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Emphasis being placed on government passively pro-active, when for example, steering column locks were enacted, theft was ticked lower. When I was a cop, screwdrivers were common possessions of criminals to break ignition key switches, then, some criminals carried their own keyed ignition switches and a metal punch tool which popped the lock pin, and the criminal inserted their own switch that they had a set of keys for, and the crime was nearly undetectable.

Later, hammers were used as the US government mandated metal steering columns were bad, never thinking of buckling a seat-belt, and plastic steering columns were simply smashed with a hammer and a screwdriver inserted to unlock the column and start the vehicle.

Opportunity, reside within the soul of the individual, whether their intentions are good or evil, not that any arse, would stoop as occasion presented itself.

Integrity & Character.

When I transported prisoners to be lodged, often myself, another cop, and a wagon driver, with 25 or 30 males on a daisy chain cuffed only by one wrist. They think that they are tough at times, so I would establish whom, is Boss. I would carry on in typical Marine Corp fashion, and it always worked. Some other cops belly ached, that I was too hard, but cops that were veterans, understood. I never had any real problems with any of the prisoners, never. Few cried, and were not used to discipline, but many, understood. I would have headcount and sound off their number. Eyes forward.

I did not give anyone permission to look at me, get those eyes off me. No talking. Do you understand? They would all loudly call, “Yes, Sir!”. In return, I always marked their transport slip, “Polite. Cooperative. Good Manners. Well Behaved”, and sign my name and shield number to the paperwork. It helped the prisoners when the judge reviewed all of the paperwork. Defence attorneys did question me at times but then understood that it was for their client’s best interest and the attorneys, thanked me.

More than “opportunity”, or passive government intrusion, Integrity, and Character, can never, be substituted.

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