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FEATURED: Evidence and Forensics of Ritual #Abuse in Australia

Trigger Warning

The following article is written by Rennee Emmanuel and posted on her blog in 2014. I have only given a sample of the post and accompanying Reports, but the full texts are available on her blog Evidence and Forensics of Ritual Abuse in Australia [1], where also is to be found 2014 Renees Alternative Forensic Report download [2] and 2014 Aug Alternative Forensics Daniel Farthing download [3].

The New South Wales Police appear to be ignoring extreme physical abuse, sexual abuse and ritual abuse on Renee and her siblings, including 2 who were murdered by their ritual abuser mother, and appear to be targetting Renee, her siblings and her carer instead [4].

ALL of the Authorities have refused to act in any humane way of the Ritual Abuse done to children in this country. Instead they have continued the cover up of these atrocious crimes and have persecuted not only me, but my full time carer, advocates and whistleblowers.

When I was escaping Victoria after more death threats and went interstate to the mid north coast of NSW in 2008, of course both my carer and I spoke with other people about the rampart Ritual Abuse against children and we were told about the children being picked up from truck stops and being raped. These people continually said that the police will not help you if you say anything.

However both my carer and I still tried the NSW police as well as the local media, authorities etc. Again no one was interested.

We felt we still must try to help the many children and some adults suffering horrific rape and torture, sometimes murder.

Then again in 2012 after fleeing from Mallacoota in Victoria we went back to this district in NSW and again tried to help the police with this crime against children. A Social Worker told us that young boys were being raped on yachts or boats in the river at Taree.

We got slammed with what other people had previously warned us about, and not just persecution but also false charges laid against my carer for assault, when in fact he was the one attacked.

60 days have passed and of course many more children have suffered terribly under the watch of Commander Thurtell aiding in the cover ups of Child Sexual Abuse, Torture, Murder and Ritual Abuse against children.

Renee’s Alternative Forensic Report

Renée Emmanuel was born into a multi-generational family of satanic ritual abusers in Victoria, Australia. This includes both paternal (Farthing) and maternal (Harmer) sides of the family.

Satanic ritual abusers do everything in opposition to God the Father, Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit. They have a black bible where the first page starts at the back of this bible has a picture of Eve in the garden of Eden with a serpent (Satan) crawling into her vagina and impregnating her with Cain.

In Australia this black bible is covered with human skin from the blackest skin of Aboriginal babies.

They use two handbooks on torture on their family and other victims. One of these books is a full encyclopaedia size with green binding and a jacket cover usually with the anatomy of the human body on it. (See page 22 for a picture of one of the weapons)

The second book is a condensed book with orange binding without any jacket covers. This second version is what the offshoot branches of the satanic occult network use e.g. Nazi Germany, Ku Klux Klan, cult groups, CIA etc…

Satanic ritual abusers have traditionally and currently infiltrated all levels of government, police, medical, teaching and other professions where they remain “occult.” “Occult” means hidden.

Renée Emmanuel’s life can be divided into two parts: pre age 42 when she was still being satanically ritually abused and post age 42 where she escaped and has been cared for by a genuinely caring person. This post age 42 era has been compounded by added persecution from government, medical and police authorities because she has escaped these networks on top of the normal pressures that life brings.

Renée Emmanuel has sought justice for herself and many others (Jenny Fitzpatrick) who she knows are still trapped in these networks especially her grand-niece Chelsea Farthing who she has repeatedly sought help for since she was 2 months old (she is now 6 years old) from police (State and Federal), Department of Child services Victoria, Commonwealth departments, ombudsmen, media etc…who have disgracefully refused to act and even obstructed Renée’s efforts.

This obstruction includes false, misleading or downright unnecessary medical procedures that Renée has been subjected to since she was a child. (See pages 21 & 22 at end of document)

Hence this document which under the Istanbul Protocol of 1999 is known as an “alternative forensic report”. “Alternative forensic reports” are when clients cannot get official forensic reports or these reports are false or suspicious. This protocol is based on the belief that the assessment of evidences of torture and the preparation of medical reports are at least as important as treatment and rehabilitation in the effort to prevent torture and end impunity.

As a result of long years of cooperation between lawyers and physicians, many “alternative forensic reports” have been accepted as evidence by courts, which has led to convictions of torturers.

