`One Day We All Become A Commodity of Sort’s ‘

People have already become  ‘ Commodity of Sorts ‘ useful when Contributing to Society, though ‘ Surplusto Requirements when we cost too much to keep.

Fundamentally l believe that the essence of law has to be absolutely right. Though the essence of the laws and control over people has changed over the past 6 years dramatically, and even sped up as a result of 2008, revelations.

This was followed by Edward Snowden and thereafter the NSA and spying scandals.

Society see’s the  ‘Commodity of Sorts ‘ as useful for now, but when our health fails and  we cost the state more than we are adding to the economy, we are surplus to requirements.

So as the population increases beyond our planet’s resources, we are no longer useful to society, as our family grow up and leave the nest, consumerism is not the major reason for our existence, thus we are surplus to the advertising media’s wile’s.

We do not want and by not wanting we cannot be controlled, either with or without knowing, as more and the devil’s hand reaches out to grab the last vestitude of our soul’s.

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