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Serving Western Style Democracy by Bombs & Invasions of Sovereign Nations


“The West always brags that its own democracy is a ‘universal value’ and denies any other form of democracy.” 

The western style of democracy by aggressive military assistance as bombs and ballots have helped decades long violence and turmoil in countries like Afghanistan, Egypt, Iraq and recent African conflicts.

The reality is that; imperial style of Western democracy did not suit the whole world but sovereign countries are forced to bow down the USA, NATO etc. And frankly people need to get over the idea that the third world is in need of lessons from the west on what democracy.

The cold harsh message is clear: no one has the right of self-defense against such terrorist attacks. The US and allies are arrogant terrorist states by right which can do what ever they wish in any X, Y, X country. And this is the unchallengeable doctrine.

Take the example of Libya, where such state sponsored terrorism was legitimized by the NATO invasion and occupation for a forced “rebirth” of the country. We saw a somewhat similar repeat to Iraq and Afghanistan, but the result was equally devastating for those who have a conscience. Those sitting in west continue to term the military intervention as a “universal success for democracy” but nothing can change the fact that this was a colonial crusade by white nations. Yes, the pretext was protection of civilians in Libya, but the delivery was far more killing as this is a warning to the Arab world and Africa.

Today Libya is overrun by militias,  the chaos has already spilled into other countries and a regional civil war is brewing. But all those hailing such interventions are silent on the outcome of this war where an entire nation was forcefully destabilized, destroyed and the Libyan people driven into abysmal poverty.

I fear, Libya will surely continue its descent into mayhem whereas responsible for these consequences of their war continue to enjoy absolute diplomatic immunity and are already gathering for another military action not far from Libya.

Allah Al-Mighty save us from such saviours and their horrifying definitions of democracy that rob millions of innocent people of their dignity, national freedom and self-determination.

Original on July.11 on  The Writer from the East

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