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16.12.2014 – Never Forget Pakistan’s Doomsday APS Attack

CWNJWY0W4AAw_r216.12.2014. We will never forget.

Pakistan’s darkest day that I had ever had the misfortune to be alive to witness, the day when even Heavens cried as its doors were open to receive 144 small souls arriving from a stunned and shocked country Pakistan. Humanity’s lowest low ebb came as the nefarious evil monsters the Tehrik-i-Taliban Pakistan’s group entered s high school APS, Peshawar, using paramilitary uniforms and played a game so brutal that it will stay alive in the minds of all Pakistanis regardless of where we are.

The TTP held siege the school for more than 9 hours, and in horror as we looked upon helpless their bloody carnage resulted into 150 deaths, with age groups ranging from children as young as four to eighteen along with their teachers and school principal. This has been the deadliest terrorist attackever to occur in Pakistan, surpassing the 2007 Karachi bombing, according to news agencies and commentators, the nature and preparation of the attack was very similar to that of the Beslan school hostage crisis that occurred in the North Ossetia–Alania region of the Russian Federation in 2004.

The shameless TTP’s spokesman Muhammad Omar Khorasani said that “we targeted the school because the Army targets our families. We want them to feel our pain. Our six fighters successfully entered the Army school and we are giving them instructions from outside,” said Khorasani by phone. Khorasani also said “Our suicide bombers have entered the school and this is a revenge attack for the Army offensive in North Waziristan.” Later on TTP claimed on the contrary by putting out a statement saying, “More than 50 sons of important army officers were killed after being identified.” This horrifying attack on Pakistani soil was mainly coordinated by TTP leaders operating in Afghanistan, the group was led by the terrorist, Abu Shamil who planned the attacks, accompanied by three Arabs and two Afghans who spoke Pashto and were from Eastern Afghanistan.

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The international world also reacted to the events that took place on 16.12.2014 in Pakistan and have expressed solidarity with the people of Pakistan who are stuck in this cycle of terrorism and losses of APS School students. The twitter hashtag #PeshawarAttack has seen then become the topmost trending hashtag across the world with over 350,000 tweets and statements from people, heads of state and celebrities.

Pakistan has been bleeding for years now, and so have we Pakistanis but no nation in the world should be forced to be so brave as to going to the extent to sacrifice its children in acts of such mindless violence. We will never forget this event and we will honor our martyrs. Today, is the first anniversary of this horrifying event and Pakistan honors the innocent blood and martyrdom of the ones we lost in this attack.

P.S: Taliban, don’t worry, the Pakistani authorities are coming for you soon or later.


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