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Persecuting Journalist In Croatia For Exposing Serb Orthodox Priests Glorifying Chetnik Murderers

Marko Juric Host: Z1TV "Mark's Square" Program Photo: Screenshot Z1 TV Croatia January 2016

Marko Juric
Host: Z1TV “Mark’s Square” Program
Photo: Screenshot Z1 TV Croatia January 2016

No judge, no jury – Croatia’s e-media (electronic media regulatory body in Croatia) has decided last week to temporarily shut down the broadcasting of Z1 TV programs as its draconian and utterly communist Yugoslavia-style response to opinion or comment expressed by TV program “Markov Trg” (Mark’s Square) host Marko Juric and an utterly ugly and hateful lynch against Juric was thus unleashed in public without any regard to justice or justification and indeed the right to “fair comment”, which – by the way – is and has been a solid rock for journalists to hold onto in defense of their opinions or comments throughout developed democracies of the Western world. Regretfully, Croatian democracy or democratic thought and deed have a long way to go before it can safely be said that Croatian citizens are truly safe from terrorist communist whips.

Specifically, the episode of Mark’s Square TV program, “Gvozdansko Versus Floral Square”, hosted by Marko Juric, included video material in which the current leaders/priests of Sebrian Orthodox Church in Zagreb Croatia along with their Serbian Orthdox Church officials sing Chetnik songs and praise the war criminal Momcilo Djujic. For those who may not be aware the Serb rebels in Croatia and the Serbs who attacked Croatia in 1991 (and later Bosnia and Herzegovina), slaughtering Croats and other non-Serbs, ethnically cleansing of them a third of Croatian territory – called themselves “Chetniks” as meaning Serbian royalist WWII Chetnik fighters; Momcilo Djujic was a Serb Orthodox Church priest who appointed himself a Chetnik during WWII and led the slaughter of some 2,000 innocent Croats in the Dalmatian region, he was also instrumental in perpetuating the Chetnik ideals throughout the Serb-aggression against Croatia and Bosnia and Hercegovina in the early 1990’s despite his advanced age.

Just before the last minute of the said TV program Marko Juric ended it, commenting: “…and another message to dear people of Zagreb, to all of you who stroll across the Floral Square, be careful, as nearby there stands a church in which, to paraphrase a Serbian Minister – Chetnik Vicars keep court. Hence, my dear Zagrebians, when you stroll along the Floral Square, especially mothers with children, take care so that one of those Vicars doesn’t run out of the church and, in his best slaughtering manner, executes his bloody feast on our most beautiful square in Zagreb, which perhaps should be marked with a plaque: “Beware – Sharp Chetnik Nearby.”

Left Serbian Orthodox Church Metropolitanate for Zagreb (and Ljubljana) Porfirije singing songs praising Serb Chetnik murderers January 2016, Photo: Screenshot Youtube 26 January 2016

Left Serbian Orthodox Church
Metropolitanate for Zagreb (and Ljubljana) Porfirije
singing songs praising Serb Chetnik murderers
January 2016, Photo: Screenshot Youtube 26 January 2016

When one considers the video material in which the Zagreb’s Serb Orthodox Church priests/leaders sing praises to murderers and war criminals, having in mind the fact that Croatia’s Homeland War, in which the Serbs were the aggressors, wounds have still not healed…one can only conclude that Marko Juric’s comment was more a fair comment and a fair opinion and not hate speech as Croatia’s communist league are branding it.
But regardless of what Marko Juric’s comment was, how it is branded, one would think that the measures of closing a television program/station for even a day would be a decision that only a court could make after all evidence is tested! After all, people’s livelihoods and freedoms are at stake. Criminal sanctions have been brought against Z1 TV by e-media regulatory body without even seeing a criminal court, let alone having the benefit of due process!

Protest in Zagreb Croatia 26 January 2016 in support of Marko Juric & Z1 TV Calling for sacking of head of e-media Photo: Facebook

Protest in Zagreb Croatia 26 January 2016
in support of Marko Juric & Z1 TV
Calling for sacking of head of e-media
Photo: Facebook

I am utterly guttered with disappointment that the Croatian authorities have not stepped in with appropriate steps to stop such practices. It’s true that this unfortunate and utterly unjust measure to shut the TV station down occurred during the days when the old “communist” government was on its way out in Croatia and the new one coming in last week, but this move by the e-media demonstrates clearly that public institutions are very much saturated with politics and need swift stripping down… If Croatia’s relevant laws or regulations permit a government agency such as e-media to shut down a public media outlet overnight, on basis of opinions about opinions expressed by journalists, without testing those opinions in a court of justice, then Croatia had during the mandate of the former communist-prone government of Zoran Milanovic slipped further back into the dark ages when the same people were your accuser, your judge, your jury and your executioner! Very disturbing, indeed.