The internationally known case of the “Manisa youth” is a typical example. In December 1995, 15 teenage students and one of their teachers, allegedly being members of an illegal leftist organization, were arrested and tortured at the Manisa Police Headquarters.

Despite intense obstruction by the administration and the juridical system, the trial against those responsible for the torture resulted in the conviction of ten policemen involved in the case. The “alternative forensic reports” provided by the Medical Chamber of Izmir, Turkey in collaboration with the Izmir Treatment Centre were among the most important proof to lead to the verdicts by the Court of Cessation.

The Izmir Treatment Centre has also been particularly active in the international implementation of the Istanbul Protocol, which involves training activities in ten pilot countries.

My name is Anna McPherson and I hold a degree in Medical Imaging Technology from the Queensland University of Technology, Australia. I have 14 years of extensive experience as a radiographer working in large teaching hospitals to one radiographer private practices. I have worked as a locum and with patients of all ages and conditions. I also hold a Certificate III in Personal Training. I would like to present the following evidence below.

Satanic ritual torturers use the above mentioned handbooks on torture(that date back many centuries) to ‘skilfully’ make sure that every action e.g. breathing, thought, emotion of the human body, mind and personality is as tortured as close to death as possible without resulting in death.

They use physical torture with mind brain washing, drugs and reinforcement to create personalities in a person that will be ‘at war’ with their natural human instincts and spirit. They start in multi-generational family children in the womb and relentlessly break down the natural personality of the person. This is to achieve their long-term goal of being able to control that person with just a word that will trigger them into the action required by the satanic ritual abuser. These words vary depending on the action required and the personality the action is attached to.

This chaos inside that person leads them into great difficulty explaining what is going on inside them and what is going on in a logical way to outsiders. This is because what has happened to them has occurred under drugging and the abused person also has a variety of reactions from the various set ups and normal personalities going on inside them, that they have to sort through and this can make them appear confused or slow.

Within the multi-generational satanic ritual abuse family everything in the home is used to torture. Everyday household implements to inciting jealous sibling relationships; different tortures associated with morning and evening times of day to birthday ‘celebrations’ are just a few examples. From there the satanic ritual abusers in these family networks control the person’s environment. Victims are often only allowed to fraternise with abusive extended family members and other coven (satanic neighbourhood) families. On bigger satanic occasions this includes interstate and international satanic ritual abuse networks. If they attempt to have relationships outside these designated circles the person’s new friends will be threatened, told slander about the person or killed depending on the level of threat they pose to the family and their networks.
The abused person has limited and controlled exposure to school and as they get older, triggered into jobs and relationships that suit the family network. What is also important to understand is that these networks make a great deal of money from prostituting these and other children caught in these networks and the trafficking going on between countries in children.

If the abused person seeks help medically, from government authorities, police or legal circles they sometimes encounter satanic ritual abusers in these positions and are recognised by physical markers (see pages 15 & 16) or tested with trigger words (page 13). If the person in authority is not a satanic ritual abuser it often occurs that the above mentioned pressures are placed on them. That individual has to be courageous and ethical enough to withstand these threats or manipulation and be prepared to see the abused person for themselves not influenced by any slander or deception they may have received about them.

What is ironic is that the abused person who remains true to themselves despite the enormous tortures, brainwashing etc…has a deeper relationship with God than if they were not abused. Often God is the only place they can turn to in their persecuted lives.

Within the satanic ritual abuse network there are very specific hierarchies where multi-generational families are regarded more ‘highly’ than ‘blow-ins’ who choose as a non-family individual to join. The multi-generational families breed their children for specific purposes and have more specific long term plans. Other individuals become workers toiling away to rise in the hierarchies.

