle……

Since the Spanish departure the people of Western Sahara have been struggling for their own country……many countries have tried to annex the region…..Mauritania and Morocco have claimed the region as their own….Morocco is the sole country trying to subjugate the region for their own desires…..

I have written many posts on the situation in Western Sahara……

Source: Meanwhile Back In Western Sahara – In Saner Thought

And if that was not enough information then this post may help……

We all have places that mean more to us than others……mine is Western Sahara…..,..for haters the desert is a hot, unforgiving landscape of muted brown colors…..but for me it …

Source: Western Sahara–Will Violence Return? – In Saner Thought

The post mentioned above illustrates the frustration the people of Western Sahara have for the so-called “diplomatic” solutions…..they agreed to let the UN and other organizations work on their behalf…..that is just not happening and now the people have said…“ENOUGH”!

Tanks were rolled out as nearly 25,000 men in uniform raised the Western Sahara flag and vowed to return to their homeland

Source: Independence movement gears up for armed struggle in Western Sahara

If this turns ugly the world has NO one but themselves to blame….for their lack of concern and action has given the people of Western Sahara only one option……the one option that the UN was hoping to avoid….but being an ineffective organization for Western Sahara they have made the decision for the people of Western Sahara……..

While I was writing this post I got word of a communique issued by the US ambassador to Morocco…….

The autonomy plan in the Western Sahara under Moroccan sovereignty is “serious, credible and realistic,” reiterated the ambassador of the United States in Rabat, Dwight L. Bush, in an exclusive interview on Saturday with Maghreb Arab Press (MAP).
“Our position remains unchanged: the autonomy plan is serious, credible and realistic,” Bush said, stressing that “we continue to wish a peaceful, lasting and mutually acceptable solution to the Western Sahara issue.”

The US diplomat expressed his concern regarding the ongoing dispute between Morocco and the UN Chief, after the latter described Morocco’s sovereignty over the Western Sahara as “occupation.”

The statement caused an outcry in Morocco, prompting the Moroccan government to issue a strongly-worded communique on Tuesday, March 8 in which it accused Ban Ki-moon of siding with the Algeria-backed Polisario.

“We were very concerned about the turn of events” between the UNSG and Morocco, Bush said, adding that the United States seeks “to provide help as much as we can in order to move towards a settlement.”

Bush went on to add that that the proposed advanced regionalization in Morocco’s southern provinces is part “of the work that continues under the vision of His Majesty King Mohammed VI to provide the region with infrastructure to boost growth for the good of the people in stability and the prospects for a strong future.”

News and events on Western Sahara issue/ CORCAS

Total garbage!

The US delivers billions in weapons to Morocco and they are afraid of losing business if they support a legitimate struggle for independence.

Source: Western Sahara controversy hits Congress – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

Have you ever heard more disingenuous words than those of the King?

King Mohammed VI to provide the region with infrastructure to boost growth for the good of the people in stability and the prospects for a strong future.”

The people of Western Sahara are NOT pleased or will they accept aything short of independence….nor should they.

And now the words are turning heated…….

Tempers are heating up in Western Sahara. Despite a quarter-century of negotiations aimed at settling the dispute between Morocco and the indigenous Sahrawi people of Western Sahara, Moroccan authorities expelled UN personnelthis week after UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon described the situation there as an “occupation.”

A war of words threatens the 25-year cease-fire. The two rivals in the mineral-rich North African territory have been under continuous UN mediation in an effort to reach a political solution since 1991. At that time, the UN Security Council promised the Sahrawi people the right to vote on whether to be a part of Morocco or to become an independent state (the Sahrawi Arab Democratic Republic). The Sahrawis are saying that Morocco, by expelling the UN representatives, has left them with no choice but to take up arms again.

Read more:

This is starting to spiral out of control and it is not going to end well…..

All this can be solved by simply granting Western Sahara their independence…..something that can be done without armed conflict or violence.

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Is There A Possibility For A Middle East Peace Plan?

And that my friends is the $64 billion question of the ages…..

There has been so many attempts and so many plans in the past….all of which have failed for some reason or another….just a brief list of the past proposals……….

One Jewish StateThe early Zionists envisioned a single Jewish state that would encompass all of the land from beyond the Jordan river to the sea, as well as Gaza and parts of what is now Lebanon. The single Jewish state plan was abandoned by most Zionists when it became apparent that the Jews could not be a decisive majority in all of Palestine. Today, settlers and right wing Zionists propose various single state solutions that all seek to maintain a Jewish majority in the land, either by expelling Palestinians or by denying or abridging their political rights.