Protest for freedom of speech for support of journalist Marko Juric and Z1TV is "bigger than Ben Hur" on 26 January 2016 Zagreb Croatia Way to go! Photo: Boris Kovacev/CroPix

Protest for freedom of speech
for support of journalist
Marko Juric and Z1TV is
“bigger than Ben Hur” on
26 January 2016 Zagreb Croatia
Way to go!
Photo: Boris Kovacev/CroPix

It goes without saying: generally laws against inciting hatred should be universal and prohibit all incitements to hatred – not just some. And so, how come the doors of that Serb Orthodox church in Zagreb still remain open despite the fact that their priests and leaders incite hatred – incite or glorify murder of Croats through songs they sing at festive official receptions, soirées, etc.!
Singling out sides like the Croatian e-media has in this case creates resentment among people who are not protected by laws of hate speech or incitement to hatred – in this case it seems Croatians are not protected from Serb Orthodox priests singing praise to Chetniks who murdered many thousands innocent Croats through history but especially painful murders are the most recent ones from 1990’s, which is bad for community cohesion, to say the least. Everyone should be equal before the law, in which case all incitements of hatred should be an offense, however, fair comments must not be confused as hate speech and where politics drive agendas fair comments will often be presented as hate speech and the government instruments should be there to prevent this.
Under the condition of clearly marking hate speech there are sound arguments to justify a prohibition on inciting hatred as it is deemed to be a method of protecting people and creating a social atmosphere where subjects of hatred have redress against their tormentors. Another argument for protection against hate speech is that hatred is the gateway to discrimination, harassment and violence. It is without a doubt the psychological foundation for serious, harmful criminal acts. On these grounds, laws against inciting hatred are ethically justified and have practical benefits as long as they do not tolerate “trigger happy” individuals who take the law into their own hands such as the heads of e-media in Croatia have these past days.

Many thousands line the streets of Zagreb calling for sacking of heads of e-medija Croatia 16 January 2016 Photo: Facebook

Many thousands line the streets of Zagreb
calling for sacking of heads of e-medija Croatia
16 January 2016
Photo: Facebook

The downside of incitement to hatred prohibitions (laws), of course, is that they seriously risk infringing freedom of speech. Who decides what constitutes hatred? Where do you draw the line between legitimate robust criticism and satire, and illegitimate, criminal incitement of hatred? It isn’t simple and straightforward anywhere except, it seems, in Croatia (and other former communist Yugoslavia countries) where lustration has not been implemented and die-hard communists still hold important positions from which they can do as they please. The move to shut down Z1 TV for what Marko Juric said, out of his duty as a public journalist, in order to show the public the hatred still being spread through the Serbian Orthodox Church in Croatia is a terrible betrayal of Croatian people and justice. The heads of e-media in Croatia should be sacked forthwith! The head of Mirjana Rakic, head of e-medija, must roll! Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)

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It’s A Dirty Business

I am always amused when some neocon uses a nuclear holocaust when trying to make a period especially when the subject is world affairs… know the claim……that allusion of a “mushroom cloud” rising over whatever event these people are referring to in their speech…..whether it is DC or Israel or Europe…..matters not they use the same allusion to attempt to make a point………..Hell it has been used by this politician or that for 50 years or more……..personally I am sick of this imagery…..maybe they could find something else to scare the gullible……

Could there truly be a nuke war on the horizon?

Source: The Frightening Prospect of a Nuclear War Is About To Become a Lot More Likely – Original by —

The truth is that it is a false illusion they are selling…..what they should be passing off to gullible people is not a mushroom cloud but rather that of a dirty bomb……

Which is?

A “dirty bomb” is one type of a radiological dispersal device (RDD) that combines conventional explosives, such as dynamite, with radioactive material. The terms dirty bomb and RDD are often used interchangeably in the media. Most RDDs would not release enough radiation to kill people or cause severe illness – the conventional explosive itself would be more harmful to individuals than the radioactive material. However, depending on the situation, an RDD explosion could create fear and panic, contaminate property, and require potentially costly cleanup. Making prompt, accurate information available to the public may prevent the panic sought by terrorists.

A dirty bomb is in no way similar to a nuclear weapon or nuclear bomb. A nuclear bomb creates an explosion that is millions of times more powerful than that of a dirty bomb. The cloud of radiation from a nuclear bomb could spread tens to hundreds of square miles, whereas a dirty bomb’s radiation could be dispersed within a few blocks or miles of the explosion. A dirty bomb is not a “Weapon of Mass Destruction” but a “Weapon of Mass Disruption,” where contamination and anxiety are the terrorists’ major objectives.

The results will be far more devastating than an actual A-bomb…….

The extent of local contamination would depend on a number of factors, including the size of the explosive, the amount and type of radioactive material used, the means of dispersal, and weather conditions. Those closest to the RDD would be the most likely to sustain injuries due to the explosion. As radioactive material spreads, it becomes less concentrated and less harmful. Prompt detection of the type of radioactive material used will greatly assist local authorities in advising the community on protective measures, such as sheltering in place, or quickly leaving the immediate area. Radiation can be readily detected with equipment already carried by many emergency responders. Subsequent decontamination of the affected area may involve considerable time and expense.

Immediate health effects from exposure to the low radiation levels expected from an RDD would likely be minimal. The effects of radiation exposure would be determined by:

  • the amount of radiation absorbed by the body;
  • the type of radiation (gamma, beta, or alpha);
  • the distance from the radiation to an individual;
  • the means of exposure-external or internal (absorbed by the skin, inhaled, or ingested); and the length of time exposed.

