Why Muslims Refuse To Answer These Questions?

Welcome readers and followers of news room featured writers, this is my first post and l wanted to ask questions:

1)Did Islam bring a single new teaching in it’s entire Quran?

2)What is it?

3)Can Islam as a religion survive if the Muslim Countries decided to separate religion and State?

4)Why Muslim women are forbidden to pray in a mosque next to men?

5)Why a Muslim women considered 1/2 a Muslim man according to the Quran?

6)Why women are considered deficient in reason and believes?

7)Why a Muslim man can marry and remarry unlimited times ?

8)Why a Muslim man can divorce his wife but she can’t.

9)Do Muslim get married to virgins in Muslim paradise and who does the ceremony ?Chapters,5 and 34.

10)Why Sunni and Shiat hate and despise each other.

If Muslim’s dare to answer one of these question they will condemn themselves .

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