One Arab StateArab states and Palestinian leaders called for a single Palestinian Arab state in Palestine. This “plan” has been put forward from time to time with different variants. All of them would put an end to Zionism and would not allow free Jewish immigration to Israel. After WW II The Palestinian leader Haj Amin el Husseini, told the British that the Jewish problem in Palestine should be solved in the same was as it had been “solved” by Hitler in Europe (by murdering the Jews). In 1967, on the eve of the 6-day war, Ahmed Shokhairy, then head of the PLO, spoke at UN, giving the Palestinian one-state solution. He explained that “if it will be our privilege to strike the first blow,” the PLO would exile from Israel all Zionists who arrived after 1917 and create a “secular democratic state. This secular democratic state became the program of the Palestine Liberation Organization and of the Fateh which sought to “liberate” Palestine from the Zionists by armed struggle. The Hamas and Islamic Jihad prefer an Islamic state, in which Jews and other religious minorities can remain as dhimmis (second class citizens).

Binational State – This idea was advanced by Dr. Yehuda Magnes, President of the Hebrew University and the Jewish philosopher Martin Buber. This state would have Jewish and Arab cantons, similar to the Swiss German and French Cantons. The idea was presented to the Anglo-American commission in 1946, was favored by the Mapam party and by the USSR. However, the idea lost support after the Arab states and Palestinian leadership totally rejected it. The binational state has a few modern proponents, including Meron Benvenisti, Noam Chomsky and Edward Said.

Two State Partition Solution – The British first partitioned Palestine in 1922, cutting off Transjordan from the Palestine mandate of the League of nations, along with the announcement by Winston Churchill that the Mandate called for a Jewish home in Palestine, but not necessarily in all of Palestine. The Peel and Woodhead commissions of 1937 and 1938 recommended a further partition, into a tiny Jewish state and much larger Arab state. The Arabs rejected this solution and the British abandoned it. The UN called for the establishment of two states in UN General Assembly Resolution 181, which became the basis for the establishment of Israel. The Arab countries opposed Resolution 181, and were also not enthusiastic about creating a Palestinian state, preferring to divide the territory of Palestine between them.

Alon Plan – Israeli general and political leader Yigal Alon formulated this plan for partition of the West Bank with part of the land to be returned to Jordan as a solution for the Israeli Palestinian conflict.

Autonomy – Israel PM Menachem Begin proposed that Israel would give autonomy to Palestinians, in the framework of the Israeli – Egyptian peace treaty. The “autonomy” would allow Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza to run their internal affairs, but would give them no rights at all over the land, and no representation as a sovereign state. They could have Jordanian or Egyptian citizenship. A plan consistent with autonomy was submitted by the Israeli government in 1989.

Harold H. Saunders offered a peace plan in outline in 1975 that eventually became the basis for US thinking about peace between Israel and the Palestinians.

The Barak Offer, Taba talks and Clinton Compromise – During 2000 and early 2001, Israelis and Palestinians negotiated unsuccessfully regarding a final status solution. Though the overall result was a failure, there were many points of agreement. The nature of the settlement and the proposed maps are detailed here and here.

It appears everybody has a plan….and no body has the inclination to see if any of them will work out favorably for both parties……with that can of track record is any plan doomed from the start?

Source: Is Israeli-Palestinian two-state solution almost dead? – Al-Monitor: the Pulse of the Middle East

No peace plan will have any chance of success as long as the leadership of both parties does not want the plan to work….a better way to spend the time is finding common ground and common interests then formulate a plan and present it to both parties simultaneously….no hidden agendas or hidden desires toward either party….then a deadline for acceptance or not and then a press conference with both parties in attendance and let them explain what is good or bad about the plan… he said, they said…..

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Terrorism is a devastating weapon in the hands of Millions of Muslims in Europe

They are telling the European keep quite ,we are destroying your life style and will take over your Counties.

In 1972 when the Munich Olympic terrorist attack happened l told my Austrian friend these terrorist attack by Muslims will happen all over Europe in the future, as long Europe is opening it’s doors for Muslim immigrants they did laugh at me.

After #911 attacks on 9/11/2001 then #Paris terrorist attack and now #Brussels attack l don’t know whether they are still laughing.???????????????????