The health effects of radiation tend to be directly proportional to radiation dose. In other words, the higher the radiation dose, the higher the risk of injury.

Let us not forget the worst outcome….total panic!

I bring this up because I have written about this one numerous occasions….most recently in a op-ed I wrote for Legationes……

Source: Dirty business in Moldova | Legationes

There is a wealth of nuke material out there and it all cannot be policed……Another piece by a think tank in Armenia……touches on the possibility…..

Source: Just the threat of a dirty bomb – Al Jazeera English

This is a problem that is seldom covered…..maybe all these doom and gloom purveyors should talk about the real problem and the allusions to poets and essayists…..

There is a situation developing in Moldavia that could some bearing on the dirty bomb scenario…….

Source: Moldavia Explodes! Anti-EU, Anti-Government Revolt, Parliament Stormed | Futurist Trendcast

Civil unrest is not something that is conducive to a stable neighborhood……unrest could make the possibility of dirty bomb material being more readily available…..that may sound a bit alarmist but the situation needs watching and monitoring…..the world cannot afford this material getting out to the extremists……

Just a thought…….

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Europe’s Dithering Compassion Ignites Fears of Inability To Cope With #Refugee Crisis In Croatia

Refugees/migrants overwhelm Europe in 2015 and likely to continue in 2016

Refugees/migrants overwhelm Europe
in 2015 and likely to continue in 2016

In the second half of 2015, the Eastern, the South-Eastern European and the Balkan countries caused an overwhelming number of headlines when it comes to migration. Hundreds of thousands of migrants/refugees from the Middle East made their way to the West through Greece, Macedonia and Serbia, as well as Bulgaria, Croatia and Slovenia. All this fueled by the “welcome all, come to Germany” message trumpeted by German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
For Croatia and all other countries in the East/South Europe region, regardless of whether an EU member state or not and given the evident rush of these migrants/refugees to reach their desired destination in Germany and the West of Europe, providing for a smooth and orderly passage was not an easy task by any stretch of imagination. The refugees were nevertheless assisted through in the direction of Austria and Germany.

Croatian border late 2015 inundated with refugees/migrants

Croatian border late 2015
inundated with refugees/migrants

To a large extent, governments along the so-called Balkan route, including Croatia, recognised the problem too late and were largely unprepared for the influx but as weeks rolled by the countries en route to Austria, Germany and the rest of the desired destinations became more organised, set up temporary refugee camps, made available trains and buses (and private taxis hurled along to earn a buck) that would transport the refugees to the border of the next country. The EU quota system by which each member state was supposed to take in a certain number of refugees caused resentment in the region and some countries, like Hungary, swiftly raised border fences including razor-wire ones to stop and divert the masses stampeding in. Slovenia followed Hungary and raised the fences on border between it and Croatia; Hungary and Slovenia said they would protect the Schengen border from the influx of the people escaping the Middle East or North Africa any which way. The massive movements of migrants through and from the Balkans have forcefully shifted the issue of EU external borders into focus. The EU has tried to avoid this topic for more than a decade but time is running out for addressing it if it wants to get the waves of refugees under control. The enormous by number refugee and migration movements of 2015 are likely to increase in 2016, once Spring comes (although deep winter and snowfalls cover the region at this moment, thousands of refugees/migrants are still making their way from Turkey, across Greece and along the so-called Balkan route) the numbers are likely to increase to perhaps unmanageable proportions. This would seem a logical conclusion and prediction to make given the widespread hunger and devastation in the Middle East, particularly Syria and Iraq, resulting from the Islamic State terrorists but also their opposition. The mass migration into Europe from the Middle East has a security aspect inasmuch as religious radicalisation in the Muslim societies of the region poses a potential risk for the affected countries and for the whole of Europe.

Screenshot RT news January 2016

Screenshot RT news January 2016

Not only the EU, but NATO also needs to protect its borders in the Balkans. In 2015, NATO members Romania and Bulgaria repeatedly warned that the Ukraine conflict had put them in a potentially very dangerous situation. Both countries joined the sanctions against Russia, while Bucharest and Moscow also have tensions over Moldova. The geopolitical and energy-policy aspirations of the Kremlin in the region must be taken very seriously. On the one hand we have a country like Serbia, which is in a strategic partnership with Russia, and on the other Montenegro, which has just received an invitation to join NATO,” writes Deutsche Welle.

Migrants break the police blockade to enter into Macedonia from Greece late 2015 (AP Photo/Vlatko Perkovski)

Migrants break the police blockade
to enter into Macedonia
from Greece late 2015
(AP Photo/Vlatko Perkovski)

With her popularity and political longevity seriously and consistently being eroded German Chancellor Angela Merkel has during the past week increased her rhetoric on tough measures in Germany that would reduce the number of refugees/migrants coming in, tighten Germany’s border controls, increase the number of those being deported or sent back to the countries along the so-called Balkan route (which includes Croatia) and hasten the asylum seeking process as well as time to be taken to whisk or deport those who are found not to be genuine asylum seekers.
On January 15 Slovenia’s Prime Minister met the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel in Berlin, mainly to discuss the migration issue in Europe, says on the government of Slovenia Internet portal.

