Will Johnny Go To War?

The title is a rhetorical question….the answer is obvious.

It is election time and of course there will be lots of chest thumping by wannabe candidates….all trying to get some attention…..and since ISIS is the elephant in the room they all want to have some sort of direct confrontation with the bastards…….

All the input from candidates about making the sand glow or the troops to take on ISIS or whatever plan they think will bring about the demise of the group is making news…..and in such the population is starting to shine up to the idea of sending in US troops (please stop using the impersonal term “boots on the ground”) to take on ISIS……

A recent poll indicates the new feeling in the country….

According to the AP-GfK poll, 56 percent of Americans now say the U.S. military response to the Islamic State group has not gone far enough, up from 46 percent who said so in October of 2014. Another 29 percent say the U.S. response has been about right, and 12 percent think it’s gone too far. …

But people like me are trying desperately trying to get people to understand what they are calling for…….I do not agree with Obama on much these days but he did make an accurate statement the other day……

President Obama’s reason for not sending ground troops to the Middle East to fight ISIS: The White House figures it would mean 100 US troop deaths per month, 500 wounded, and a monthly tab of $10 billion, all to fight a group that doesn’t pose an “existential threat” to the US, per what the pre…

Personally, I think his estimate is too low….but at least he is speaking to truth…..

Thanks to NATO, ANZUS, OAS, and bilateral agreements, the U.S. has promised 67 countries protection.

As you can see, our pact with New Zealand has ended, but we still have a lot of other countries to worry about.

I ask again….will Johnny go to war?

A better question is….if we do would we know about it?

U.S. troops are going back into Iraq, our presence in Libya is escalating, and Obama has widened the war in Afghanistan—all without much of a public debate.

Source: Obama and the Pentagon Plan Massive Military Escalation and the Media Barely Seem to Care | Alternet

It just always amazes me on how ignorant the American public can be….and mostly by choice.

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