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Croatia’s Former President Stjepan Mesic Finally Hits Thin Ice

Former President of Croatia Stjepan Mesic Gets government funding cut Photo:

Former President of Croatia
Stjepan Mesic
Gets government funding cut

Croatia’s former president, that politically communist leprosy, Stjepan Mesic is finally it seems getting some just deserts. Slowly but surely his public presence of political authority seems finally destined to die a death of starvation. Disappear. His communist colleagues in power had some years ago secured that he has and maintaines the office of former president for life!

So, for this year’s budget Mesic’s office was to be provided 777,000 kuna/similar amount every year. That is almost 12 years average salaries in the country where most ordinary worker earn much less and pensioners even less. After the release of the draft budget last week, Bridge coalition headed by Bozo Petrov (deputy-rime Minister) announced an amendment to the effect that it would reduce the amount provided to Mesic’s office by 600,000 and redirect that money to the needs of civilian invalids of the Homeland War.
And, indeed, on Monday 21 March new Croatian government budget containing the above amendment for cutting the funds to the former president’s office was passed in parliament with a majority of votes. Most Social Democrat/communist opposition voted against without a hope of succeeding. Mesic is on his way out of public life as propped by taxpayer money.
What a great gesture! Hoorah!

One more communist vein funded by the government – down!
Such a hefty cut to government finance practically means that the running of Mesic’s office as former President is severely disabled and incapacitated.
Celebrating this denial or withdrawal of funds for Stjepan Mesic’s office of Former President has roots in many underhanded, rotten and treasonous activities pinned to him. His arrival in 2000 as president of Croatia after Franjo Tudjman’s death marked the end of unity among the Homeland War veterans, unity with diaspora, end of free expressions of patriotism and national identity… Mesic had resumed with moves to criminalise Croatia’s Homeland War and throw mud and lies against Franjo Tudjman and other leaders who fought for secession from communism. Mesic continued to be an embarrassment. He sent dozens upon dozens of Homeland War generals into forced retirement – the process of destruction of the Croatian military-defense structure had commenced. He opened classified presidential archives after Tudjman’s death to British journalists and secret services, on purpose omitted parts of archives that would indicate any proper procedures undertaken in war by the Croatian defense forces and leaders, went to the Hague International Crimes Tribunal for Former Yugoslavia to give secret testimony against Croatia (which thus sadly went unchallenged by the Croatian professionals, officials or people in many parts); he sowed fear with his lies and innuendoes of crimes among the veteran population to the point when veterans were no longer certain of their freedom or existence. He, Mesic, knew how to divide and conquer – hence ten years at the helm as president.

His evil aim was to detudjmanise Croatia, kill every idea of the defensive Homeland War and proceed with the destruction of independent and democratic Croatia envisioned by Franjo Tudjman and supported by majority.
It’s a futile attempt to fight against my beliefs, primarily against the firm commitment to anti-fascism, by practically abolishing my office,” Mesic said last week when the amendment to cut the government funding for his Office of Former President was announced. “For neither the parliament nor the government can abolish me. While I live, I will consider it our duty to work for the benefit of the country, which I had the honor of serving as president for ten years,” Mesic stressed that his office will not close! Why would taxpayer money go on funding him and his office when its work is against Croatian independence and democracy for which thousands lost their lives and glorifies communist (which he calls antifascist but has nothing to do with antifascism)!
Mesic’s reaction to the passing of the budget in parliament on Monday 21 March was: “It should be clear to everyone that the office of former president is not in question here … I am in question. That is a reckoning with me. I have never spent any big millions nor will taking away my right to use the Office save millions. My office costs around 800,000 kuna per year. Whatever these people do, whether it is the HDZ leadership, which undoubtedly stands behind this, or ‘protruding players’ like Bridge coalition and Party of Rights, they will not shut me up.”

The whole point of lustration, getting rid of highly positioned people in communist Yugoslavia from high positions in democratic Croatia, is a key element in succeeding with democracy and economic progress. Stepan Mesic may be adamant to keep on doing what he is doing outside of the state funded office but that is an entirely different kettle of fish. The international players or leaders will know he is not supported by the government and will hopefully cease wanting to deal with him on political and business issues important to state.

Croatia's Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic 2016 Budget-ready in his cabinet Photo: Patrik Macek/PIXSELL

Croatia’s Prime Minister
Tihomir Oreskovic
2016 Budget-ready in his cabinet
Photo: Patrik Macek/PIXSELL

So, this is one of the best news I have heard for months coming out of Croatia. Finally Croatia’s leadership has stepped up to the mark and publicly declared, where it counts – in the public purse of taxpayer money – that it will no longer pay for Mesic’s work as it serves no positive value for Croatia’s democracy and economic progress etc. This step has the hallmarks of lustration even though the Office of Former President is not in the strict sense an office of public service. Those hallmarks are in the shedding of communist damaging effects from where it counts in Croatia as Stjepan Mesic together with a well state-funded office did leave domestic and international impressions of power closely tied to governmental power.

