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In The Shadow Of Bosnia

From the old fingers of Chuq

Bosnia?  Does anyone remember the Bosnian War of 1992?  It came at a time when the Balkans were having a hard time with the break-up of the old Yugoslavia.

In 1992 hundreds of Bosnian Muslims and Croats were forced to flee their homes and many were systematically executed by Serbs…….but to be fair the Muslims did it also and the Croats retaliated….all created a helluva humanitarian crisis (key word for intervention)……..all this ethnic cleansing set up the region for a massive intervention from Western countries……

But first what is ethnic cleansing according to the UN?  Ethnic cleansing “is a purposeful policy designed by one ethnic or religious group to remove by violent and terror-inspiring means the civilian population of another ethnic or religious group from certain geographic areas”.

The West joins in the fight and for 3 years an armed conflict ensued before a peace could be found to settle the region down. (If more info is needed may I suggest Google would be a good place to begin)

With that very short history lesson I am sure my readers would like to know where we go from there, right?

We are all aware of the problems in the Middle East…..especially in Syria and Iraq with the fight against the extremist group, ISIS…….and that is a problem for the whole world but beyond the fight there is a simmering pot that may make Bosnia look like a picnic.

Most people that keep up with the news and especially the war raging then they are aware the the Sunni do not like the Shi’a and vice versa…..they may know that the Kurds do not like either of those two and then there are other minorities that feel the pinch by the Sunni/Shi’a hostitlities…….

Coming out of Iraq last week was yet another report of Shi’a militias exacted retribution on locals after the defeat of ISIS…….as written……..

As Iraq’s Shi’ite militias take over Sunni Arab towns north of Baghdad and the Kurdistan Regional Government (KRG) expands its domain southward, they are increasingly running up against one another, and two major allies in the war against ISIS are quickly finding themselves in another shooting war, with each other.

The latest dispute erupted in the Diyala Province, between Kurdish-held Jalawla and Shi’ite controlled Saadiya. The Kurds reportedly tried to dig a trench separating the two towns and reflecting their efforts to increase the borders of their autonomous region, and a clash erupted.

Sunnis are caught between the two feuding factions……

How long before this becomes a shooting war between the Sunni, the Shi’a, the Kurds and any other minority that feels it is being targeted…..each faction retaliating against any one that comes near their homes?

ISIS is already cleansing anyone not Muslim or Sunni salafist to include Christians, Assyrians, Chaldean, Yazidis, etc……..where will this end?

Human Rights (OHCHR) released a comprehensive study of human rights violations committed by both IS and pro-Iraqi forces. The Islamic State, OHCHR concluded, has likely committed genocide against the Yazidis, a ethno-religious minority in Iraq, in a catalogue of war crimes and crimes against humanity that include gang-rape and sexual slavery. But OHCHR’s language is equally unambiguous in condemning the other side on the battlefield: “Throughout the summer of 2014,” the report noted, “[PMUs], other volunteers and [Shiite] militia moved from their southern heartlands towards [Islamic State]-controlled areas in central and northern Iraq. While their military campaign against the group gained ground, the militias seem to operate with total impunity, leaving a trail of death and destruction in their wake.”

In the war against ISIS Syria has not been spared from actions bordering on ethnic cleansing…….this from ABC News…….

More than a dozen Syrian rebel and militant groups on Monday accused the country’s main Kurdish militia of committing “ethnic cleansing” against Arabs and Turkmen in northern Syria, a charge strongly denied by the Kurds.

“YPG forces … have implemented a new sectarian and ethnic cleansing campaign against Sunni Arabs and Turkmen under the cover of coalition airstrikes which have contributed bombardment, terrorizing civilians and forcing them to flee their villages,” the statement issued by rebel and militant groups said.

There are many other reports coming out of the region, some confirmed others not so, that point to a problem growing……and a problem that will become uglier and uglier and will most likely involve the rest of the world to end the practice of ethnic cleansing.

Another international problem is the use of a humanitarian crisis to escalate war powers by Western nations…….this situation will not end well for anyone……especially the US of A.

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Iraq: Fracturing a Nation

In the glorious year of our Lord, 2003 we as a nation took it upon ourselves to invade then occupy a sovereign nation, Iraq………the invasion was based on a collection of circumstances, right or wrong, that made it imperative that the nation should be invaded and its leader, Saddam, killed.  And so it began.

Once GW had declared that we had won the war we set about doing what we do best……f*cking up a wet dream.  Early on then Sen. Biden suggested that Iraq should be divided into 3 states, a federal type of country, divided along Sunni, Shi’a and Kurd lines.

Of course he caught flack over his proposal………as the ‘victory’ dragged on and violence was a daily occurrence it became clear that the 3 state thing may not be as bad as once thought.  But still there was no movement to set this up and as the idea stalled the sectarian violence grew… region was exempt.

While the US struggled to get a handle on the violence the Kurds were quietly setting up their own little state within a state…….as the relative calm of the Kurdish region was noticed the government slowly started seeing that they became their own little state to include an off hand recognition by the US.

Obama once elected seem to imply that we had won….again and since no deal was finalized the US forces starting leaving… Obama had promised during his campaign.  As we left the violence started all over again and within this violence emerged ISIS.

Once ISIS,  which started its push in Syria,  got its toehold the violence was back and with a vengeance…..once it, ISIS, created the humanitarian crisis with the Yazidis the US sprang into action and we were off to the races in Iraq……again!

That brief history of the Iraq situation has been brought to you by the  ‘geniuses’  within the State and Defense Departments.

There is a reason that I have regurgitated the events in Iraq……what Joe Biden had proposed in 2004 (?) may be what will actually happen……..Jason Ditz reported on……..

In an attempt to limit the prospects for overseas meddling, US law requires foreign military aid to be delivered direct to host countries, as opposed to just any old armed faction the US wants to throw weapons at.

That might seem like a straightforward rule, but House Republicans are seeing a pretty straightforward way to circumvent it, announcing their intention to declare Iraqi Kurdistan, as well as some Iraqi Sunni Arab militias, as “countries” of their own for the sake of aid shipments.

The latest defense bill includes $715 million in military aid to Iraq to fight ISIS, and seeks to give 25% of that to the Kurdish Peshmerga and a series of Sunni factions, some of which haven’t even been created yet.

What Mr. Ditz is talking about is the new U.S. National Defense Authorization Bill which, in Section 1223, calls for the recognition of Sunni and Kurdish militias as “a country” for direct armament and assistance……… essence it breaks Iraq into parts, the Sunni, the Kurd and the Shi’a who already get millions for being the official national government.

I believe that this move flies in the face of the whole “Iraqi unity” thing… that I mean the existence of Iraq as a single country.

Could this be the beginning of Iraq as a single nation?  Is this interfering with Iraqi political atmosphere?

Could it be a trial run for financing conflicts worldwide?  Is it an expansion of American interventionism?

The big question is…..who will benefit the most with this attempt?

These are questions that need asking……these are question whose answers will never see the light of day.

What international relations could not do…..the US budget will do…….add fuel to the fire of the destruction of Iraq…….the nation of Iraq teeters on the edge of destruction and if it falls apart then the world cannot place all the blame on the people……for the US Congress will be more to blame than anything the Iraqi people may have done.

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