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‘ Care in the Community Public or Private ‘

I was listening to the Radio 4 yesterday morning over the proposal to pay GP’s, £55.00 for each person with dementia, referred to specialists.

Now as some of you know l have an ailing mother who l have looked after for 5 years, and she has dementia. Oh its mild, but even mild dementia can cause such problems for the carer, in this case that is me. Now l do not get paid to look after my mothers dementia, l do not get referral fees for caring, l cannot due to changes in this governments benefits system, even get carers allowance. The reason is l got all the benefits my mother was entitled to receive, so unless l want a portion of that taken off her, to pay me, l do not qualify.

So this money – of £55.00 to a GP to refer a person with dementia, comes from the tax payers pocket. The same tax payer, l was when l worked, before l gave it up to care for my mother, and the same amount l would have received for caring for her in the community.

Well l am appalled, and l see this as Public healthcare being turned into Private healthcare, with the tax payers paying for it.

Now before those reading this post say he is moaning because he did not get his hands on the money. Let tell you about the wonderful Free at point of Delivery health service. It is neither Free or Delivered correctly. The reason is we are being told is funding. It is not funding it is care, both in hospitals and in the community. Oh l know brilliant carer’s and l know brilliant and amazing nurses, but they are few and far between.

The real problem is that this government wants private health care, and has taken steps to recruit an NHS boss from American Healthcare to make sure that Thatcher’s legacy of privatisation of the NHS is implemented, be it by a third party contract, for a service or resource.

Personally l do not want my mother to pay for her healthcare. As her benefits are sufficient, as l have managed, with my financial back ground to acquire all she is entitled to receive. Though when they raise the pension, any increase has at least 50% deducted and used to pay the increased care costs, that have gone up every year.

We are not told about that by this government!

So if this is me moaning, so be it, but it is my story.

What is yours and do you want to tell it? If so leave a comment about your experiences of healthcare either in the UK, or your part of the world. It can be at home or in your local community.

I will listen and reply and if you have a story to tell just say in the comment and l will email you privately and you can feature your story.

Until the next time ………. Ian ( Editor)

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