‘ A State Of Palestine?

My answer to that question is….DAMN TIME!

There is a massive movement for the world to recognize the state of Palestine.  It is beyond time for the world to step up and do the right thing and give Palestinians what they richly deserve.

There are some excellent reason that this should become set in stone…..

Five Reasons to Recognise a Palestinian State | European Council on Foreign Relations.

But as normal the cowards of the West are not so hot for there to be a state of Palestine….from UK’s Independent…..

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu today mounted a last-ditch effort to thwart a Palestinian and Arab bid to pass a UN Security Council resolution calling for Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank within two years.

Mr Netanyahu met US Secretary of State John Kerry in Rome to lobby for an American veto after issuing statements ruling out any such withdrawal, even if it is passed by the Security Council.

“There are efforts to dictate terms which harm the security of Israel and do not bring peace,” said Mr Netanyahu. “We will repel every effort like this, which will only bring the terrorism to the heart of the country.” Mr Netanyahu said on Sunday that if Israel were to pull out of the West Bank, Islamic extremists would reach “the suburbs of Tel Aviv and the heart of Jerusalem”.

Palestinian leaders then decided to submit the resolution to the Security Council, while today Mr Kerry is to confer in London with Arab League and Palestinian diplomats. They will ask Mr Kerry to break from decades of the US shielding Israel in the Security Council and urge that it not use its veto if a majority on the body supports the resolution on Wednesday. It remains unclear what the wording of the resolution will actually be and whether a watered-down version could gain US acquiescence.

In recent weeks, France, along with Britain and Germany, have formulated an alternative resolution. It does not call for an Israeli withdrawal from the West Bank within two years but rather sets a two-year deadline for the conclusion of negotiations that are to be resumed between Israel and the Palestinians leading to a two-state solution to the conflict. Unrest in Jerusalem

And as usual the US will do whatever Israel tells them to do.……and apparently so will the UK and the EU………EU lawmakers stopped short on Tuesday of proposing a joint motion urging EU members to recognize a state of Palestine, settling instead on a compromise resolution that peace talks should progress, converging with Israel’s stance on the matter.

Palestinians are not disillusioned by the powers that are trying desperately to preserve Israel’s control of the West Bank……

RAMALLAH, West Bank (AP) — Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas will push for a U.N. Security Council vote this week on a resolution setting a November 2016 deadline for ending the Israeli occupation

The Palestinians seek a state in the West Bank, the Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem, lands Israel captured in 1967. The U.N. General Assembly recognized such a state as an observer in 2012. Parliaments of several European countries have in recent weeks recommended to their governments to recognize a state.

The US vote on this could go a long way to lessen the tensions in the Middle East.…but that is not in the cards for the US is a SLAVE to Israel and the Military-Industrial Complex……..I mean SLAVE in every sense of the word!

Time for the US to stop pussy footing’ around and do the right thing.…..Palestine needs to be recognized for what it is…..the homeland of the Palestinian people……time to put them on equal footing with the Israelis…..you want a peace deal then there is NO better way to show it than the recognition of the state of PALESTINE!

The US tone is blatantly condescending…..they put on a concerned face but that is all it is….a face……

Most notable piece of BS came from Kerry…….

“Right now what we are trying to do is have a constructive conversation with everybody to find the best way forward,” he said, while being careful not to interfere in the Israeli political campaign. “We want to find the most constructive way of doing something that therefore will not have unintended consequences, but also can stem the violence,”

That is doublespeak and is an out right LIE.……what could be more constructive than the recognition of the state of Palestine?

If the US could find the cajoles to go against the anti-Castro lobby then maybe they could grow a pair and buck the Israel lobbyy….wishful thinking I know…….all these games played by Israel and the US will do NOTHING but insure more violence……..and Israel could not be happier.

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The Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem is the cornerstone of Christianity in the western world and its construction was followed by erection of other famous religious edifices in Jerusalem, Constantinople, and Rome. Bethlehem is the acknowledged birthplace of Jesus Christ and accordingly represents the early foundation of Christianity on the ground, the narrative of his birth in Nazareth. The church was constructed in 326 AD, following the facilitation for its construction by Queen Helena. Queen Helena was the mother of Constantine the Great…

Constantine the Great, a/k/an Emperor of Rome had consolidated Christianity by way of the first ecumenical council (Council of Nicaea) in 325 AD under Roman Catholic domination. Emperor Constantine was a recent convert to Christianity following his mystical vision of the cross, which he attributed to his victory in the battle to unite Rome. Hence, Christianity became infused in the battle cry of the conquering Roman Empire going forward, as outlined in the historical narrative of secular and the history of Christianity in the western world.