Loud and clear messages coming out of Slovenia in the past days include the resolve in Slovenia to drastically reduce the number of refugees/migrants entering Slovenia if Austria and Germany restrict their intake of migrants. Indeed, the awful statistics of sexual abuse and violence reportedly perpetrated against German women by men many of who are said to be refugees and asylum seekers during the past weeks has raised and intensified the political and civic activities that would see tighter controls of migrants as well as reduction in numbers that will be received in Western Europe.

Slovenia/Croatia border Slovenia raises razor-wire fences late 2015

Slovenia/Croatia border
Slovenia raises razor-wire fences
late 2015

Raised level of fear that it will become impossibly and alarmingly clogged up with new refugees/migrants as well as those sent back from Germany, Austria, Slovenia is surfacing across Croatia and it would seem that such fear is justified. There is more talk about control and reduction of refugees/migrants across Europe than what there is about compassion. Of course, the often reported incidents of refugees/migrants acting as if they are entitled to a comfortable living in countries they have arrived in does not do much to alleviate the intensely felt lack of compassion towards those running from certain death or starvation.

More importantly for Croatia, Slovenia’s Prime Minister Miro Cerar’s visit to Berlin last week seems to be heralding an erection of an even more forbidding wall between Croatia and Slovenia than what razor-wire fencing represents. Would this leave Croatia as a distressing bottleneck in the passage of refugees/migrants to the West is anybody’s guess but certainly the recently seen resolve to reach a European country of choice in the people fleeing the Middle East would strongly suggest that there is no strong enough barrier, bar waging an armed war against the refugees/migrants, that could stop these people reaching the West.

Syrian migrants breaking through razor-wire fencing Hungary/Croatia border

Syrian migrants breaking through
razor-wire fencing
Hungary/Croatia border

Furthermore, would this mean that the EU discriminates between its member states by excluding Croatia from increased measures to control the refugee/migrant influx just because Croatia is not yet a member state of the Schengen EU area? Even further, would this mean that Croatia itself will need to protect its own sanity and ability to cope with the influx of refugees/migrants, registering them and checking their identification papers, by erecting razor-wire fences, putting police at the border with Serbia and Bosnia and Herzegovina in order to control the influx?

The EU commission keeps releasing phrases and fears that passport-free travel area, the Schengen Zone, was under threat that is directly associated with the refugee/migrant crisis. More and more member states have reintroducing border controls in response to migrant movements, including Germany, Sweden, Denmark, Hungary and Austria and now Slovenia is making loud noises in aid of such a prospect.

Austria Suspends Schengen 16 January 2016

Austria Suspends Schengen
16 January 2016

If Schengen collapses the collapse will be the beginning of the end of the European project. The European Commission is reportedly working on measures to create a more sustainable migration system. The steps would include financial assistance, a revision of the blue card immigration system and a new plan for resettling asylum seekers. The Commission is said to release its proposals in March 2016. However, there is no doubt that what is happening on the EU ground and in the countries surrounding the EU or on the path of this migration crisis, is more and more a matter of fighting for self-preservation. While the European Commission insists on unity and camaraderie between member states when it comes to managing the refugee/migrant crisis – cultivating the symbol of “Solidarity” that caught on from Eastern Europe across the whole Western world some three decades ago – these days the symbol that Donald Trump’s stance on anti-migration represents seems to be making serious inroads across EU countries. Measures to control refugee/migrant influx, measures to stop it are an increasing content-filler on political podiums as well as the media. Schengen borders are considered in these restrictive measures more often than EU borders. Some EU countries point the finger at the other, some justify their policies of controlling and reducing the number of refugees/migrants they will let in while they expect the other country to take all that come through its borders – a mess of biblical proportions in unfolding in Europe. Croatia should indeed become gravely concerned about being excluded from EU migration measures just because it stands outside the Schengen borders. Regardless of the ugly parts of its face, as in the US so too in Europe, these are more and more the times when political leaders are generating the feeling that the only way to regain or keep political support is by showing that they care for their own, and not much for the refugees/migrants or aliens and Croatia would be wise to start reading these messages and act accordingly. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


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Fiona Barnett Australian Child Abuse Network

Integrity News Network Fiona Barnett Interview 11 December 2015

There are many revelations now coming out, from several people about the paedophile network and child sexual abuse by the people in power in Australia and how it extends to America. Hopefully we have reached a tipping point.

In this astounding interview, Fiona Barnett tells some of her story of the abuse, and the the abuse network in Australia. In this interview she mentions Nicole Kidman who was abused, and present at a murder at Sydney University by her father Dr Antony Kidman who was an abuser.

Fiona tells of abuse by hypnosis, drugs and torture. She mentions, freemasonry, judges, politicians, scientology, OTO, catholic church, Anglican church, 4 Australian prime ministers including Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, Robert Menzies who were abusers, Richard Nixon President of United States, Bohemian Grove and a lot more.

Her website is Pedophiles Down Under [3], her twitter @FionaRaeBarnett.

