A generation of Stabbers

Two months in this bloody shed of knives and bullets, it is only getting worse. Everyone failed to analyze the situation building on the assessments of the hundreds if not thousands of reports and need assessments that have been injected in the lives of this nation for the last two decades in different projects types and sizes.

What everyone failed to realize, that all what was done was performed and applied successfully on a generation of Oslo consumers not Oslo generation.

My generation, that’s of the first intifada that seriously and genuinely believed it ignited the first flash in the liberation movement after years of denial and marginalization to the cause. Is the same generation that accepted Oslo as compensation to the lost dream and the disappointment of the consequence of a real strive for liberation that really accompanied those years? People, who spent years and decades in prisons for their plight, found themselves not just heroes but on top of decision making positions and those years of sacrifice were compensated with high positions and fixed salaries. Families who lost a son, a husband, a brother, a father, secured a lifetime positions and salaries in leading positions and benefits. Many kept the pain of the loss in their hearts and minds and refused the compensation, and many became the strong shield of the new leaders of the Palestinian nation. At the beginning, former prisoners, former fighters, former, refugees, …where welcomed and embraced with great passion and full convincing that they deserved a payback. There was no suspicion that the nation, the cause will be a second demand or priority. Somewhere the gap increased between the people, and the new reality that was formed after Oslo. The new form of leadership that comprised of former exiled, prisoners, and fighters. The naivety of this people is the key component to its continuous miseries.

I strongly believe that there is a consensus today among the Palestinians that the outcome of Oslo that can only be defined by corruption, hostility, inequity and of course a complete loss of territorial landscape is not coincidently related to the very leadership that took charge from exile.

It is also not a coincident that the years of prisons or months or days were compensated for those who stayed.

From one side this is understandable and legitimate, from another side; the result is understandable and illegitimate.

In-between there is a generation that was produced. Those, the outcomes of disappointed people who finally realized that Oslo was never intended for the welfare of the Palestinians, and whether those involved in forming it from the Palestinian side are absolute naivetés or collaborators it doesn’t matter anymore. This new generation of the real people of the first intifada that included all the population form all cities and villages. That generation of a nation that mobilized it within itself in a real courageous heroic act couldn’t but produce a generation with the genes of pride and anxiousness to freedom. Even if we the parents were corrupt with the new system that mobilized our consuming side. This generation managed to wire itself within those tubes that we locked inside us.

It is no wonder that a Palestinian who lived all his life on this land, in a city, a village or refugee camp, is different than the Palestinian who grew up in exile and turned on the boats that roamed in the sea of the desert within a moving sand. The sense of illusion and delusion of a history of struggle that was implemented on the ground, and that of history of exile, which sea was nothing but a mirage in a desert.

The unexpected numbers of young girls and boys, young men and women, taking a knife and roaring fiercely in the face of an occupier is a striking scene that everyone is refusing to see for what it is.

It is the only normal sign of a nation that is still breathing life.

It is a scream against inequity. A scream against corruption.

It is a refusal to life of oppression. It is a refusal to a life of a loss of a cause.

It is a consensus on the failure of a pretentious peace. It is a consensus on the failure of a pretentious state.

The reaction on the street, mixed with sadness and fulfillment.

Loss and victory.

Despair and hope.

The complexity of the Palestinian life is being responded to by a Palestinian child … who maybe have been fed with dreams of liberation and a homeland on the couches of the closed living rooms, of a father who remembers throwing a stone and a mother who remembers filling a barrel with stones and covering it with a sheet pretending to pass by an Israeli checkpoint. A child who grew up on PlayStation and video games, with notions of good and evil. Warriors and defeaters. Movies of tom cruise and Angelina Jolie, where regardless to the means you use, the violence, the crimes you implement, the number of people you kill. Nothing counts in the name of justice. Of good winning evil.

It is as much as the Israeli, the American, see tom cruise and Angelina in their soldiers. These children decided to make their own stories of heroic stories.

These children are an outcome of a security system that wasn’t created to protect them. An authority that wasn’t formed to serve them. An apartheid regime that has been mobilizing since its creation to exclude, secludes, separate and kill.

These children have been witnessing the deaths of their friends, colleagues and neighbors.

These children have lost fathers, brothers, and mothers and loved ones.

These children have been used as shields by occupation soldiers and as numbers for bigger compensations by the Palestinian leadership.

These children have been walking to schools for al what they know in their young lives through a checkpoint, or by jumping over a wall, or running through a field to avoid a settler that may shoot or lynch, or a soldier who may abuse and oppress.

These children have been witnessing homes being demolished and families being displaced.

These children have been witnessing inequity and expulsion.

These children have been witnessing prison becoming an unavoidable destination in the path of occupation. For a wrong move, or an unintended statement.

These children have been suffocated with burdens of an aspiration to a freedom. Like an inheritance, or a will … they very much aspire to achieve.

These children have been carried away with the disappointment, with despair, with rage that turned them into ninja fighters in their heads filled with despair and…

by carrying a kitchen knife, or a paper scissor, or a broken wooden ruler….

have become a new generation of stabbers…

A generation of children leaving behind bereaving mothers and fathers … whose lives will always be damned in an eternal sorrow and despair … a bereaved nation that will always think of them and remember it’s weakness, it’s inability, it’s humiliation that a child in the age of roses has to bleed for a nation of despair.

These children are not sacrificing their lives for the liberty of a nation. They are washing the subservience of a generation that brought them to life, and their bodies will always be a reminder of a leadership that fed itself and the people with servility and pretentious lies of a nation that can live peacefully with freedom.

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