In Renée Emmanuel’s specific case there is the following:
Her mother Thelma Quinn (birth name: Thelma Jean Harmer) was the second known queen for the country of Australia known as Queen Victoria
Renée Emmanuel or Maureen Farthing as she was born was designated from birth to be Australia’s 3rd queen which she never chose or wanted
Renée was told that as the 3rd queen she would be taken to many countries after her ‘coming of age’ at 21 years old and meet their nation’s queens in Nevada, USA; London, England and Japan
The family warlock or torturer was Alan King who was her father’s half-brother
Alan King is married to Thelma Quinn in a satanic occult marriage and Leonard Farthing (Renée’s father on her birth certificate) was her acknowledged civil husband whom she divorced when Renée was young
Alan King is a convicted paedophile
Renée’s oldest brother Tony Farthing, whom they tried to marry her to at age 4 in a satanic occult marriage, is also a convicted paedophile
Renée spent just over 10 years from approximately age 3-13 in what she calls the ‘house from hell’ at 37 Rosamond Road, North Footscray, Melbourne
This was with her maternal satanic ritual abuser grandparents, satanic ritual abuser great aunt, satanic ritual abuser mother and two brothers and older sister
Renée’s older sister Janet was murdered in front of her when Renée was 13 years old
Her next older brother Daniel (Danny) Farthing was so severely bashed as an infant that he became severely disabled (see document for Daniel Farthing)
Renée’s brother Brian was killed as a baby before Renée was born
Maternal and paternal uncles would come to the house and pay for raping the children
Thelma Quinn was also involved in a lesbian relationship with the family warlock Alan King’s second wife and would have sex in front of the children
A friend from school, Le-Anne Snowden who Renée tried to discourage as a friend knowing that something was likely to happen to her; was abused by Renée’s oldest brother Tony and spent many months in hospital
From approximately age 8-12 years Renée was also taken to many places and shown how the black bible was covered in human skin by the skinning alive of the blackest of small Aboriginal children/babies
The global satanic network would use an Aboriginal tracker and Renée was travelled interstate and saw the roundup of many Aboriginal children who were herded into cattle trucks and brought back to the state of Victoria at night
They also had specific exchange spots (towns, trading posts) on the route for the trafficking of small Aboriginal children to different occult districts and states in Australia
The tracker with Leyland semitrailers with cattle crates would then go out to Aboriginal campsites and round up all the women and children, the men were hung up in trees and hung after they had been castrated
Many women were raped and pregnant women were strung up in trees and the unborn babies ripped out of them and eaten on the spot as sacrifices to satan
The teenage girls were kept for experimentation e.g. breeding by artificial insemination with animals, slave workers in coal mines, raped and tortured as well
Young children and babies thrown into the cattle trucks with teenage girls to look after them along the occult trade routes to go to different regions in Australia and to other region’s queens and all classes of queens within districts
The trucks would leave from Port Augusta, South Australia and travel to Mildura, Victoria via Renmark and then through Bendigo, into Melbourne and South Gippsland etc…
Also during this time in Woomera, South Australia Renée had to sit naked on troughs with other girls while they tested her for her period and then tried to impregnate her
At age 20 Renée tried to escape the satanic ritual abuse networks and married Wayne Anthony Marshall and her married name was Maureen Joan Marshall
This was a case of entrapment as he had chosen to become involved in satanic ritual abuse networks before he met Renée and knew Renée’s mother and worked with Renée’s mother to ‘milk’ Renée financially
Renée was unaware of this when she married him and was married to him for 8 years in an abusive relationship
Renée had three children and when they lived in Werribee, Victoria approximately from 1985-1989, Wayne sprayed inside and outside the house to the property boundaries with a toxic cocktail of sprays including dieldrin
This so alarmed the local neighbourhood that some people moved away at the time including Michael and Jenny Platt and their two sons when one of the neighbourhood boys developed a brain tumour
Renée left Wayne and had nowhere to go and had no money and went to stay back with her mother with her three children
It was a constant battle to protect her children from her mother
Renée’s daughter Erin died from acute myeloid leukaemia in 1992 and the toxins she was exposed to as a younger child could have made a contribution to the onset of her disease
Renée sought help from various churches from the age of 4 to 42 but no-one was willing to believe her or offer help
In her 30’s and 40’s Renée had several suicide attempts as she lost hope that she could escape the abuse
At age 40 Renée’s mother was forcing up to 15 5mg valium a day and countless mogadon tablets into her
Renée went and had electric shock treatment to get herself off the medications and was successful in going ‘cold turkey’
At age 42 for several weeks Renée’s mother started taking the phone off the hook at night-time and leaving the doors of the house unlocked
Renée found herself waking in the mornings with bruised legs and a sore anal canal
When she saw Alan King in the local street one day she realised what must have been occurring
She met her carer Michael Mathews not long after and he helped her to escape the networks
Compounding Renée’s whole of life trauma was the move to Michael’s property at Cow Bay in North Queensland where corruption and criminal negligence at all levels of Australian government for over 20 years, has meant that currently Cow Bay landholders still have no electricity and safe road access
Continued persecution from government agencies, police and the medical profession has meant that not only Renée has diagnosed complex post-traumatic stress syndrome but Michael Mathews also suffers from post-traumatic stress syndrome in his grossly underpaid carer’s job with not only no help from government agencies but persecution from agencies that are meant to help and serve!