Other related articles on my blog My Story Fiona Barnett Hang on for the Ride [4] and Gordon Myers victim of #VIPcsa Australia [5]

Another whistleblower she mentions is aboriginal Gordon Myers, part of the Stolen Generation, who had to change his name in witness protection, after trying to give evidence to a child inquiry and due to this lost his driving licence, his truck and therefore his living. Fiona is running a campaign to get him his truck back.


[I will add to this written description, when time permits but wanted to blog this interview as soon as possible]

[Other subjects mentioned are Peter Holiday, Leon Petruscus, 8 mins Bruce Spence, John Bell, Wood Commission, Bob Carr, Bob Hawke, Paul Keating, Robert Menzies, Alan Jones, Bernard King, Molly Meldrum, Elton John]

Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this information. The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers. National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups. Other useful sites are One in Four [C] and Havoca [D]. Useful post on Triggers [E] from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog. Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G] and Meditation [H] may be useful.


[1] 2015 Dec 2015 Integrity News Network Fiona Barnett Interview

[2] 2015 Dec 1 Paedophiles Down Under VIP Pedophile Ring Victim Comes Forward

[3] Pedophiles Down Under

[4] 2015 Nov 30 Cathy Fox Blog My Story Fiona Barnett Hang on for the Ride

[5] 2015 Dec 12 Cathy Fox Blog Gordon Myers victim of #VIPcsa Australia

[6] Aus mainstream site

[7] Integrity News Network


[A] Sanctuary for the Abused


[C] One in Four

[D] Havoca

[E] SurvivorsJustice Triggers post

[F] SurvivorsJustice Blog

[G] Jim Hopper Mindfulness

[H] Jim Hopper Meditation

This is all written in good faith but if there is anything that needs to be corrected please email cathyfox

cathyfox the truth will out, the truth will shout, the truth will set us free

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ISIS: We Have A New Plan (Again)

I have been ranting about the incompetency of the US battle plan for ISIS…..yes, the bombings are having an effect but that is all it is an effect…..there needs to be a new way of thinking this “war”…….that is if a victory is to be declared……

I may have found that new plan…….

One of the escalations announced back in December, a US ground deployment of 200 special operations troops is now in place and active in Iraq, according to Secretary of Defense Ash Carter, who says they are working closely with Iraqi forces.

The troops are being described as a “specialized expeditionary targeting force” and appears to be designed to better provide targeting data for US and coalition warplanes for pounding ISIS territory.

The deployment also likely is related to Carter’s talk of one of his goals for the ISIS war being an increase in assassinations of ISIS leaders, with the US boots on the ground trying to provide some intelligence on where those commanders are.

Let me say up front before some angry old fart thinks I am being a “bleeding heart” (insults…the tool of the uninformed)……I understand the old concept of “cut the head off the snake and the body dies”… other words go after the “leaders” of ISIS with the hope that it will demoralize the fighters to forgo any further actions….

Assassinations would be an effective way to destroy the organism……the problem is Executive Order #11905 signed by Pres. Ford…..for those that would forget this piece of work……

In 1974 the Congress established a committee to investigate possible U.S. involvement in plots to assassinate foreign leaders deemed hostile to U.S. interests. Specifically, the committee investigated the alleged involvement of theCentral Intelligence Agency(CIA) in plots to kill Patrice Lumumba of the Congo, Fidel Castro of Cuba, Rafael Trujillo of the Dominican Republic, General Rene Schneider of Chile, and Ngo Dinh Diem of South Vietnam. The absence of a written record and the failing memories of principal witnesses prevented the committee from conclusively demonstrating that presidents Eisenhower, Kennedy, or Nixon personally authorized the assassination of any foreign leader. However, the evidence did show that between 1960 and 1970, the CIA was involved in several assassination plots.

The committee reported its findings in 1975 to a dismayed Congress. Public outcry was loud and immediate. At the urging of both the House of Representatives and the Senate, President Gerald R. Ford signed an Executive Order banning all federal employees from committing assassination as a tool of U.S foreign policy or for any other reason. Exec. Order No. 11905. The order was extended by President Ronald Reagan 15 years later to also preclude hired assassins.

And to this day assassinations are illegal for the US to sign onto…..lets see….Obama’s healthcare is illegal…according to some…..all Executive Orders are unconstitutional….according to some……but yet the one by Ford and Ronnie are somehow not that important….why is that?

Again before some a/hole starts in with the insults…..I am for anything that will help win against ISIS that does not mean American troops (notice I use “troops” and not “boots on the ground”….I refuse to belittle the troops by making them impersonal) have to die…..

All I am saying here is that this action is illegal if we are to follow the laws of the country……or we could just pick the ones we like and disregard all the rest…..that is what some people would have us do….

Ronnie and his CIA head found a way around the EO that Ronnie had signed onto…..self-defense…..action is permissible for a targeted assassination if there can be proven it is an act of self-defense… know the lawyers will be working on this argument as I type……(damn I just took that argument away from the opposition)…….

A couple of quotes come to mind…….

“Get your facts first, then you can distort them as you please.”

“Prejudice is a great time saver. You can form opinions without having to get the facts.”

“Facts are facts and will not disappear on account of your likes.”

After writing this draft….I read a piece from Tom Vine… is no secret that I am not satisfied that the US is going about the war with ISIS in a realistic way….and the article made some excellent points…..

