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Sen. Warren: A True Populist Answer?

I will admit that I have like Eliz. Warren since her time running the Consumer Protection thingy…….I thought then that she was a perfect spokesperson for those of us that are truly on the Left…….

There have been rumblings that she may challenge Clinton in 2016……personally, I would love to see her run……Clinton will not get my support simply because she will be too much in the same vain as Bubba and for those that have been paying attention he was the one that lead the charge that resulted in the crash of 2008…..

There are many in the DNC that do not want her to run simply because she will take the spotlight off  Clinton and pundits cannot handle that after the scenario they have constructed for the last couple of years….

There are some logical reasons why Warren may not run……this from a piece in the National Journal written by Emma Roller………the reasons for Warren not to run are weak approval of Congress, no Senate leader was won nomination since Dole and Warren’s new job may be a great way for her to promote her more-liberal policy proposals within her party. And in return, her party will get to hitch its wagon to her star. That association with the establishment isn’t a political problem for Warren the senator; she’s in a relatively safe seat, and she has a clear philosophical vision for her party. But it does dampen the chances of us seeing Warren the Presidential Candidate emerge any time soon.

For me all these are just lame excuses to help promote Clinton for 2016…..some of these so-called democratic pundits are just a lame attempt to shorten the list of possible challengers to Clinton.

The new spending bill was a piece of crap and a covert attempt by the GOP and its co-conspirators in the Dem Congress….leading the charge against the bill was Warren……

(Newser) – The House and Senate need to pass a spending bill by midnight to avoid a shutdown, and things have gotten more complicated because of opposition by progressives led by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, reports the Hill. Warren says a deal struck by leaders includes a provision that would weaken new rules on Wall Street, and she called on House Democrats to remove the measure before sending it to the Senate. “Who does Congress work for?” she asked on the Senate floor. “Does it work for the millionaires, the billionaires, the giant companies with their armies of lobbyists and lawyers, or does it work for all the people?”

The provision she’s worried about would ease rules on derivatives trading put in place under the Dodd-Frank reform law and let “Wall Street gamble with taxpayer money,” she says. Former Rep. Barney Frank himself returned to the spotlight to call it a “stealth attack” on his namesake law. Nancy Pelosi also voiced concern about the measure, but wasn’t asking members to oppose the bill, adds the Washington Post. House Republicans still think they have enough support from Republicans and Democrats to pass the overall bill today, reports Politico. Warren wouldn’t say how far she’d go to oppose the measure if it reaches the Senate floor.

Before the true Left opposition was Sen. Bernie Sanders  and was the only voice that stood for the Middle Class and the Poor… he has someone to watch his back…..Elizabeth Warren.

Warren has the guts to stand for her principles…..not something too many can say in Congress these days.

Personally, I would like to see her challenge Clinton…..not simply because I like her but because the reasons that she has what it takes to run…….1) Clinton’s poll numbers are staring to decline, 2)someone on the Left has to challenge Clinton, 3) her stands fit the mood of the people (not the people that all politicians pretend to care about, but the real mood of the country), 4) finally why not?  She has nothing to lose by running and it would prepare her for the future… she could pull the candidate further to the Left and make others face the issues they ignore beyond some tagline to grab some attention.

Warren would make an excellent candidate……and a better president.

More to come!  Stay Tuned!

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