The following anatomical diagrams and their accompanying key demonstrate some of the physical torture that Renée received and the areas of the body that were affected by it.

1) Head
a) Hit on the back of the head with cricket bat
b) Head rammed into walls
c) Brace with screws attached to it screwed on to sides of head
d) ‘crown of thorns’ put on head and pushed into head
2) Hair
a) Born with naturally white hair
b) Hair dyed dark brown and cut short most of childhood
c) Teased repeatedly with very fine comb and was then told that she had “filthy lumps in it”
3) Eyes
a) Sewing needles inserted into eyes
b) Matchsticks and toothpicks were used to force Renée to keep her eyes open to watch horrible events e.g. other people’s torture sessions
c) Kerosene in eyes
4) Ears
a) Something done to ears at age 12 at the end of four other tortures that still cause loss of hearing and ringing now
5) Nose
a) Pinch bar used on nose to break it; then to stop bleeding white hot poker inserted in nose
6) Mouth and lips
a) Maggots put in mouth and lips sewn together
b) Told constantly had small mouth see (pages 15 & 16)

7) Jaw
a) Forced to give oral sex from the age of 3
b) Operation on chin where bone was inserted into the symphysis menti (point of jaw) to make a witches’ chin see pages 15 & 16
8) Neck
a) Hit on back of neck with cricket bat
b) Had to wear heavy yoke around neck with heavy rope and like an ox walk around in circles for a long time similar to an ox or horse etc… grinding wheat
c) Locked in stocks
9) Throat
a) Had adenoids and tonsils removed as a child about the same time as chin operation was done

The report carries on with many more pages including medical and dental records here [2]