Prime Minister Tihomir Oreskovic thanked members of Parliament and his team of ministers for passing the budget on Monday. He expressed trust in the new budget and hopes it will be a solid foundation upon which to build a solid future for Croatia.
Good for you – Croatia! Get rid from public influence of that political rot and communist current like the former president Stjepan Mesic. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)

Original Article:

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Croatia: Still Bypassing Diaspora In Correcting Mistakes Of Communism


In late 1980’s and early 1990’s it was the conservative, centre-right political ideology that gathered 94% of Croatia’s voters behind Croatian Democratic Union/HDZ to vote for and fight for Croatia’s secession from communist Yugoslavia and Croatia’s independence as sovereign and democratic state. Under the leadership of its first president, Franjo Tudjman, Croatia was set on a path that would see the shedding from all aspects of public life and administration of remnants of communist habits and detrimental processes. Tudjman’s speeches contained recipes for Croatia to develop and grow into a democracy including using foreign consultants from developed democracies, training Croatian leaders political and business in leading the changes that had to occur if Croatia was truly to move away from communist regime of Yugoslavia, etc. But Tudjman died just a year after the final piece of Croatia’s sovereign territory occupied by Serb aggressor was re-integrated into Croatia. Tudjman’s HDZ lost government as well a couple of months after his death, much so due to the communist lobby that had become strong with Stjepan Mesic’s leadership and public lobby. In early 2000 the League of Communists/known as Social Democrats by then won government and Stjepan Mesic became the president. Of course, any plans to shed communist Yugoslavia from Croatia’s public administration and government initiatives disappeared into the dark of night.

Every time general elections came around after that there have been high voter expectations and conservative election candidates’ promises that an incoming conservative government if elected would deal decisively in stemming out the remnants of communism that stifle progress both economic, social as fit in a well-functioning democracy. Dealing with communist crimes and putting lustration in place were among the formally and informally bandied ways of cleansing Croatia’s democratic future from past communist habits and processes and so too were legislative changes needed to accommodate progress and a vibrant, entrepreneurial, economically viable and prosperous Croatia. Ivo Sanaders’ HDZ government (December 2003 to January 2008), whose leader ended up in courts for corruption, and that of Jadranka Kosor’s (July 2009 to December 2011) made no strong moves in this direction and, indeed, they continued with the alienation of the Croatian diaspora (that amazing resource of positive support Croatia had harnessed in the 1990’s and without which Croatian independence would simply not have been achieved) started in 2000 by Stjepan Mesic and Ivica Racan’s Social Democrat/Communist League prior government. Then came the Zoran Milanovic Social democrat/Communist League led government in late 2011 to January 2016 and it, of course, was not in the business of shedding from Croatia the ideals of communist Yugoslavia it still held close to its heart. To be fair though, there were certain legislative changes that needed to be brought in during this mandate as essential part of the path to EU membership, however, even these changes of legislative nature did not change the hearts of former communists – Croatia was and is still riddled with red tape and behaviours at public administration levels that, in essence, stifle progress and democracy. Zoran Milanovic’s government coincided with communist Ivo Josipovic’s presidency, who won office after Stjepan Mesic held two mandates – so conveniently positioned to evade the necessary changes away from communist past. Centre-right aligned president of Croatia, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic was inaugurated in February 2015 and she brought with her an apparent wealth of experience and democratic wisdom from having studied and worked abroad for many years. Then came the new government in Croatia in January 2016, mainly consisting of conservative centre-right HDZ but in coalition with MOST independent list with prime minister Tihomir Oreskovic as the leader alighned with no political party but, like Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, bringing in a wealth of corporate, business and entrepreneurial knowhow picked-up through working abroad in the “real and competitive business world” of the world.