There is interesting irony in the fact that Constantine, a new convert to Christianity was able to convene all of the bishops in world Christendom at the Council of Nicaea, under the circumstances… The Roman Empire had a colourful history spanning the previous 300 years of persecuting and crucifying Christians. Constantine reportedly converted to the faith in 312 AD, and in 313 AD, he signed the Treaty of Milan, which halted the persecution of Christians and confiscation of their property. Subsequently, the emperor in 325 AD was inspired to convene the first ecumenical council, which was obviously an intriguing proposition offered to his invited participants.

The council resulted with the bifurcation of world Christianity in the framework of eastern and western divide. The western historical narrative is a linear process wherein the Roman Catholic Church was dominant for 1500 years, until the advent of the Protestant Reformation, and current day denominational Christianity. The Protestant Reformation occurred in conjunction with the “age of enlightenment” in Europe and the dawning of the industrial age. European countries began to challenge the authority of the Papacy which began with King Henry IIIV, when he established the Church of England, which precipitated the protestant movement. Christianity in the west observes Christmas Day on December 25.

On the other hand, the eastern Christian historical narrative, referred to in the west as “Orthodox Christianity,” continues to express the Faith in the framework of their respective countries, traditions and cultures. An example of the countries in the Eastern Orthodox communion includes, but not limited to: Ethiopian Orthodox Church, Coptic (Egyptian) Orthodox Church, Greek Orthodox Church, Russian Orthodox Church, Armenian Orthodox Church, Syrian Orthodox Church, etc. The Orthodox Christian Churches observe Christmas Day on January 6.

The Orthodox, oriental Christian communion, predates the Roman church by three centuries and was the brunt of the Christian community that endured the wrath of Rome’ persecution. Nevertheless, while maintaining their respective traditions the Orthodox branch of churches generally acquiesced to Rome’s domination and they were invited to subsequent ecumenical councils throughout the centuries. On the contrary, however, the Ethiopian Orthodox Church was branded as heretical during the Council of Nicaea and was excommunicated from all future councils… But the fact remains that Ethiopia has a unique connection to Judeo-Christian heritage and tradition that continues from the earliest days to the present time.

The historical dichotomy between the observances of Christmas Day in the west on December 25, and January 6, in the east is reconciled by the 12 days of Christmas. The 12 Days song is a popular Christmas Carol reconciles the two dates as official days of observing the occasion. Therefore, the world is united during the Christmas observance season… The Ethiopian Orthodox Church observes Christmas Day on January 6, but also continues to adhere to its traditional Judeo-Christian theology and heritage.

By way of a full disclosure Gary James completed his sacraments in the Roman Catholic Church at the age of 12, and studied Ethiopian heritage and theology under the guidance of HE Dejazmatch Amaha Abera Kassa, from 1983 to 2003.

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Sen. Warren: A True Populist Answer?

I will admit that I have like Eliz. Warren since her time running the Consumer Protection thingy…….I thought then that she was a perfect spokesperson for those of us that are truly on the Left…….

There have been rumblings that she may challenge Clinton in 2016……personally, I would love to see her run……Clinton will not get my support simply because she will be too much in the same vain as Bubba and for those that have been paying attention he was the one that lead the charge that resulted in the crash of 2008…..

There are many in the DNC that do not want her to run simply because she will take the spotlight off  Clinton and pundits cannot handle that after the scenario they have constructed for the last couple of years….

There are some logical reasons why Warren may not run……this from a piece in the National Journal written by Emma Roller………the reasons for Warren not to run are weak approval of Congress, no Senate leader was won nomination since Dole and Warren’s new job may be a great way for her to promote her more-liberal policy proposals within her party. And in return, her party will get to hitch its wagon to her star. That association with the establishment isn’t a political problem for Warren the senator; she’s in a relatively safe seat, and she has a clear philosophical vision for her party. But it does dampen the chances of us seeing Warren the Presidential Candidate emerge any time soon.

For me all these are just lame excuses to help promote Clinton for 2016…..some of these so-called democratic pundits are just a lame attempt to shorten the list of possible challengers to Clinton.