Source: The Pentagon is out of ideas: America’s ISIS strategy is doomed from the start –

Solution? Step up and declare all out war on ISIS and then go for broke…..this will not happen……cowards are afraid of what such a vote will do to their political ambitions…….

But speaking of solutions……the Brookings Institute has a white paper out about this subject……and their conclusion is that there are NO good solutions for the situation in the Middle East and the handling of ISIS……

Source: Why there are no good policy options on Syria | Brookings Institution

Personally, I do not trust most think tanks and their conclusions….but with that said this is a piece that needs to be read…..

Now let me do what I always do…..inject a historical context……

There was a plan back in the ’50’s about a possible solution to the problem of the Ba’athists in the Middle East…..a plan by another Roosevelt, Kim to be accurate, and it looks a lot like what is happening these days in US foreign policy…….

Source: Obama’s Invasion Plan of Syria Was Drawn Up by Kim Roosevelt in 1957 > – Strategic Culture Foundation

The problem is that there are NO easy answers to the problems in the Middle East and any oversimplification is disingenuous……and in no way helps the situation……

Chuqs News 

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Are You An “Apologist”?

I have been called many things in my many years of teaching and lecturing…..but for the first time in my long life I was call an apologist by a friend over coffee the other day…..let me help you out…..the term “apologist” in Right-speak means…….an individual that is not swayed by misinformation and lies……someone that attempts to aid in the understanding of a given situation…..that usually falls on deaf ears.

First I asked him just what was that all about……he replied that I am giving alternate news to what is being reported….and again….how so?

Well after a mish-mash of insulting labels……I stopped him mid sentence……which annoyed him somewhat…..I pointed out that back in the mid 70’s when the Vietnamese were coming into this country….all the talk was that there would be North Vietnam agents hidden within the ranks of the refugees and that they would act as a fifth column to bring about a communist revolution from within….I believe that is called “the Trojan Horse” scenario…..then I asked what happened to that master plan?

Funny few will remember this and all its ugly innuendos….especially Elmo…you see he was one of those that were worried…..

I continued…….

“I give alternate points of view….if that is an apologist then I am one…..if giving facts that contradict your total lack of knowledge…then I am an apologist…….if my statement does not enforce your erroneous statements then…yep I am an apologist.”

“If this is an insult because you do not like my words…then you may call me an apologist…..and if my ignoring of obvious bigoted bullshit…then you be right on target…I am an apologist”

“And if you want me to somehow compromise my beliefs and integrity to conform to your misguided bullshit….then my friend you have a long wait ahead of you….if that makes me an “apologist” then I accept the label.”

My friend stood and glared at me for a moment…..actually I was prepared for some hot coffee to be lobed in my direction….but instead he said very loudly….”Fuck you!” and stormed off in the direction of the exit.

I have found that the term “apologist” is an off-handed insult…..because they do not want to hear anything that may contradict their convoluted thinking…..and then there is their convoluted view of history……they have their opinion and all others are somehow ignorant and blind….I found, like my friend Elmo, there is no way to calmly debate their opinion….for they are right and you are an ignorant bastard for not believing what they are preaching…..

I hindsight maybe I should have let the comment go…..but unfortunately I am one that cannot let bullshit go unchallenged……I may not be an ignorant bastard….but I can be an aggravating one……

I’ll have another cup of Blue Mountain, please.

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Croatia on Cusp of Real Progress Despite Undermining

From Left: Bozo Petrov, leader Most/Bridge Tihomir Oreskovic, Prime Minister designate Tomislav Karamarko, Leader HDZ Photo: Jurica Galoic/PIXSELL

From Left: Bozo Petrov, leader Most/Bridge
Tihomir Oreskovic, Prime Minister designate
Tomislav Karamarko, Leader HDZ
Photo: Jurica Galoic/PIXSELL

Timothy Less (a UK based political analyst on Eastern Europe according to LinkedIn profile in which he claims that his “primary role is running the Nova Europa political risk consultancy which helps businesses and international organisations to understand the impact of politics on their interests in Eastern Europe” ) wrote 5 January in International Policy Digest that with its new coalition government Croatia is embarking on a political experiment which, his article suggests, is destined to fail!

Croatia is embarking on a political experiment: a coalition government comprising the conservative Croatian Democratic Party (HDZ) and the insurgent Most party, led by a non-partisan prime minister, Tihomir Oreskovic, a businessman who has spent much of his life in Canada,” Timothy Less writes and continues: “…If all now goes according to Most’s (Bridge coalition of independents that is forming government with conservative HDZ ) plan, a reformist leader (Tihomir Oreskovic) with a track record of success in business will start to extricate Croatia from its long-standing economic malaise, marked by slow growth, high unemployment and dangerous levels of both public and private indebtedness… However, things may not turn out in the way that Most hopes. For one thing, Oreskovic will struggle to impose his authority. Not only is he a political unknown, but the party he represents is already losing its power base. Many of Most’s supporters voted to change Croatian politics and have instead seen Most put one of the establishment parties into power. If social media is a reliable guide, these supporters are already abandoning the party…”

Timothy Less goes further and prognosticates utter doom and gloom for Croatia in 2016 seemingly because – he suggests – the larger part of the new governing coalition, HDZ, will not – he says – want to be in government with Most/Bridge coalition for too long and will “spend the next few months picking squabbles with Most, distancing itself from controversial policies and reaching out to the key constituencies whose support it must win over ahead of the next ballot.” He further claims that Tihomir Oreskovic, the Prime Minister designate, will “struggle to control a cabinet comprised mainly of HDZ ministers and a parliament in which Most has just 18 (out of 151) seats,” and says that “2016 is likely to be a dismal period in Croatian politics, characterized by ineffective government and an incoherent policy agenda as the different parts of the coalition pull in different directions.”