The 2016 new government was ushered in with high expectations from the public for tackling the remnants of communism that stifle democratic progress, healthy public dialogues and economic development. Lustration, condemnation of communist crimes, legislative and procedural changes to aid and ease the process of investments and economic growth, tapping into the potential and significantly positive knowledge, economic and demographic resources that lie with the diaspora are just some examples of the plethora of measures popularly thought of as necessary to carry Croatia into the originally drawn plans for democracy, freedom and prosperity. But the evidently desired progress in moving away from communist habits is not yet visible to the originally desired degree and constant suspicions as to the democratic intentions of some politicians of note keep reverberating in Croatia’s public life. As to harnessing the resources from the diaspora for the betterment of Croatia, for movement far away from communist tracks, nothing solid or reassuring is seen on the horizon: just lots of talk from politicians and leaders but little if any right action.

Slobodna Dalmacija’s journalist, Tihomir Dujmovic, has recently in his article “America” addressed so eloquently and so clearly the detrimental, stifling effects of communism in Croatia.

“…I have roamed across America…listened to the destinies of hundreds of displaced Croats. Hundreds of sad destinies caused by communist sadism, which forced thousands of Croats to establish their homes far away from their beloved country,” writes Dujmovic and continues: “As far as possible away from Tito’s terror! …When I watch our people in America, when I compare them in their past years to us and when I watch our former poor that have regularly achieved a decent life living abroad, a person cannot but curse communism … It is here (in America) that we can truly see what Tito had done to us, it’s here that you can see in what misery and poverty our parents lived at home (in Croatia) and we with them, it’s from here that you can truly see the level to which the (communist) system had destroyed us…In that sense, today as a state we are really not doing anything else except correcting the mistakes that communism brought us.

In the first instance, the communist mentality that is not being extinguished…for example look the Cadastre registries…they (communists) took your land, invented the Cadastre and entered their names into the land register! We have not to this day solved this question. And there is a whole sea of similar topics.

When you listen to our people living abroad and when you listen to their counterparts in Croatia the first thing you see is a mound of zombies in the homeland whose every business enterprise has been nailed down with a hammer. In Cleveland I met Ivan Katic who has been living there for 40 years, he started without a single dollar in his pocket and without high diplomas, but his business spirit is such that he now employs a hundred people and his annual business turnover is $30 million. Look at him and his business sense that was developed by America, the standard America permitted, and then look at his counterpart in Slavonia, from where he went to America, and you will see what communism has done to this nation. If you were not a part of the communist elite, in order to live like a man, in order to be permitted to earn money, in order to develop your own business sense, in order for your children to be educated outside the communist ideology, you had to go thousands of miles away from that hellish fire.

So, what have our people found in America? Nothing except the opportunity Tito had not given to them. The opportunity to work and earn well, an opportunity to develop without needing to sell their soul to the Party! I watch them and I watch my parent’s generation and I can grab with my hands that crime that was perpetrated here (in Croatia). Because communism took away our soul, killed all creativity, nailed to the ground all business entrepreneurship, crushed the national conscience and destroyed the work culture, which our grandparents fundamentally had.

So, while Tito’s satraps masochistically taunted us, America and the West offered their hand to the Croats who knocked on their door, offered their hand to their creativity, rewarded and encouraged their entrepreneurship and let them attend church and hold the Croatian flag with pride, without being followed by secret police…That’s why I hold communism and Yugoslavia in contempt because they have stolen half a century from us. Because they murdered generations and stole their opportunity to live like people. Thousands of Croats would not have moved from their villages were they permitted to live like people, thousands upon thousands of Croats would not have left the land had there not been talk of impending liquidations of biblical proportions during the first days of revenge in 1945…They decided how much land you will cultivate, they decided how many square meters you will live in, they decided what you may sing and when you could revel. With what right? With the right of a pointed gun to the head! With head jerking towards Huda pit (mass grave of mass murders/communist crimes), in which you will end up if you don’t stop saying what you think. There’s still a sea of emotions towards the homeland within the Croatian diaspora, a sea of good will to return and, once again, it is the homeland’s move. This is the time of crossroads and truly the last chance for the homeland to offer it hand towards the emigrated Croatia that has been waiting for too long for that hand.”

While Dujmovic may have omitted to address the contribution Croatian diaspora could make to a better and more prosperous Croatia without necessarily returning to Croatia to live, the clear message remains: the governments of Croatia have done nothing much since the death of Franjo Tudjman (1999) to truly make the diaspora a continuing active, equal and vibrant part of the imagined prosperous Croatia. Not counting those individuals living in the diaspora continuing to contribute to the betterment of Croatia the lack of large-scale involvement from within Croatia towards diaspora is alarming and detrimental to Croatia in every way. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)

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LIBYA: Land of Mystery

The country of Libya has slid from the headlines until the word ISIS is mentioned then the Google button gets a massive work out……the world is most concerned about the rise of ISIS in North Africa and what it would mean for their global strategy…..,.few care to think back just a couple of years ago and the violence that the US and its NATO allies wrought on Libya….all in the name of saving it from itself……

The problem is all the decisions made by the Obama team did all that was necessary to turn Libya into a haven for the barbaric group the world is most afraid of…..and the person that had the most to do with the transformation of Libya…..

