EUROZONE: ‘ Just Like a Pack of Cards – Jokers & Ace’s Beginning & the End as EU Countries are Brought to Their Creditors Knees ‘

For too long now the Eurozone and their leaders have called the hallowed tune by offering countries money and creating indebtedness above their level of GDP.

As this post says – it could take just ‘ one joker in the pack ‘ to bring the whole of the house of cards to fall down. Then just as ‘ Humpty Dumpty‘ a debt balance of negativity will not be rebuilt again.

As Greece has moved from a point of paying in part, just being able to keep the wolf from the door. With greedy players in the pack, baying at their ankles to take hold of their countries assets, then negotiation after negotiation leads to just managing another part payment.

This as any other country that owes have more and more interest added daily, this starts to compound their deeper indebtedness, thus leading to a greater and greater imbalance – in their balance of payments.

So a time will come and with it the whole damn pack of cards must fall, as the story always goes from the beginning of time to the end. It takes just one and this one will be the big one. Built from ‘ time and memorial ‘ bringing not one but every country – not just before their creditors – but before God to answer to their crimes of immorality, theft and lying to the people – who they purport to lead.

So my dear readers l leave you with this parable:  If a farmer grows food to feed his family, while his neighbour starves, then he is not a farmer.

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