BRITTIUS REPORT: ‘ Imbeciles misusing firearms: Try that in the Marines, and see what happens to them ?

My high school gym teachers were Golden Glove Champions and one, was US Navy Overall Heavyweight Champion 1945. They taught us to fight. Out school required us to carry pocket knives for shop classes, and never was there a knife incident.

If anything, we fought like men, and we took our lumps, while training. God bless those teachers (all teachers, one and all). We were taught to be men, before we graduated high school. Bring the physical training back, complete with medicine ball, logs for line lifting. All the stuff that builds up strength of a farmer. Then work on the brain, training it in Good Citizenship. I do not like this 21st century, at all. Why God put me into this century, I have no clue, because what I read, watch, or listen to, of news, only saddens me.

Imbeciles misusing firearms. Try that in the Marines, and see what happens to them. (…Yep, that’s what will happen to them.)

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