The new spending bill was a piece of crap and a covert attempt by the GOP and its co-conspirators in the Dem Congress….leading the charge against the bill was Warren……

(Newser) – The House and Senate need to pass a spending bill by midnight to avoid a shutdown, and things have gotten more complicated because of opposition by progressives led by Sen. Elizabeth Warren, reports the Hill. Warren says a deal struck by leaders includes a provision that would weaken new rules on Wall Street, and she called on House Democrats to remove the measure before sending it to the Senate. “Who does Congress work for?” she asked on the Senate floor. “Does it work for the millionaires, the billionaires, the giant companies with their armies of lobbyists and lawyers, or does it work for all the people?”

The provision she’s worried about would ease rules on derivatives trading put in place under the Dodd-Frank reform law and let “Wall Street gamble with taxpayer money,” she says. Former Rep. Barney Frank himself returned to the spotlight to call it a “stealth attack” on his namesake law. Nancy Pelosi also voiced concern about the measure, but wasn’t asking members to oppose the bill, adds the Washington Post. House Republicans still think they have enough support from Republicans and Democrats to pass the overall bill today, reports Politico. Warren wouldn’t say how far she’d go to oppose the measure if it reaches the Senate floor.

Before the true Left opposition was Sen. Bernie Sanders  and was the only voice that stood for the Middle Class and the Poor…..now he has someone to watch his back…..Elizabeth Warren.

Warren has the guts to stand for her principles…..not something too many can say in Congress these days.

Personally, I would like to see her challenge Clinton…..not simply because I like her but because the reasons that she has what it takes to run…….1) Clinton’s poll numbers are staring to decline, 2)someone on the Left has to challenge Clinton, 3) her stands fit the mood of the people (not the people that all politicians pretend to care about, but the real mood of the country), 4) finally why not?  She has nothing to lose by running and it would prepare her for the future…..plus she could pull the candidate further to the Left and make others face the issues they ignore beyond some tagline to grab some attention.

Warren would make an excellent candidate……and a better president.

More to come!  Stay Tuned!

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‘ Croatian Presidential Elections 2014: For Whom The Bell Tolls ‘

Ever since Stjepan Mesic embarked on his attack (initially covertly then overtly) against Croatia’s first president Franjo Tudjman from about mid-1993, intending to bring down the significance of Tudjman’s cries for democracy and to criminalise Croatian Homeland War the politics in Croatia have often seemed disjointed and often irrational in recent years. After Tudjman’s death in 1999 the people (or at least the majority of voters) had often voted against the interests of democratic reform announced as essential by Franjo Tudjman in 1990. In the past fifteen years Croats have managed to thoroughly corrupt the democratic system through the intricate network of a permanent political class composed of anti-fascist lobbyists underpinned by the perpetuation of the illusion that Communist Yugoslavia was a success story of multi-ethnic unity and through the controlled media. The mainstream media in Croatia has gradually crumbled into snippets of inflammatory or sensational “fly-by-night- news” bearing without a shred of guiding commentary that would assist in the building of democracy and truth.

Croatian Presidential Elections 2014 Candidates Clockwise: Ivo Josipovic, Milan Kujundzic, Kolinda Grabar-KItarovic and Ivan Vilibor Sincic

Indeed, there was a time – and that time was Tudjman’s time – when idealism for freedom and democracy triumphed over power and many Croatian men and women of good will from all over the world, voluntarily, without expecting any kudos or material reward, entered public activism, lobbyism out of a purer motive of doing something for their country – Croatia. For them Croatia symbolised pure love for freedom and democracy. Freedom (from oppressive communist Yugoslavia) was achieved and democracy although engraved into Croatia’s Constitution suffered frustrating setbacks.

Despite Tudjman’s attempts from 1993 to embark upon ridding the power-wielding institutions of the former highly-positioned communist Yugoslavia operatives, they came out of the woodwork (largely due to Stjepan Mesic’s and his political camp’s resistance to lustration) creating a new mesh of power that would see the corruption that thrived at all levels of government for decades in communist Yugoslavia, which excluded oppressively any other ideology but communist – consolidate its suffocating effects on democratic progress.

There’s little doubt that the greatest danger to the survival of free and democratic Croatia (or any republic for that matter) is corruption, corruption being favouring special or narrow interests over the common good. Croatia is there now and the current presidential election campaigns are increasing the speed with which Croatia may become a totally special interest political system, separated from the common good; the good of the people.