As secretary of state, Hillary Clinton played a key role in persuading President Obama to intervene in Libya—a move that helped turn the country into a war-torn, terrorist haven, the New York Times reports in two long articles based on interviews with more than 50 domestic and foreign officials. Former Libyan leader Muammar el-Gadhafi was about to crush an uprising in 2011 when Clinton, seeing Libya as a future democracy, broke with Obama’s senior advisors (like Joe Biden and Robert Gates) and said the US should intervene with Britain and France; Gates later said Clinton’s appeal swayed Obama. When the intervention dragged on, she pressed successfully for Washington to arm rebel militias. “Her view is, we can’t fail in this,” says Dennis Ross, then a National Security Council expert on the Middle East. “Once we have made a decision, we can’t fail.”

When Clinton learned of Gadhafi’s killing, she said, “Wow! We came, we saw, he died!” But the fractured Libyan government that followed couldn’t negotiate with the US, make peace with rebel fighters, or secure Ghadhafi’s weapons stashes (one reportedly contained 20,000 shoulder-fired, surface-to-air missiles). The killing of US ambassador J. Christopher Stevens only highlighted the country’s instability. With the administration re-focusing on Syria and domestic issues, Clinton pressed for deeper engagement in Libya—but a chastened Obama denied her. Libya today has two competing governments, ruined cities, over 4,000 dead, and a vital ISIS outpost, yet Clinton continues her aggressive international approach by calling for a no-fly zone in Syria. “We have learned the hard way when America is absent, especially from unstable places, there are consequences,” she says. Click to see the Times‘ articles here and here.

Thanx to the timing and the influence of special interests Libya is dying as a nation and there is very little that can be done to rescue it from the arms of violence……

Source: A New Libya, With ‘Very Little Time Left’ – The New York Times

The problem is that Obama and his people have created a situation that will eventually mean the use of force by NATO….that is if they are to stop ISIS from using Libya as their new region of influence and operations…..

Source: ISIL’s gains in Libya and the case for intervention – Al Jazeera English

But is it just a scenario or is this going to happen?

French newspaper Le Monde reported that the French government is engaged in a “secret war” in Libya, and has deployed special forces already. The Pentagon has also talked about its own presence in Libya, and Britain is understood to have some special forces there as well.

The numbers keep growing, and other assets for a Western war in Libya, which officials have been publicly championing for months, are being moved into place. It’s only a matter of time until the “secret war” becomes a public one, but how long?

That’s not clear, as leaked Italian documents confirm that they too are poised to send some ground troops across the Mediterranean, though officially the Italian Defense Ministry insists that there is no “war room” and that the conflict is awaiting the formation of a Libyan unity government.


These nations have all been emphasizing the growth of the ISIS affiliate in Libya, and indicating that they believe the ISIS war needs to be expanded there. The selling of the “merits” of the war seems to be running concurrent to the actual deployments in this case, indicating how perfunctory the whole PR effort is.

This is an ever continuing story…..the US feeds the need for further interventions only to find another spot that needs intervention to save it from itself…..

All in all…..the perfect implementation of the “Realist Theory” of international relations……

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When the founder of Islam died in 650 AD Four Caliph were chosen to be his successors who were all assassinated – this was the start of the now burgeoning sectarian war

When the founder of Islam died in 650 A.D . Four Caliph were chosen to be his successors .Abu Baker El Sadiq ,Omar Bin El Khatab,Othman Bin Affan And Ali.

All four of them were assassinated in the mosque while they were praying.

Ali’s followers became the Shia’t. The Shia’t took their revenge when Ali was assassinated by the Sunnis.

Then the Sunnis killed both sons of Ali on their way to Shia’t Iraq to be chosen as Caliphs of Iraq.

Every year the Shia’t all over the world torture themselves mourning the sons of Ali ,Hassan and Hussein.

The sectarian conflict between Sunni Muslims and the Shia’t Muslims is the result of Sunni terrorism to obliterate the Shia’t.

Sunni Muslims make 80% of Islam,Shia’t ‘ Muslims represent only 20% of Islam.


They are on the verge of sectarian war.

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