Alternative Forensics D Farthing

My name is Renee Emmanuel, formerly known as Maureen Joan Marshall, nee Farthing & I am Daniel John Graham Farthing’s Younger sister, born on the 22nd April 1962.
I hereby declare that the following statement of abuses that I witnessed happening to my Brother Daniel, are true and accurate and I have included what was said in my Victorian Police Statement dated, 23.02.2006.
From my Victorian Police Statement dated, 23.02.2006, Paragraphs 12,14, 18, and 24.
Excerpts attached.
Paragraph 12: On the 21st October 1966 both Daniel & I along with our family were taken to an occult meeting at Melbourne Picture Theatre in which Daniel was threatened to be killed.
Paragraph 14: Daniel received massive blows with an object to both his hands & right leg.
Paragraph 18: Daniel was hit til he was unconscious.
Paragraph 24: Severe emotional abuse done to Daniel, as Daniel would have to be present when I was sexually abused.
And the following information is other severe abuses done to Daniel John Graham Farthing that I also witnessed.
From the age of 2 years old, I saw Daniel every time that he was put into a bath by our mother,Thelma Quinn, nee Farthing, our mother would try and drown him. Daniel’s head was held under water for long periods of time, to the point that there were times he was not breathing for a short
time when his head was pulled out of the water. With this our mother screamed many obscenities at Daniel.
Early 2005 in a phone conversation that I had with our father, Leonard Farthing and in person when I visited him with my full time Carer, Michael John Mathews in late December 2004, at a Caravan Park, 7 Hollyrood Street, Maryborough. Victoria, our father clearly stated that on one occasion when he came home from work that he found our mother holding Daniel under a cold water tap in the backyard in the middle of winter in North Sunshine, Victoria. lt was very cold and our father said
that he heard our mother screaming abuse at Danielfor shitting his pants and that Daniel was blue with cold and crying.
Whilst we both Michael Mathews & I were staying at Maryborough Caravan Park for a few days, our father also told us that Daniel’s & my eldest brother Anthony George Leonard Farthing is still raping small children & that his wife Glenys Farthing assists him with this.
Daniel & my eldest brother, Anthony George Leonard Farthing has in front of me on many occasions during our childhoods, thumped into Daniel with fists or any objects that Anthony could lay his hands on at the time, e.g.: cricket bat, tennis racket, would be used to thump into Daniel’s arms,
chest and back. Daniel would cry and was in a lot of pain from these multiple thumping’s.
Our grandfather named, George Harmer would also anally rape Daniel & use a belt with a metal buckle to whip into Danielafter Daniel kicked holes in walls.
ln the house that we grew up in were both our maternal grandparents, mother, father (when he visited) & abused and a great aunt called Myra Harmer. AII the women, the great aunt, grandmother & mother would consistently fondle Daniel’s genitals and making him sexually aroused as only a small boy, this I also witnessed from the age of 2 years old and Daniel was 4 years old and already disabled from the physical abuses done to him.
Sexual abuse was also done to Daniel by an uncle, named Alan King (father’s side of family) who would also come to the house and I witnessed anal rape to Daniel from this uncle, and anal rape done by an Alsatian male dog. This was done with much mauling from the dog.
This same uncle would also come to the house to discipline any/all children including Daniel who were not being obedient to insane demands from our family; the discipline was done in the form of
torture, drugging, raping, physical abuses, rapes & above mentioned bestiality.
I witnessed on many occasions our great aunt; grandmother and mother add a white powder to jars of baby food that were for Daniel to eat.
Our family are also part of a global organised network of the occult, (simply means: hidden) and at Pine Lodge in lnverloch, Victoria where we were taken for Christmas & Easter Holidays, I witnessed on many occasions Daniel in the ‘doll’s hospital’ section of coven meetings with 2 distant cousins named, “old dolly & young dolly” both their real names are: Dorothy, they are a mother and daughter team to torture children born into this multi generational network.
With this they would insert fish hooks into Daniel’s hands and feet and hang Daniel up as a young disabled child by fishing line, they then called Daniel: “Pinocchio”.
Daniel was drugged and severely traumatised with this particular abuse and further to this when we came back from the holidays to the house we grew up in, this abuse would be emphasised by playing on a 45 vinyl single record the song: Puppet on a string. This was to remind Daniel to
behave like “Pinocchio”.
Daniel John Graham Farthing has endured much physical, unnatural sexual, mental, emotional & spiritual abuse when in the “care” of our family.
Approx when Daniel was 10 years old he was put into State care & was moved into Kew Cottages, Victoria and for approx 7 years I came with our mother every second Sunday to visit Daniel, during this time I was hoping that Daniel was now in a safe caring place, but unfortunately I witnessed his physical health deteriorate much, as he had been so severely treated by our family, that he needed to be cared for with hand feeding, as he could no longer help him himself with eating, and he needed a full time carer at that point in his life, which was not available in Kew Cottages.
I have also included with my witness of abuses done to Daniel John Graham Farthing a copy my new Birth Certificate, with my name change to Renee Emmanuel, and that I have sent it to Daniel’s Case Worker at xxxxxxx, Cranbourne, Victoria (where Daniel Farthing now lives in State Care).
I sent a copy of this on the 16.03.2010 along with some of the abuses done to children in our family, including another older brother & sister that were murdered by our mother.

The rest of the forensics on Daniel Farthing including x rays and medical evidence are here [3]

Please note that victims of abuse may be triggered by reading this information. The Sanctuary for the Abused [A] has advice on how to prevent triggers. National Association for People Abused in Childhood [B] has a freephone helpline and has links to local support groups. Other useful sites are One in Four [C] and Havoca [D]. Useful post on Triggers [E] from SurvivorsJustice [F] blog. Jim Hoppers pages on Mindfulness [G] and Meditation [H] may be useful.


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[A] Sanctuary for the Abused


[C] One in Four

[D] Havoca

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[F] SurvivorsJustice Blog

[G] Jim Hopper Mindfulness

[H] Jim Hopper Meditation

This is all written in good faith but if there is anything that needs to be corrected please email cathyfox

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