Why Abolish The UN?

The UN is in the news more and more but there are those that want to ban it….my take on that idea….

I know that one of the biggest bitches on the Right is that of the United Nations…..their problem is that they say it is an ineffective organization…..and then there are those that think it is the “One World Government” that we have been warned about….mostly the warnings came from those nut jobs of the Right…..

But to be honest it is an ineffective organization……mostly because of the Security Council…… 15 members: five permanent members with veto power and ten non-permanent members, elected by the General Assembly for a two-year term. And the rub…..any vote can be nullified by a NO vote from any one of the 5 permanent members….and those are….US, France, UK, China, Russia….there is the problem. When was the last time those 5 agreed on anything?

No matter what the situation is there will be a NO vote from one of the 5 permanent members…NOTHING will get done….no matter the urgency.

There is a movement to change this situation…..

Dozens of nations signed on to a French proposal on Wednesday that the five permanent members of the United Nations Security Council refrain from exercising their veto in cases of mass atrocities and genocide.

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Source: Dozens of nations back French appeal to limit use of U.N. veto | Reuters

It is a start but I would like to see the whole process of one member being able to complete kill any measures be eliminated…….totally eliminated.

It is moronic to allow one vote to kill any progress in the international realm…..

But if that is too hard to accomplish then maybe it is time to consider a new United Nations……

October 24 marked the 70th birthday of the United Nations. The U.N. Charter came into effect when ratified by a majority of the 50 original signatories and the five permanent members of the Security Council (China, France, the Soviet Union, the United Kingdom and the United States). The ratification process, like the U.N. itself, combined hope for a better future with a large membership and power politics. Although the U.N. is not a perfect institution, it provides enormous net benefits to the world and to the United States.

Created in the shadow of the Second World War, the purpose of the United Nations was to prevent war and sow the seeds of peace. Speaking at the conclusion of the convention that drafted the U.N. Charter in San Francisco in 1945, President Harry S Truman stressed, “Experience has shown how deeply the seeds of war are planted by economic rivalry and by social injustice. The charter recognizes this fact for it has provided for economic and social cooperation as well. It has provided for this cooperation as part of the very heart of the entire compact.”

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Either way….there is something fundamentally wrong with the UN…..I have given two examples to improve the track record of the organization……if you have a good idea….then please share it here and we will talk about it……

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