And so, how do uncorrupted political leaders survive in a corrupt environment. We must fear that they cannot unless they possess equal cannon fodder to defend themselves from attacks that have no ingredients for common good but all the ingredients of furthering corruption and distorting the truth, which would if given a chance build on democracy.
And so I come to a freak Croatian media “frenzy” whereby numerous media outlets published a letter written to the Croatian presidential candidate Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic on a Facebook page by Danica Ramljak, a highly educated individual who has spent more than two decades living and working in the U.S.A. In that letter Ramljak evidently sets out to denigrate Grabar-Kitarovic as a deserving candidate for the President of Croatia by asking Grabar-Kitarovic to provide her answer to the 10 questions she (Ramljak) has asked in the letter.

And I shake my head in despair: what chance of democracy and truth has Croatia got when educated people like Ramljak publicly ask stupid questions that should not have passed a decent Editor’s desk into the “print-room”? What chance does democracy in Croatia have when media outlets download from Facebook pages material that is highly inflammatory and based on an evidently malicious agenda to mislead the public and vilify people without even warning the public that the contents of that material may misrepresent the truth or proper role of a public official?

Only someone who does not want progress in democracy in Croatia can ask and publish such questions. Only someone who wants political corruption to thrive in Croatia can ask and publish such questions.

Ramljak in her questions that to me appear stupid, vilifying and malicious suggests that Grabar-Kitarovic as the Croatian Ambassador to the US was responsible for bringing American investors to Croatia (and failed)! Even a child knows that an Ambassador does not create or control state laws and regulations for foreign investments – and God knows Croatian laws and red tapes have been hopeless and repelled many an investor. Furthermore, investing is the sole prerogative and choice of an investor and Ambassadors are no herders. Ramljak then suggests that Grabar-Kitarovic as Ambassador is to blame for not enough US tourists visiting Croatia because she did not promote Croatian tourism enough as Ambassador – truly, Ramljak needs a few lessons in choice and individual right to choice, in democracy – actually. Even if it were the job of an Ambassador to promote the tourist industry (as opposed to supporting it) – which it is not – one surely cannot attach blame to that Ambassador for a personal choice a tourist makes regarding their holiday destination.

Furthermore, Ramljak claims through a question that Grabar-Kitarovic secured her high position in NATO while working in Washington as Croatian Ambassador to the US and that her employer (Ministry of Foreign Affairs) did not know anything about that. It seems that the democratic right to do whatever one pleases in one’s private time (away from the job or working hours) or to pursue private matters (and seeking a new job is a private matter), does not factor in Ramljak’s idea of democracy and human rights. Certainly, Ramljak offers no evidence of any wrong doing by Grabar-Kitarovic and yet has the nasty gall of strongly implying it.

Ernest Hemingway’s 1940 novel “For Whom The Bell Tolls” graphically describes the brutality of civil war (Spanish Civil War) and the Spanish Civil War is all about politics: it’s a conflict between the leftist “Republic” and the fascist Nationalists. All of the characters the novel focuses on fight for the Republic, some of them with a zeal which borders on the religious. Yet what the Republic stands for is somewhat up for grabs: it’s a troubled coalition of Communists, anarchists, and those who simply believe in “freedom” or “the people.” The optimism or idealism felt by some characters is sharply contrasted with the reality of Republican politics – constant lying, infighting, and control by foreigners.

Ivo Josipovic and Danica Ramljak

While there are no fascists in Croatia, there are communists like Ivo Josipovic (also presidential candidate and current president) who would like the world to think that there are fascists in Croatia. I do hope that the bell will toll loud and clear at the coming presidential elections in Croatia and rid it of those who engage in such political corruption as Ramljak has shown through her atrocious letter that seems to me has embraced the mud-slinging tactics Josipovic never strays far away from. While the politically corrupt media do, I trust Grabar-Kitarovic will not dignify the questions put by Danica Ramljak in her publicised letter with answers! Ina Vukic, Prof. (Zgb); B.A., M.A.Ps. (Syd)

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Civil Unrest: Is There An Answer?

In the last 6 months there has been a rash of incidents of police violence towards people of colour…….and the grand juries that seem to refuse to hold the police accountable for their actions….

Of course the media and its agents are calling (once again) for a conversation on race and relations……..that is so much easier than actually have a realistic debate….typical; American answer……a conversation……one that accomplishes NOTHING!

The many politicians all have an answer to solving this problem….they range from training to body cameras……and as usual not one of these people are looking for a realistic answer to the problem…..mainly because they have not a clue of what the problem is other than what the media dictates……

First the more training thing…..some say this will help the situation.….I disagree……training in what exactly?  Race?  Weapons?  Tactics?  Just where do they begin?

