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The Human Existence – Religion, Spiritual or not. We have a choice – Is it God ?

imagesNot long ago a young girl in my family who I love to bits turned to God, religion does not matter as her heart and mind went to God. Many mocked or laughed at her decision, not in hate, no, just in our Human ways. When I seen her, I hugged her and said simply “I am proud of you, I love you” Also I have an Uncle and Aunt who found God. So it’s not so bad or crazy right? Their names and locations are not important, it’s just knowing them that is. People will hate no matter, so today I think “Well if I am to be hated, lets give people reason if they choose this pointless path of hate”

We are not to judge what we shouldn’t; we should not scar others with our own ridicules. We ridicule things that we must as a species but for the wrong reasons. Every day I wake up and I feel more. This is my journey I and I share it happily with those who wish read. I don’t want to hate nor fear, so I stop, would it be too much to ask you to stop hate and fear?

These 2 emotions define the human spirit in today’s World badly, but I am one man out of many people who see it this way. I am only 1 man and I ask ‘Do not hate, do not fear’ November 20th 2014 I wrote: Finding Nirvana Almost 2 years ago whilst on medication I felt it, 2 years later I know it

The fear of hate and the hate of fear has made our World not what it should be today but it is guiding us slowly to the World many or most of us desire. It is hard to see change when it is so slow, but if you stop for a moment, that moment can become a lifetime. I am finding words and meanings as I awaken a little more each day. I see God. For the last 15 years I have prayed to God, my own God and a personal God to me. maxresdefault For today I can’t see a Religion but a book is starting to make me understand as I aim to read it more. I am not scared nor do I hate, so please understand my motives for now are my own to seek. The sad thing is many will mock my words today but that is really ok x I don’t ask people to listen to me. I am growing into some other person. I am becoming something different. Today I can see a glimpse, tomorrow I will see more

I have this friend called Ian. I have a few friends called Ian but this Ian told me something a year ago, he told me things I see today. And he text me yesterday asking to speak to me. As I thought about his words he text me asking to speak. I would normally say that is ‘strange’ but today I can’t say strange, but I don’t yet know the words, tomorrow I might.

I blogged SO MUCH about Religion and Bibles and God not because I hated, but I was trying to understand. In my early 20’s I found my God, but I kept him to myself. So as I always do I will leave a song below to make you understand my words here. I am feeling, waking and I feel the love of ‘Something’ Should I call it God? I had cat scans and tests on my brain not so long ago, so my words as I come of the poison are mine but I know the words are being put there. Also Irony is people who have tattoos and ways of scripture in their soul and don’t know it. I am thinking now and many people have Religiously minded or scripture tattoos. Now is that not something?

Velez1_LaSallianQuotes-1024x576I want to leave the dark and find the light and every day I try a little more. I dislike what I am about to say but it feels correct. My oldest son out of two sons is moving out in two weeks and I am then going to use that room as a proper boxing gym to get my body better, to make my body withstand my pain better. Is it not ironic I am about to lose my son in order to for me to be MORE to help others? I want to help others, it’s been my life calling. Football I helped hundreds of people. So for now I leave you words I am starting to hear and understand. This song below I shared with a few friends about a year ago, this song just hit me with something. Gary Barlow, like the young girl in my life found God. So the journey begins. I don’t want hate, I don’t fear YOU. I smile and write words flowing through me like a drug my body screams for. Today this is all know. For now anyway. When I say I have no hate and I don’t have fear, surely my words above are pointing to some truth?

More love, less hate

Gary Barlow – God (lyrics)
Via Candy Thatter on You Tube



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