The Utmost Arrogance of “Assad Must Go”

This monotonous mantra has echoed endlessly in halls of power throughout the US-led imperium. In Washington, London, Riyadh, Doha, Ankara, and Tel Aviv, its chant has droned on for years, heedless of developments.

Al Qaeda and ISIS leading the anti-Assad insurgency? Assad must go. And we will risk future terror attacks on the American homeland to make it so.

ISIS declares a Caliphate incorporating its conquests in eastern Syria and western Iraq? Assad must go. And we will risk the further destabilization of the entire Middle East to make it so.

Russian fighter jets enter Syria to fight Al Qaeda and ISIS and save Assad? Assad must go. And we will risk military incidents that could escalate to a nuclear world war to make it so.

Source: The Utmost Arrogance of “Assad Must Go”

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