While in their academy most candidates go through training in sensitivities or community relations but after just a few days or weeks from graduation the training is lost.  The students are taught but they do not retain the lessons….the cops memorize what they need to pass their written or oral exams and once that is achieved….it is forgotten….they do what they need top past and get their badge and gun.  The entire training process needs review and standardized……with mandatory testing every 6 months.

Will not solve the problem but could help in its prevention.

Training…..take the Eric Garner case……5 count them–5 cops could not control a single suspect....that tells me their training sucks or maybe they were not cut out to be cops.  Maybe the selection process is flawed.  Work On That!

Now the big idea for solving the problems that the unwarranted killings is the use of body cameras.  Most ALL politicians are on board with this answer…..even the president.  If you think this is the answer think about Eric Garner’s choking death…..it was taped from start to finish and the cop still got to walk on murder charges…..will body cameras be any better?  A couple of years back there was a push for dash cams in cop cars to cut back on any misbehavior and it still happens and is recorded.  Cameras have made little difference.  Not the answer!

Let’s be honest for a change.  White are afraid of young black me and that includes the cops……too many whites ‘learn” everything they know about young black men from the media, especially the media that push hate and fear.

There are gonna be those that shake their heads and say that I am being absurd……right?  Okay let me ask…..when drive through a black neighbourhood are you leery to the point of locking your car doors?  Or on an elevator……if a young black male gets on do you hold your purse a little tighter.  Or walking down the street and there is a black man behind you….do you check from time to time to see where he is?  Whites have been conditioned to paranoia…….thanx to the haters and the fear mongers.

I have written many times that we do need a conversation on race……the problem is NO one wants to have one that is honest and truthful.

To answer my question….Is There An Answer?  NO!  Not in today’s society.  All we have are bad-aids for a sucking chest wound.

Until blacks and whites are truthful with each other there will be NO change in this situation.  NO one wants to take the time to understand the other….their concerns, fears, and especially their thinking.

The real problem is the same problem we Americans always have….We cannot be honest even with ourselves.

Without that honesty we will NEVER have a solution.

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‘Trafficking of South Asian Women Migrants Workers ‘

Every year millions of women from poor communities across South Asia migrate to find employment so they can send money home to support their families. But many end-up being deceived and trafficked into jobs with extremely low wages or don’t get paid at all.

Their movements get restricted, their living and working conditions are very poor and they often suffer threats and all sorts of abuse.

Last year,UK Department for International Development (DFID), the International Labor Organization (ILO) & the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine (LSHTM) launched the newWork in Freedom” programme to fight trafficking of women and girls from South-Asia. This programme is tackling the issue through its multifaceted approaches that work on addressing the pertinent reasons behind the continued exploitative trafficking of South Asian women.

It is my humble opinion that south asian women’s status in global-sphere is somewhat very limited, dehumanized and degrading.

This feeds into the heinous system that allows for the continued lowly status and manipulation of women from this region. This project is like a breath of fresh air because it is aiming to make migration safe for girls and women, travelling to work in the domestic labor and garment sectors in the Middle East and within South Asia.

It has also introduced a unique measure of using “mobile phones” and capacity building of language skills to assist migrant women in getting the much-needed help they would be requiring to get out of a nightmare.

The project is concentrating on three key departure countriesBangladesh, India and Nepal — and major destination countries – India, Jordan, Lebanon and the United Arab Emirates. Please watch this heart wrenching video to hear a glimpse of what some migrant women workers went through.

Say no to Trafficking & Illegal Labour Manipulations!

Source: Work in Freedom Report


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‘ South Asian Women’s Football 2014 ‘

The SAFF Women’s Championship, also called the South Asian Football Federation Women’s Cup, is the main association football competition of the women’s national football teams governed by the South Asian Football Federation (SAFF). The teams from 8 member countries include: Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Bhutan, India, Maldives, Nepal, Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

So far, Indian women have retained all three cups, each time beating Nepal in the Cup finals. While women in Asia are often treated as second class citizens and denied the opportunities given to men, here’s one place where they have come out on their own — the football pitch.

Pakistan hosted this year’s championship and here are some glimpses of glory and glitches on the pitch.

Pakistan being demolished by Sri Lankan  team


Pakistan Women Spectators Turned into Big and Small Groups Alike

India retain SAFF Women's Championship 2014

Pakistan's Hajra Khan goes for the goal

Bhutan Struggling Under Nepali Onslaught

Nepal and India - Finalist Clash On

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