A similarly biased analysis on governance value and immediate political flop that appointing of Tihomir Oreskovic as Prime Minister of Croatia will supposedly mean for the country was recently written by Tomislav Jakic, a journalist based in Zagreb Croatia, whose article “The Victory of Norval” not only assumes (like Timothy Less) that lack of political party alliance or belonging in a government head spells doom and gloom and inability to control the politicians in parliament, but it maliciously and wrongfully asserts that Croats living abroad and those living in Croatia are not equally Croatian. The latter platform is the hateful stand promoted by communists of former Yugoslavia and many subscribing to the left or centre-left political mood in Croatia today and it aspires to undermine the unity of all Croats – those in Croatia and those in diaspora.

“…Norval has defeated Zagreb,” writes Jakic, “The diaspora has overpowered the so-called homeland Croatia. All the citizens of the Republic of Croatia who were born in it, worked in it and earned their daily bread in it honestly are offended and humiliated because a man, although born in Croatia, but had lived abroad for such a long time (mostly in Canada) that he even does not speak well his mother language, is being brought to them as their Prime Minister. And that the immediate message to all from Croatia, to all who have earned their professional knowledge in Croatian schools and universities and applied them here and in the world, is that they are incapable, that there is not a single person living in Croatia capable of being a Prime Minister…” wrote Jakic.

This article by Jakic is not to be taken lightly – it is a serious attack on democracy and equal opportunity for all citizens of Croatia (no matter where they live in the world) to advance their life and professional and political circumstances as best their merit permits. It represents a loud element of a cancer that works at deteriorating the unifying fabric of all Croats in the world and as a suffocating force whose primary role is to disable and render ineffective all attempts to bring the essential reforms into Croatian economy, public administration, justice…so that it finally moves further away from the communism from which it stems. Tomislav Jakic’s said article represents the discrimination that anti-discrimination laws exist for – it is an appalling behaviour coming out of a pen of a journalist.

Timothy Less and Tomislav Jakic, and all others who use “old” measures to predict the future under “new” measures, appear to disregard the important fact that since it broke away from communist Yugoslavia in pursuit of democracy 25 years ago Croatia has had elected politicians only at the helm of its governments and these politicians failed to bring about the necessary changes and reforms essential to a well-functioning, just democracy that offers equal-opportunity to all of its citizens in contributing to its prosperity. Political suitability, protectionism, political and economic and public administration and judicial corruption had lost ground somewhat during those 25 years but not enough to mark real progress. Strong reforms are required in Croatia on all fronts of public administration especially, much stronger than those that had occurred. The idea of such reforms is not popular but it is the agenda that is seeing the formation of a new government.

I for one will always barrack for an opposition to a government because a parliamentary opposition has a very important role to play in the progress of public and citizen’s life but opposition based on ideological or discriminatory outbursts that are utterly unfair to a human being, not only a citizen of a country, is something that is abhorrent to me.

The government formed in Croatia is likely to be the one with the main goal of achieving the needed, albeit unpopular, major reforms and as such it is not likely to be popular with everyone but one can safely say that most Croats recognise the need for major reforms. Some people may not like it but they do recognise the need for major reforms and, therefore, there is a politically impacting chance that many who do not like the major reforms announced would ultimately be convinced of the benefits of those reforms. Most/Bridge coalition says that it is adamant it wants to govern in coalition with HDZ/Croatian Democratic Union and in this to have an important input into the key government departments/ ministries, such as justice and internal affairs that are essential in achieving the needed reforms. Sweeping reforms to public administration that will likely see a rather notable reduction of government administration and departments and red tape in order to further ease economic and investment growth as well as administrative processes involved in daily living are being flagged.

There is an underlying truth unfolding in the current political resolve of forming the new government in Croatia and that resolve has a great deal to do with the firm intent to effectuate the unpopular reforms that are needed, to bring home the reality of the well-worn although not always warming idiom: “No pain, no gain!”. Good luck, I say – about time! So many habits and stifling administrative processes and attitudinal elements from communist Yugoslavia still exist in Croatia and they must be rooted out. Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)


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FEATURED: International Justice Mission

Senior Police Officer Charged with Murder in Kenya

NAIROBI, KENYA – Nearly two years ago a man named Samuel* was beaten to death inside a police station by the station commander.

Samuel’s wife stood in a waiting area of the station but says she could hear her husband’s screams. Other men in the jail cell have shared that they could see the senior officer on duty brutally beating Samuel with a metal rod, pounding Samuel with his fists, and even using a large barrel filled with water to simulate drowning.

Samuel was locked away in a jail cell that night, his body bloodied and discarded.

Samuel slipped into a coma and never woke up again.

The next day, the station commander came back to the police station to cover up the heinous murder. He promised the men locked up in that same jail cell their liberty if they accused their fellow prisoner—a man named Stephen.* And so, Stephen was charged with murder.

The station commander went back to work.

Stephen had been inside the jail cell and had heard Samuel being mercilessly beaten. Stephen was innocent. Yet he went to prison on murder charges.

IJM met Stephen inside the prison and started advocating for his innocence. In November 2014, we helped proved that there was no evidence that Stephen had murdered a man that night. His name is cleared of the murder charges.

Meanwhile: IJM started working with Kenya’s Independent Police Oversight Authority to hold the police officer accountable. He was still on active duty during the entire time Stephen was in jail facing bogus charges.

As IJM’s lawyers worked on building a solid case that would expose the police officer’s brutality and deceitful attempts to cover up the murder. Our social workers have also been supporting Stephen and his family, Samuel’s family, and the other witnesses who may testify in this case.

Last week, the police officer was arrested and charged with murder.

The officer pled not guilty and has been remanded to prison to await the start of the trial. To our knowledge, this is the first time a police officer of this level has been charged with murder.

*A pseudonym

We are hearing so many stories about Western cultures having injustice in the legal systems. IJM is working with the just leaders in developing countries to eliminate sex trafficking,mistreatment of widows and orphans. We need to do what we can to make sure there is justice all through the world.

Happy New Year, dear friends!


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What would be the cost Price, Cost, Value and Worth ?

The question in the title of this post is in reference to the God-given and Constitutional rights each American is free to enjoy and exercise or not as they see fit. Another series of questions that goes along with this post is the following; Could a person be convinced to sell their God-given and Constitutional rights? Could a person be convinced to trade or exchange their God-given and Constitutional rights?

There has been much of late on the internet about a possible gun grab by the federal government. It is my, as well as others, belief that a gun-grab by the federal government would have dire consequences. Of all I have read regarding the gun-grab and the plans to do so whether by executive order or by legislative means I have neither seen or heard about the following possibility.

Could it be possible to tie the free exercise of the Second Amendment to money, money from the federal government. No, I am not talking about a gun buy back plan or program. What I am talking about is tying gun ownership to receiving government monies. Think about this for a moment. How many households across America receive checks, federal government checks, every month retirement pensions, social security, disability checks or welfare, food stamps, wic and the rest of the long list of what are now called “government entitlements”.

I do not think that the federal government would or could implement and carry out a gun grab. But the federal government could tie gun ownership to government payments. The federal government would not be necessarily infringing on the right to keep and bear arms per se. Gun ownership or the lack of gun ownership could just be a pre-condition to receiving federal checks or federal benefits. It could be as simple as if a person was not willing to give up the right to keep and bear arms he or she would be ineligible for government money of any type. If a person wanted to continue receiving federal government he or she would only need to “voluntarily” give-up the right to keep and bear arms. In this instance the federal government did not deny the person their right to keep and bear arms, the right was exchanged for money, sold so to speak.

Think about this for a moment, the “experts” estimate that 47% of the households in America are on at least one form of government assistance. Could these households go a month without the checks that they rely upon for their very existence? Probably not. Add to this the numbers of retirees from the military and the federal government, they also receive pension checks from guess who? Don’t forget about the number of persons on social security old age or disability, that check also comes from guess who? Also don’t forget about the number of persons getting VA benefits, again a government check. Most of America could and would be disarmed with this simple maneuver, tying gun ownership to money. The government would not be grabbing your gun you would be giving it up freely.

Voluntarily disarming could also be a pre-condition to being hired by the federal government. Simple you want a government job, disarm. Gun=No government job. The only gun you could carry would be a government issued gun and then only if the position required it, and only as long as the tour of duty.

This would be only the beginning, not only would you “voluntarily” give up your right to keep and bear arms, you would also most likely be placed on a prohibited person list. You would be prohibited from purchasing a firearm the same as a common criminal, though you committed no crime. You could not buy guns or ammunition. There would most likely be a form that you would be required to sign explaining all of this to you.

Hold on it gets worse. Now that the right to keep and bear arms has been freely exchanged for a continuation of government checks, and the person placed on the prohibited persons list, there now must be a system to ensure compliance. To ensure the person is in full compliance with the “exchange program” there must be a system of checks and balances, so to speak. The government would be authorized to conduct unannounced and warrantless searches for guns and ammunition. The way the system is now if a search warrant is issued for a 65 inch flat screen TV, no area can be legally searched where a 65 inch flat screen TV could not be hidden. There would be no excluded areas for search if they were searching for a single bullet.

If one is found with a prohibited item I am sure there would be confiscation, fines and a loss of benefits along with a lengthy prison term. No telling what could or would be found looking for a single bullet. So in fact you sold your Second Amendment right, and lost your Fourth Amendment protection. They get a two for one deal. The question is this; How much will you sell your rights for, and what others would you lose?

Oh, and keep this in mind, even a draconian measure like this would not effect a single criminal.


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